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Ahhhhh I'm home

What's up Goys


I am verifying myself keybaseblahblahblah1488blahblahblah


PastaFazool! @JohnnyMonoxide


If that's true @HeliRidesOfPeace that guy got his ass beat. If you can't defend urself please don't show up at rallies anymore, it's making us look WEAK AF. JFC

That Antifa probably kicked that trump bros guys ass tbh.

We all laugh and joke but Antifa beats the shit out of most normie trump supporters


Vault 7

Press F for Civilization

I'm not I sleep sound as a rock idgaf about tyroooooone

It all depends on how u manage it

No they are not lol

It can be difficult raising children in an anti white society vigilance to content is paramount

That's why my 5 year old listens to exoduous Americanus

And my daughter follows Emily Youkis lol

"Iron Pill" me likes dat


I just laughed so loud I woke my wife up

Good analysis


Back in da kitchen Mario I needa 2 MOAR pies for delivery lol

*wipes dough off of face

*its a go time


Dude that's amazing!

The "Goyal Rumble"

"Mobile oven" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@BanePupper ur in Nj?

Me 2!


Super white

It's literally Asgard

I know I've been there

I didn't grow up here but I moved here once I had kids I wasn't going to expose them to these animals

Anyone want to go in the Voice chat

@here voice chat?


Nazi Germany

I'm having a closed door meeting with one of my councilman and a Senator in April I'm Running for mayor.

No fucking way, in two years I'm gonna be able to be a little more shit Lordy than ppl are now. I'm gonna fuck these ppl right up the ass

I'm gonna throw the Jew down the well

I'm gonna make the town folk refer to me as "Mayor Asgardian"


Is that before or after the aboriginals learn how to fire guns?

Scary thought

Are they really that stupid



It's 61 degrees right now and we are getting snow tomorrow? Wft


I work outside all year round so I'm kind of fucked LOL

I fear that at the end of Trumps term he will not have accomplished much because we became cheerleaders instead of holding his feet to the fire.

Who dat

Wtf is that @wyatt

I know what I'm getting Johnny for Christmas s

Johnny if i put in a T. rex suit u can ride me into battle

Sooooo the taller u are the shorter u dumber u are?

Love u 2 brah

For u

Music what?

Never been to music theater I'm raising to kids tho.

That Jew called whites leeches holy shit lol

Nvm lol

Real life can be a real pain in the ass sometimes you got to put things aside to make sure your day-to-day functions are interrupted something else will rise in its place unfortunate as it is would anyone like the voice chat

@johnny_nimble today is national mario day!

Jump now

@Pathos - NY I work with an Albanian He's as white as they come. He seen kyles quite often. He was telling me about Proto Europeans the other day. Some retarded normie cucks at my job are like "Trumps gonna toss his ass out" not realizing that he's as white as they come lol.

Some normie scumbag at work was talking about a master race polish kid that works with us and was like "he's gotta go to" to a dindu at my job. SMH

Gavin blocked me lol

Good news

I dunno

Gavin is a piece of Shit opportunist who was there for the creation of some pro white talking points years ago. He has know all along what has been going on. He's the epitome of a traitor and imo should be the first type to go.

Holy shit @Gray

I want that meme to be a discussion on Tucker Carlson

@β˜‡Unlimited Powerβ˜‡ Gavin is not going fash

I knew Gavin long before any of this, he's had this information for years and had the opportunity to go one way but decided to go another. He's controlled opposition nothing more nothing less

This was Gavin in 2012 if you remember he had "The Swarm" in his bio. Well this is what he was referring to.

Yes, he's a piece of shit.

@Jack "Ajax" Richardson he's not going to

Don't fall for it

@Beauregard yes he does know what he's doing he's full blown anti white.

Hahahaha @Convo


@BellaDashwood what did u say I was a descendent of awhile back?

That doesn't HALP


Something like that

Seems that way Eli


*Grabs book bag

@Eli Mosley Wet Works

I've come to see the glory

@Eli Mosley AESTHETIC, will make for good meme

I'm a Trondor...hyper masculine, dense muscle and bone structure taller than average.

Hahahahahaha @Caerulus_Rex

I did but he passed @Eli Mosley

I tried learning from him but i didn't have enough time

It's an art

I was 10 years late


Great meme @Convo

Glitch on Netflix is brettty GUD.

It's from Australia

I live in the mountains @Diversity Nation so I'm just getting my popcorn in order.

I used to live 10 mins outside of NYC but having kids will change that

@Convo to ensure a future for the other ones

My kids are just as important as @BellaDashwood nephews in the big scheme of things imo

They all matter

When a faggot a work said to me "but but Get Out got GREAT reviews."

I've come for the books lol

I always thought Andrew would be bigger

Lmao mr socko




Sven is a huge Pollock

Is Lauren southern a Jew

TFW can't find Lauren naked

Please....keep resisting.

NY and NJ are about to get fucked sideways

Me 2 northern

I'm in the mountains

I gots me can am quad with plow




NIGGERS in the town I work in are very anxious

Stores are all out of purple drank and malt liquor

Should have said "not in afrixa

Got my beer and gas for the quad....

Ready to roll...I'm gonna listen to svens new song while I bounce of trees

My buddy who is a welder is making a custom RWDS plate for my helmet

@badtanman Hwarong is the best

I'm afraid to take the test


He has Alzheimer's

Well looks like I'm taking it in the shitter @northern_confederate

God damnit...3ft of frozen rape.

@D'Marcus Liebowitz you ready for the storm son?

It's soooooo good lol

Orange and peanut butter beer?

Sounds interesting

What discord is that @Adrien Arcand


This is gonna happen in any movement unfortunately, remain vigilant and be open to our younger Goys. Bantzing is funny but sometimes we have to listen to them. We are our brothers keepers.

Fo sure I grew up poor and knew rich kids who worked hard. I'm well off now and don't spoil my kids I try to stimulate slight hardship

Mouth is sealed cause it's sad af

Wait there are nudes of Lauren?


@Brad Small I didn't know u were on a show! I'll have to listen brah!

Russell Crowe is nothing but a fat carb loading cuck...sadly.





The literal source of shit...the brain

This is why @D'Marcus Liebowitz left twitter

@Eli Mosley come in the chat


What's up bunny?


Fuckin phone

Auto correct lol

Lol looks like him

God damnit goy

@RickyVaughnX1 legit


Jersey is salvageable

Based Guineas will turn the tide

We need the Mafia


Literally Hitla

Shapiro l!!!

I can only get so erect

@BIG4U come in the chat mini Brock

Throw the Jew down the well

@D'Marcus Liebowitz is it snowing by you?

@D'Marcus Liebowitz 4 inches and 12 hours to go. Ur getting more than 6 brah.

@CHROMEDODGER what's ur max dead lift brah?

@BellaDashwood I'll get my leaf blower lol

+ can am quad with plow my bad @YUGE

Da FAQ is that?

Ahhhhhh I SEE πŸ‘ŒπŸ» my apologies

Can Am OutLander

Spicer cucked

TFW There's to much snow for your snow blower.

Found that out the hard way I'm making multiple passes on the same spot cause it just gets tossed right back

Got half the drive way done and took a break

14 looked great during the summer.
They call me captain hindsight

Large friends and family parties. I'd like to get an older muscle car one day but that's a ways off

He's built like a bowling ball lol

4 1/2 hours of snow removal today Jesus

What are we gonna do with Thots when we win, most can't be saved

I honestly don't know what to do with them once we win.


That's a good idea

Find out why they suck

Eliminate the Thot Gene

I was thinking about that, breeders

Why not? Lol

Thot Pummeling: 101

Oh that's awesome man

I was always interested in genetics

So Gerrt lost right?


She's gonna be portrayed as his equal...aka he's gonna die and she will eventually take his place as a "heavy hitter"

Federal Judge just blocked Trumps Travel ban

Trump got cucked AGAIN

This is good that they keep fuckin with him

Bow wow some little nigger rapper just threatens Trumps wife with rape

So what's his next step now that they blocked the ban again

It will lose there

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