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@Brad's mobile yo dude stop spamming everyone. Use here if you are going to try to get people's attention. Also you live in a time zone that is totally different than everyone else who is mostly working or whatever the fuck euros are doing right now.

Being angry is what makes me happy

Its a wasted day if I didn't yell at at least one person

@Asgardian117 Good shit, we should setup a debate with him and spencer on civic nationalism vs ethnic nationalism

I just got done with my speech thing and coming hom now


ill jump in then

It went so damned well, this old guy cried



Im gonna try to put together a live screaming shitposting hour once we get a bootleg

should be hilarious


Im going to take out a nice fraulein right now then ill be on later tonight

my favorite is Kvetch Mode, I hope Sven makes more of that stuff now lol

Tfw your dad texts you and asks what the alt left is. Face palm.

Fucking Hanity

He uses the term "alt left" every god damned night. I asked my dad where it came from and he said hanity talks about it. I've heard him use it. In this example, my dad said that I heard someone from the alt left was handing out Russian trump flags at cpac. He heard Richard was there though which is great.

I've seen Hanity use it to describe everything from SJWs/Bernie supporters to antifa to any left news site that isn't main stream like a Salon or something. It's a pretty frustrating meme. My dad also said he heard that guy's speech on that alt right and he "didn't understand why the guy was lying about you guys (us)"

He is redpilled on Puerto Rican's and blacks but he is a Christcuck who loves Jews. I've been working on it for awhile but he still gives NAXALT.

I'm sitting here at the bar waiting for this girl to get here for a date right now and people are talking about Spencer across the bar lol.

Yep I've shown it to him

I've been arguing that he/my mom are literally fulfilling the antichrist and reformation of the Tower of Babel for awhile as well. Those who call themselves Jews but are the synagogue of Satan and all that stuff. He's 54 so it's just harder.

Alright signing off for now. Preparing to hide all power levels for as long as possible. Maybe this chick won't leave midway because she brought up the "racist wall" and I said I'd like to throw them over. I'll be on after that though, gonna get some real drinking hours tonight.


so fucking bored

@Lupus_Dei - NC yea but what if the 5 year old consents?

hail victory


I don't have more on my phone right now

I'm trying to make some to show Richard then.

Yea they certainly know who it is

I have the max range.

@here best answer?

I knew already

Like I said. I knew it was a jew

This is so fun

Fucking Reinhard needs to stop fucking up the screen caps lol

I'm so happy that her only comeback is "you're ugly" "you have no life" "you are poor" "you live with your parents" because I'm nothing like any of that. This bantz from her is totally rolling off

I don't care

I'm drunk

I'm trying to sleep

And I'm trying to scare her

I'd say she has to be pretty scared at this point. Seeing that I just talked about a genetic Shoah


Alright. I'm falling asleep.

This was fun though. One of the better ones of these

I just want to seap into her neurotic soul

Cause you know she is going to tell every kike in the world about this that she can

Thus creating more kvetching. Thus throwing them off. Thus making the goys wake up.

What's funny is I would say all of this to her face

Half the NEETs and "princpaled" in the movement.

At the very least if I didn't scare her she is at least going to tell other Jews about it many times. They can't help themselves.

Even if she frames it that she "owned" me.

Any way gn and reminder if you haven't been banned from tinder for a Richard Spencer profile you are basically a cuck.

Can someone link me the Vivaldi song quick

Hail victory! We are going to win our ethno state goys

Wait why?

Ah. I'm safe. I have it on my nigger burner phone without my name on it lol

I've been banned like 3 times too

Brb. Watching that vice thing be my girlfriend




no unfortantly

I got John Burk to listen to an episode of the warroom lol. Can't wait to hear his reaction


Mark Levin kvetching over this wiretaping stuff is hilarious

lol is this real? did Sargon get his account hacked lol?

Eli I am going to go ahead and correct you. Be thankful I am even doing this.
1. While the losses of Ron and Rand are disheartening at the very least Republicans have gained. And so have conservatives. So thats not really an issue.
2. There is no Jewish influence in western countries. To even say something like that reeks of antisemitism. And that is not OK.
3. Old right wing lit would be The Federalist Papers and other founding documents.
4. Traditionalist/Monarchist, Fascist, and even National Socialist ideologies are purely leftist ideologies.
5. The media is a huge problem. But social media is correcting them.
6. BLM, KKK, La Raza, etc are all leftist groups. They are all militant arms of the democrat party.
7. Talking about race is a purely leftist strategy. The left constantly separates and divides based on identity. They always use identity politics. And they do so because its mentally easy. You see the left is mentally delayed and has a hard time grasping concepts such as equality. You literally just made up "identitarians".
8. The only ones using "alt-right" as a label are radical leftist. And as we know they are all scum and should be tried for treason.
9. Alex Jones, Milo, David Duke and Richard Spencer, to even try and lump them together is just stupid. Jones is a UFO conspiracist. Milo is a great guy and a true conservative. Duke is a leftist trojan horse, and knows that wherever he attaches himself will get rot from it. And Spencer nobody pays attention to.
10. Spencer's speech was because he knew the media was there. I guess sarcasm isnt your strong suite.
11. Neo-nazism is a leftist ideology.
12. The "alt-right" was literally invented by Hillary as she was lying to her crowd. She attributed things such as racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc to them. She also tried to claim that those people are taking control of the right and conservatism.

What she was trying to do was clean the image of the left. However it's easy to see that those are attributes of the modern left. The modern left is little different than the most brutal regimes since the late 1800's. Their ideology has not changed. This is evidence clearly by their actions.

13. What the heck does milk have to do with anything?

Now that you have been corrected you need to continue educating yourself.

The picture is a copy pasta of mine on the history of the alt right

the text is the response i got

it started because he said "the alt right isnt a real thing, its a fictional group made by hillary clinton to make right wingers look like racists"

i cant believe how stupid of a response that is honestly

its meme-worthy


I've made full contact with Styx

time to go to work


I'm gonna get him to read some of my favorite books

tfw styx has already read culture of critique...

This is going amazingly well

The worst two performing new people they hired this year won't be carried over to 2018

spam this nigger's videos every time

this isn't the first video he has made attacking us

When Gavin gets back from Israel im gonna lay down the bantz so hard he'll block my number

For those who don't have Gavin's phone number for harrasment purposes here it is btw 917 939 7381

and by harrasment, I mean fuck with that faggot for doxing me

he's literally in Israel right now so i dont think his phone will work but who knows

yea a few months ago. Told a bunch of people in the alt light I network with and redpill that I'm a nazi. Luckily nothing bad came from it.

he also told them me and another goy were threatening his kids which is total bullshit

woah thats some dope fan art

wtf is that

how does that work

that played while i was at work the other day

STOP lol



this is why we cant have nice things

@Adrien Arcand im dying laughing right now at that tweet

like im actually dead

Gavin has taken jewish shilling to an entirely new level. "Come on Goy, hire us to build your wall!"


i hate the jews


They fake arrested Linda Sarsour

He is of the spanish elites from mexico


oyyy veyyy

TFW a jew goes on tucker's show and says white men are disprotiantly CEOs

ill be in voice then after Tucker




If you leave like this again

im going to find you

and kill you

That video shows why individualism is cancer, specifically for women

@northern_confederate holy fuck that article...

holy shit...Bill Maher's show is getting so hilariously entertaining.

These people are so fucking stupid its hilarious

"Flint Michigan wouldn't have happened if Democrats controlled it"....


well not just that but Flint is entirely controlled by democrats

The current Govenor is rep but the one before that when this started was dem

This faggot is antifa. Just found him by accident

hmm really?

His name is [REDACTED] from [REDACTED]

yea it is

Whoever this black bitch is that asks questions during Spicy Spicer hours pisses me the FUCK off

no more nogs in press core plz

She makes me so god damn mad

Im just watching it now

makes my blood boil

wait a sec

can someone redpill me on "registered foriegn agent" about Flynn?

Is it just a leftist meme or is he on the books of the kremlin or what

Hilarious...and effective!

imagine if we made "trolling" a problem on Tinder lol

And that "registered foriegn agent" about Flynn thing is something they keep refrencing from today's thing

of coursh i can

from today's spicy spicer presser


Who the FUCK let the street shitter ask SPicer a question?

he cant speak any fucking english

I'm svitching over Lauren right now

This video is hilarious

the pewdiepie video

like holy hell

the amount of drop potentials in this video too lol

Listening to people suddenly thinking Gavin is somehow /ourguy/ with new found understanding of Jews is pissing me off.

I've been telling ya'll for six months he has read the books and knows the same things we know and just chases shekels instead.



Are you ready for rahowa? We are...

Whiter than you hooked nose faggot

Hey convo. Between me and William we make up one whole white person.

Dude I'm drunk. I'll read it when I'm home

I'm at alt right house party. Not bar


>tfw the potato gets less bantz than the roman

William has a black sun on his chest and his 23andMe has been confirmed. You're a polish jew

Poland only gets to have a country when the Jews give it to them.

Dude. I've told you goys 100 times that Gavin is fully aware of the Jewish stuff but doesn't reach the same conclusions. None of this video should be surprising honestly. He was redpilled on the holocaust and WWII before I was

He prefers the shekels

Five months ago I was telling you guys this and you said it was bullshit lol

Well in general people did.

He is the one who gave me books on the holomodor in like 2013 I think it was

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