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Hello goys!

I'm finally working on a Dallas Alt Right twitter (other one is inactive for retarded reasons)

how's this for a profile pic?

lol my barber has that on his wall

twitter: @kaiser_dishelm

same on gab, but I don't use it

Revealed in our TX Alt Right Chat

this song was written by a communist jew who adopted Julius and Ethel Rosenberg's kids

one of our guys' kids had to write about Billie Holiday for Black History month

he complained to the administration and they pulled her from the list of approved negroes for the black history month assignment


speaking of which, check out my poast in the music section

this would be a great fake black history month bit

if fleshed out a little more


additional fun facts: she was a prostitute at age 13 (along with her mother) and abused narcotics

happy black history month, goys!

it was so fun, even if we did get booted a couple hours early

Goodnight goys! Bedtime nationalism 4 lyfe

okey doke

y'all will love this...the old sign downtown where I grew up

no longer there, of course

but my father-in-law claims to know where it is


that's why you never cuck

it was certainly racial

I had that for the first time a few months ago

not too shabby


there's another good one...I'm trying to find it on jewtube but I only have a faceberg link...

lol here it is

in the first 30 seconds

first impression: dumbest thing I've ever heard...second impression, could prevent working class jobs going to robots...I'll read the full thing in a few minutes

read the article

conclusion: gas the robots, automaton war now!

seems strange coming from Bill Gates, though



texas' most wanted

this pattern holds in almost every state, though some are all niggers

hey, but one of our guys is on there!

i'm actually shocked that none of our negro brethren make the list

so many of the beaners have child-related sex offenses

like milo-tier beaners

Jared Langley prolley dindu nuffin, he's just there for affirmative action

lolol let's check minnesota

offff cooouuuurrrrrssh

his shades say that he means it

What kind of gadget has that beneath the photo?


Nigga I'm about to eat supper

I have a repro of the knife on the doesn't have a windmill of friendship on it, though

I mean the left

I'm jump on the chat in about an hour

oooooook time to watch that faggy Dan Schneider speech from CPAC this goy in the hat must be one of ours

he has the 1000 yard grin that only comes from hiding power level

one of our cowgoys that watched that interview thought it was a joke at first, too...I'll have to check it out tomorrow

(late to conversation, I know)

got a kick out of this one

(highland park is the richest whitest part of town)

tfw you go to a corporate event with a buncha normies this march-ish song is a better helicopter pilot anthem than adios, mi general imho

a highschool acquaintance poasted this

good sign

you'll have to excuse the grammar, he's a mullato


I was hanging out with some normie friends the other night. We met a black dude in the hot tub at his apartment...freaking weird. He told us about his drug habits, his illegitimate son, and how he likes Trump

He led into that by saying, "hey y'all white! whadday'all think about Trump"

me, without knowing where this was going, said "8.5/10"

I expected to get a ton of shit from him

so it was real weird

did any of you go to trump marches today?

sheeeeit the Cowgoys went to the one in Austin

the antifa there were lame faggots

only like 7 or 8 showed up

lots of fashy goys there...just about anyone there under age 30 was sympathetic to us

greg, did I tell you that there was a dude about to jump off a building downtown yesterday?

it was suspenseful, but he got down


nice cz

used to have one

My daily carry

it's a champ



battery died on my cell

nice pistol, though!

what's the one on the left?


i want cheap surplus 308 to come back

7.62, whatever

for feeding my favorite rifle


IMBEL parts on Coonan receiver

I was just explaining stickman to waifu

will send shekels

oh that's nice

my only mauser is an argentine...don't like it too much tbh

dirty bird!

are we sure that stick man paypal is legit?

is that an argie?

are they 8mm?

My Russian Mosin started my milsurp addiction about 10 years ago!

but the Finnish is so much better on every level

those stgs are sick

'spensive, though

tbh if I was gonna drop that money on a rifle, I'd probably get an AUG


1488mm for purifying our cities

cernocuck says wesearchr might be setting up a thing for stickman

i trust that more than paypal

lolol stick man is gold

Dammit, bobby

In the photo of stick man getting arrested, there's a black cop named Gibbs, and no one on Twitter seems to think that's hilarious


that's awesome


why did my computer read that aloud?

tfw you reading about vault 7 and then your computer starts reading your fashy chat out loud


basically BLM the song

i think that band was called Odis Cochran and His Three Bigots

wtf that's awful

conclusion: amount of bad drivers correlates strongly to percentage of niggers , surpisingly less so with mexicans

click on it and zoom, nigga!

or just trust me

I'm going to call in and tell you a story about that before bed

But street conditions highly correlate to niggers, tbh

Dammit d'marcus you're harshing my confirmation bias

Although I suspect my own theory because.I think spics are the worstest drivers

My voice is acting up, but I got hit a couple years ago by this beaner who turned left on green. Had his nephew in the car. Driving without a license. Sued me for the kid's injury when it was his fault, but the kid wasn't hurt. He was born pigeon road and they used this as excuse. Insurance payed them a few thousand bucks to go away

Pigeon toed*

Fuckin Mexicans

No no I suspect they're worse than blacks. But I have special resentment for illegals because they're everywhere. Blacks are easily avoidable

But that wreck was 2 years ago and I'm still getting letters from lawyers about it. Mexicans couldn't tell insurance which doctor they went to, how much it cost, etc etc. Fraud is unacceptable, but an insult when abusers don't belong here in the first place

Good redpill for wagecucks whose souls get destroyed by commuting

Bedtime for me! Gotta catch the first flight to Chicongo in the morning for work.

@Kuba Niskii (Chicago) I'm in your hood today. So much wind...and blight!

Better architecture than Dallas, though

Black mirror has some interesting premises mixed with obnoxious multiculti

Extra salty, enough to season a lifetimes' worth of tortilla chips

@Eli Mosley looks like they're putting up deportation facilites they're cobbling them together out of scrap wood

So fast, that is

Shame they're separating the family, though ;)

For lease??

I keep my faceberg so I remember who the enemies are

it's easy to agree with everyone if you believe in absolutely nothing at all

lol @gusphase that gif is an all-time favorite

does that make the chans a deep-state within a deep-state?

rogue weeb CIA agents

file this one under "things that didn't happen"

I love shitting on McMuffins "blink test for former conservatives" post

what a fucking faggot


you rearranged your furniture?

or put in a new window lol


did your doxx fuck you over?


i gotta be a bit careful

a goy in my pool party group is a teacher, too...seems like there's quite a few of you out there

to corrupt the youth is a great opportunity

I mean corrupt in the best way possible 😃

ah, I gotcha

top notch prank lol

I had to read "night" twice in school

the nazis were throwing babies into the air and shooting them down with machine guns!

it was incredibly loud! it gave me a temporary case of PTSD!



I gotta hide my power level at work, unfortunately

my boss is a negress

but HER boss (who I work with frequently) is hilarious

accept this fuzzy heavily cropped photo from his desk as evidence

i had to take it surreptitiously

I've never talked politics with him...someday if I get him drunk enough I'll pick his brain (he's my director)


hee hee



there's a used'ta'could meme that needs to be made

only real Southerners get that, though

in college my roommates looked at me like I had a tail when I said ustacould

@☇Unlimited Power☇ is we da only niggaz on hur?


I can't usually keep up, then when I have some time all these niggaz gone

it's real Kaiser and Earl hours up in here

were you at TRSlemania?


ah, well we'll meet sometime in the future (not that I'm super important)


my and waifu went to a wedding last night, they had a photo booth and I couldn't resist


too xtreem for this chat

lololol hot take from normiebook

what kind of planet do you live on to come to those conclusions?

are they cats then?

i have a little dog, she's cool though. She's a natural-born squirrel hunter


I used to work with a guy who was literally kangz

I stole this from his faceberg for posterity

I can tell! The top one is czech and I wanna build one. The botton is brit and I wanna build one. I think barrels for both are unobtainium

I gotta vent. This fucking faggot at work has been asking straight guys what their favorite porn is. Multiple times after they asked him to stop. Now it's a big thing but I'm glad this fag is probably getting fired.

Lololol this kike I know invited me to a cuckservative mcmuffin facebook group

There's a twitter too, @dfwforncm

Have fun...It's run by the archetypal neocon jew

And there's always a sheboon going OOOOOOOOOO

these people are almost beyond parody

lol I've seen zardoz

it's a little hard to follow

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