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Hello fellow goyim

Then maybe he should start acting white

What's the Young huwhytes?

Never heard of her


Hando sure knows how to keep thots and gooks in their place

Shame that Russell Crowe is cucked. Mel needs to start dropping some red pills

@FylnnGardian he hasn't leveled up to the keto pill. Now I know I can only eat mayo, pork, and Kerry gold to get stole af


Jesus Fuck, if we are to go to war with anyone it needs to be Mexico. Fuck Gutierrez and his cousins

@TheDriver how in the fuck do we allow faggots to have kids. Fuck this gay earth

I have kids that age, wtf

Trump should've endorsed Nehlen. Sheeeit

I'm sure trump had his reasons, but damn

@Caerulus_Rex that nehlen interview was a great episode man. I was actually really surprised you guys got the interview though. That Nehlen is a bold man. No fucks given

Does he even go outside? Probably less than millennial woes' doxxing affected him

Whoever it is who fills the hopper for his feeding tube may quit.

"How the narcissism and virtue signaling of left wing minor celebs caused Colin Mochrie to indulge his son's mental illness"



Did you have a degree when you went into it?

Senior HR manager


Dealing with employee bitches and moans...

Generally make-work for lefty cat ladies. Raising the t levels of that profession one bad goy at a time.

Sucks having a unique name. A doxxing would put any search of my name at the top of google. Fucking internet age.

Lol yeah, may change it to Vandal lol

I mean, not many gutenbergs around....



Needs some diversity

Wonder if there's any truth to this lolbertarian judge's claim

Fucking high treason

Same in NYC from what I understand

Fucking woke pollack broad

Vandal clan, ASSEMBLE!

Krispy Kreme Kafe


Your memes don't fall on deaf ears

@D'Marcus Liebowitz yeah, I threw three sons into a gator pond until I found one that was worthy.

Spartan meme...

We don't have cliffs


Fucking like bastard and his pretend seizure. He should've fucking died

Tldr "Check out this dank black guy in a Trump hat, FUCKING BASED"

I want to hear an interview with a hotep who actually does want an ethnostate

Segregation FOREVER


Sounds like this flex guy is trying to purge black nationalists

I mean, I'm not on twitter so what do I know


Word. I don't have a platform so I can't criticize. I like illusion radio, but this guest was a bit basic bitch libertarian mentioning muh NAP and all.

I realize that you don't want to hit your guests too hard

Not if you want more guests in that vein anyways

What did Rachel Madcow get served for?

Doxxing Styx? Am I missing something?

By Madcow?

Gorka is the man

"Congress must investigate even though there have been no allegations of illegal conduct, only wrong think"

Bold move

Hungarian I think

He's probably the most legit nationalist near Trump, at least as far as I'm aware.

Not really anything to the Nazi stuff, but he is a reactionary fo sho

But Irish and Italians aren't white...


I'm 1/4 Greek I don't have much room

Ameriburger mitt nationalism


Some of these numbers, I don't even know what they mean

''Tis a soshal construck

What is the better version of 23 and me, I'm going to tell my wife to get me one for my birthday

My Greek cousins read build me on the Serbian question back in the 90s

Red pilled*

Yeah he did have a position at the Marine Corps University, and not because he dissented from the mainstream view of the military establishment

He has done a lot of great television interviews where he BTFOs cucks

The jabs definitely won't tolerate any chimping though. Once they get a real taste of diversity, they will stop.


They will probably just bring in poo in the loo. Doubt they'll face full on American or Euro style vibrancy. More insidious really

I mean, Hitler and the japs...

Trump just needs to organize a military Junta behind him so that he can do what has to be done

Plez do it

Vox day is trans alt right. He wants to be an alt-rightist but he's a mongrel married to a non white.

Poor lil fella

Not as much of a downer as tanstaafl


Why are you shitposting? 14 words breh

Activate the beacon and summon the Vandal clan

I'm on mobile do you have to have a mic to jump in voice?

I mean I know I can, but I don't want to shit it up. Still a discord newb


Welp, n/m

Must be drunk

I'm gonna sign out. I clearly need to work on my audio



I'm using some after market Bluetooth. Need to hunt down the stock ones

@RedRightHand want to hop in private voice?


Fucking niggers and White niggers

Pretty sure my employee showed up to work high today. Little dickhead fucked everything up and worked slow as hell.



Jew Goldstein dindu nuffim

That 'debate' was an embarrassing shit show all around, then I had to ask myself of my fucking ears were working when he bragged about having slept with dudes.

Congrats waifu, you've got AIDS

Pretty black pilled these days fam


These Trump approval polls are fucking ridiculous, 37%, 50%, shit is absurd

I had a customer send this to me today asking for it on some shirts

Lol. NO


I have all their info, they've done business with us before

Nothing political though

They wanted some black Israelites shit before. My wife did it not knowing what it was. I saw it just before it went out the door and had to explain it. Lol

Bye felicia

I mean, Paul Ryan really represents All American constitutional values, why do you guys hate him so much?

Do you hate freedom?


I kno breh

Hopefully we can shitcan the Cuck once and for all

Tires of seeing his mug on Fox News

He was a bit of an ascetic

I can get knock offs printed lol

Need jazz hands and co to get on this

Get the seal of approval

Bitch didn't flinch at all

The Walloons be ashamed of their grandkids

Praise kek

All the way to constantinople

@enlightdark nah I'll find it

@Nikephoros a different one I'll find it

These guys

For you

Get in tha chat

Eternal anglo

Sorry goys my wife called me

Happening now, Panama City Beach spring break ruined by niggers on a shooting rampage

Two shot this morning with an AK

One fatal shooting last Sunday, descriptions sound the same

All very close to my house

Spring break used to be degenerate but peaceful, then the niggers came and ruined it

Last weekend, probably same dudes

I take my kids to get ice cream where those jogs killed a dude with an ak


I was about to take my family out to the park and to eat near there. Fuckers

Or just old


1: prove it. 2: even if it WERE true, the point is that we weren't ALWAYS redpilled.

Everyone on 8pol came out of the womb full on fash

Dave Rubin, the hateful anti-Semite

Welp I just got a 7 day ban over a boomerpost

Some report fags in the group

Apparently it's against the terms of service to say Gook. That's what you get when you invite actual boomers in. ITS SATIRE BRO


Boomerposting gets too real

@vonGoethe amen bruder

Okay, okay, you win, I'll just go back to calling them tards.

Fucking insane world

Based happa

If he waited he could've been our based happa in a Trump hat. Premature, of course.

From the forward

Meme potential

Gotta go goyim, daughter not cooperating.

Hail victory


Zuh brack pirr

of coursh

I got rid of the teevee because I got tired of the propaganda, but now I miss the triggering

Can't keep up with the narrative

I doubt it

Read the last couple of paragraphs

Still BS and irresponsible, but I doubt nuclear war

Not yet anyways. Plez scud Jerusalem Mr Assad

@Caerulus_Rex Sucks for those of us who live near major bases


For my white chilluns sake

I don't think nukes are even close to on the table, but scuds for Jerusalem MIGHT be

Basically ICBMS?

Sub launched another story

tfw I can see the gulf

Well I'm going to get an Assad shirt and obnoxiously wear it everywhere now

Whose got some great Assad memes to make into a shirt?


I like the 'can't Mossad the assad'

Gavin Mcinnes

The south shall rise again

I mean, Putin has to be pissed at us putting the systems in Eastern Europe and turkey for a reason

It's not all in his head

He's called a meeting of the security council

That means a resolution of some sort

You don't call a UN meeting to declare a war, you just act


He is the sane one

I really think Trump is just a buffoon at this point

Wyatt was right lol


Not gonna work tho

Kikes never quit

Fifth column

We rolled snake eyes

Goy desert storm vet tat

Unironically said I like German marching tunes bc they're motivating but we support the chhosen

Fucking dudes an idiot, director of some vet foundations etc

Some negress asked me to print this the other day

I did

Fucking eternal normies


Fucking morons, all

Plenty of white people need to be wiped out in rahowa too

I don't care if it is 88d chess (I don't think it is) it's still fucking bad

There were other ways to handle this without making normies see Assad and Russia as enemies

I mean, I don't think we are going to die in a nuclear inferno, but I'm off the trump train fo sho



Fucking brilliant ^

My fucking normie vet friends. Fml

Peace y'all. Gotta get to bed before my wife leaves me.

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