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We're on it.

Do you have a more exact location?

And yes, that is a challenge.

You will be gone for the entire 72 hours @Taylor FL . There will be no opportunities to leave the event.

Meetings happen every thursday evening. I'll put out more reminders next time to help.

Getting ready to go to Miami to climb with s friend and help get Ryan FL on his feet

He lives on severe poverty, no parents, no documents.

We have a returning member who knows him who is willing to house him so he can start moving forward with his life.

So I'm hoping to get him moved too if possible.

You remember ryan. Hes the short malnourished looking one at the drilling session.

@Francis MI , you need to upload at lesst 4 photos.

Nice. Our rule with guys like Ryan or Phillip FL (you haven't met him) is the second they stop trying to improve is when we show them out the door.

We'll help them as much as possible, but they have to do the work.

What's stopping them?

I have too much promat. If they want some mailed to them I can send some.

Yep, that's what I like to do too

He'll yeah, sounds good man. Things have been going great for us all year, let's keep that ball rolling

I'm in Mimai let me know where you are and when you're free and we will.do activism

Thomas wants us to get this for Dec 4th. Would you like to be the one to help out with this? I would like to get it for our drilling session on the 20th and we could account for its cost in total event fees help pay for it.

If you know of any stores you can get it at, try there before ordering online to get it sooner.

I'm going to sleep now. Let me know what tomorrow looks like for you and when you'll be available.

I am in Broward county and cam meet you wherever in the morning.

Yeah, but we can make soup and other stuff in it too

This is what Thomas told me to get

Very nice.

I am send me an address and a time for pickup

@Taylor FL keep in mind that Saturday the 20th is our drilling session. Drilling begins in Sebring at sunrise.

Activism for Friday is all good, but drilling is our number one priority

Remember that one night we went to Tacoma and there were cops everywhere? So many cops we hardly even got a sticker run in. Imagine that, but everywhere and everyday; that's what Florida is like.

I've been hitting several towns today, but I get 4 up and I bail. It's a combination of always being watched, and there being nothing to fuggin sticker.

I skipped some cities because they are just so nigged out and shitty that they weren't even worth doing

Nice. Maybe I need a Hawaiian shirt or something

But still, this state sucks to do activism in alone.

Idk how you mess that up

You can clearly see it

Pretty much. Man, it was so easy in Washington

I think it's time to retire the vest. Even though it's nice to wear

I've become a lot more aware since I came here because now I have to be, so that's kind of good.

Blue hat Is nice to hide hair, but maybe a regular shirt and shorts is the way

Nigga Lawrence coming right up

Basket ball shorts, big shirt with stains n shiet

Everyone has to dress like a wigger or fat person to blend in here

Point taken. I'll keep any eye on how others look and copy them

Just to want you though, it isn't going to be pretty

That's ok, our guys will find it eventually.

Perfect, I'm glad you'll be making it

Sounds good. I was planning on sleeping at Sebring but that works too

Sam's got banners, John's got stencils, and I've got free sleeping.

You can bring a tent if you'd like. Sleeping in the car is tough if you dont have the right setup.

I'll get us a (free) camping spot tomorrow evening.

I will be leaving your area by 9pm tonight. If you cannot respond soon, we will have to reevaluate and try again later

You'll find out when you get there.

Go sticker mall parking lot

3 cop cars all pull in at the same time behind me

Sorry Ryan, but I have to go soon. You need to be more specific with your schedule. Let your boss know your quitting too by the way. You will be moving after our drilling session on the 20th.

I know pirate shipping allows for cheaper shipping

Peint your own label, sell at a different price I think

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Missing attachment: 20211114_190039.jpg

Decimatio was only used in the most extreme cases, and thus it was rare. Remember, these soldiers were enlisted for 25 years and even after the Marian reforms they were enlisted for 10. They weren't replaceable cogs, they were professional, lifelong soldiers.

I think the most effective means for their organizing was payment, and then later it was citizenship. Land ownership, citizenship, loot. This is what they had to look forward to at the end of a decade or more of warfare and construction work. We run on revolutionary ideals. Our work fulfills our soul, but it is a net loss (right now) for our day to day lives and reputation. Luckily we will turn it around because we we are willing to impose ourselves onto the world and change it.

Tl;dr our organizing does not and it cannot emulate the Roman empire at this time

We are however closest to Romes foundation. However, I don't think things are so desperate that the Sabines or whichever group of women nearby need to be our wives whether they like it or not.

I don't know what your situation is like right now, but please have a full explanation and a plan on how to move forward for me at the meeting this evening.

I'll post a recap so you can be up to date

@all meeting at 8pm

Sit back and watch the fireworks

@all meeting i 10 minutes

meeting now

@Arthur FL @Ulysses FL we are having a meeting on mumble about this weekends activities. If you are available to hop on and talk, please do so. Sorry for not giving you more notice

We still need an update from you

Are you having problems with mumble?

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