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5 niggers are on the run and are dangerous. Stay safe Georgia bros

Got off work early because my dad and brother want to watch the football game. Which is fine with me. Because I'll have a 4 hour workout ahead of me🤙

Welcome brother! Glad to have you on board @Robert IN

@ND - Lawrence FL I do not own one at this time. But I will get one once I get back home

Roger that will do

I wont be able to make it. We're working late trying to get everything done

I'm like 20 minutes away from Kenosha. Shit might get hairy over here

Will do brother

Yeah I can definitely do that

Absolutely. Just tell me what I need to do

I'll be your shield bearer

Going good. I got under 10 min. I got passed 2 min on my planking too

I've been working out damn near every day after work. Sit ups, v ups, push ups, kettlebells. All kinds of stuff

You too brother. I miss you guys

Have a great Thanksgiving guys!

Have a great Thanksgiving everybody!

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Everything is quiet here in Kenosha. Still out stickering

Missing attachment: 20211124_173033.jpg

I can't upload some of my sticker pictures, it says it exceeds the MB amount

I have android

Mines a 8 or a 9. And this is the first time I've came across this problem too

Every other time it uploaded

Yes this is the first time I've ran into this problem

It's in my internal storage/DCIM

Is that what you're looking for?

Ok I'll do that

I've sent it

AL lads, I'll be back home this weekend. If you want to meet and do stickering hit me up

We got a meeting tonight right?

@Sam MI just to clarify....5'9 is in the clear?

Roger thanks. And I'll reset my phone

Roger that Sean keep me posted

@Sam MI dodged a bullet lol I'm 5'9

I passed the 2:30 threshold for planking

Last month I got 1:29 I believe. Huge improvement

I've been working on Cardio as well. Trying to get that mile down

Will you be selling stencils at the Dec event? Or only stickers and patches?

Awesome. I'll definitely be buying some

I do not to be honest. I'm not really familiar with the Bham area

I'd have to agree with Sean. I'm kinda worried about the cargo space

We can scout out some areas for stenciling while we sticker

Sounds like a plan

I have paint

Just no stencil. I'm going to buy a stencil at the meetup in december

I hit ab workouts everyday. Even when I'm sore I try to do a little bit

Roger that @Sean AL . Same time and place?

Roger that👌

Oooooo I like that

Yea I got paint

Do you have gloves? Or should I bring some?

I got some. Is there a specific tip we need for the spray cans?

@ND - Christopher AL uniform is all good to go. I'll be getting a tent tomorrow

I'm filling up on gas then I'm otw

ETA 10 min

Trying to find a place to park

I'm coming towards Jack's

I'm out front

Very successful night in Birmingham, it was fun seeing all you guys again👌

Will we all be using ghe 10 person tent for december event?

Of course brother. Tell me when and where


I just weighed myself and I'm down to 186. My goal was 185 by the end of the year so I'm more than likely going to surpass that. I successfully passed the 2:30 mark for the plank recently. I've been working on my cardio to get the mile time down. I've also been eating healthy, eating no bread and eating lots of carrots and fruits for snacks

I've lost 10 pounds since joining the organization. Before I joined, I barely worked out and used the blue collar job excuse. Since I've joined I found purpose, almost like a revelation because I know that I'll have my brothers depending on me. I've been working out more now than ever before and I firmly believe that I'm in the best shape of my life so far

But I'm going to keep hammering🔨

Oh yeah Hu is great. I play some of their songs when I workout

@Jesse GA it was a great vid

Keep kicking ass @Hugh AL 💪

I'm otw. Should be there in an hour or so

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With @ND - Christopher AL and Interviewee- 996570

Missing attachment: 20211130_184927.jpg

With @ND - Christopher AL and interviewee

Arms are really sore, looks like it's an ab and leg day today

I bought a bunch of navy blue shirts if anyone needs some

Do you plan on going to Chris's place tomorrow night? Could you give me a ride there?

That's fine with me brother

Thank you

I'm excited

I can bring extra jackets if anybody needs them

Is Andrew's a good place to drop my truck off?

Like it won't be vandalized, etc.

Hey I'm going to drive to your place or around your area to park and sean will drive us up to chris. Do you have a place I can park that's safe and 24/7 park

Okay I'll do that

Thanks man

Roger that

Give me your address around 5 or so, I'll be heading out around that time

I'm getting ready to leave in the next 20 min or so

Okay sounds good


En route. ETA 9:35

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