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We are in cabin 152 btw


Come on over for some grappling

Hey man, do you own any drums? If so, what type? Specifically looking to see if you have a way to mount or carry a base drum or tom.

Got it. Just wondering. I thought a base would sound good with a march

Ok cool. I'll try and see what I can come up with.

Chants will include the typical "life, liberty, victory" which would ideally take up 2 measures. Anything else?

Got it

I may be able to just improv most of the chants

But I'll try and think of a decent and simple cadence like diddy to play

And I'll work on the recordings this week

Missing attachment: 20211117_125613.jpg
Missing attachment: SmartSelect_20211117-184004_Gallery.jpg
Missing attachment: SmartSelect_20211117-184014_Gallery.jpg
Missing attachment: SmartSelect_20211117-183959_Gallery.jpg
Missing attachment: SmartSelect_20211117-183959_Gallery.jpg

Would something like this work as far as a marching cadence? A little rusty and the audio isn't great but let me know what you think.

Missing attachment: Snare 1.m4a

I agree

Thanks bro! I was skeptical at first too since it was used buy indidnt want to go cheap on a brand I didn't know of. Let's hope I just don't bust the head anytime soon haha


I can clear out the garage and just move a car out. Should be plenty of room.

Looking forward to it.

I ordered mine some time ago. I guess I'm just curious as to what the kit involves. We just get stencils, so are you wanting us to get our own carry bag and paint to go along with them? Just making sure I'm understanding what is expected of the kit.

Roger. Anything else other than a bag and spray paint? Don't we also need the paste for posters?

Hey man, do you want to try and meet this Saturday night? Maybe do a night run after work?

I get off at 6pm

Cool. Sounds good. I'll plan on it

Be thinking of an area

It'd going well, man. Haven't had the opportunity to get and record the distances yet but I'll work on attempting that. And ok, that makes sense. I just didn't want to go too wild and confuse everyone, especially those not used to marching to a beat.

Roger. Carter didn't own one either.

But a bass would've been awesome

As far as the triumphal, more upbeat rhythm...are you thinking 16th/8th note splits mainly to fill the gaps and keep up the pep?

16th notes are 16 notes in a measure, so 4 notes per beat. Likewise, an eighth note is half the speed at 2 notes per beat and 8 notes per measure (4 count measures).

I'll send an audio later on

Just stumbled across this. Give me your input so I can better figure out what you're looking for

Yea the bass really sets the beat. I'll figure something out.

Planning on getting some stickering done this weekend due to the holidays.

@James AL @Carter AL Me and @Andrew AL will be meeting sometime Sat night if yall can join since you're both relatively close. Keep an eye out for the location and ETA.

Ah, it's no problem at all, man. But thank you.

Sweet! Still figuring out a place to meet. I get off at 6pm, so we will be doing a night run of stickering.

Im not opposed to either of them. I'm just moreso concerned with storage space for gear, camping, and the snare drum kit. We may need 2 vehicles. I'm still open to renting if needed. Otherwise, depending on how far the drive is from us, I may be able to drive myself and take a body or two with me since it feels as if this trip won't be as long as the last one.

Hey man, we will most likely be meeting up after 6pm sat...possibly around 630-7ish depending on location. Do you know of any potential stenciling locations?

Do you know of any potential stenciling locations?

Also, if you know of any potential stenciling locations, let me know.

No worries. Regardless, we will do some stickering

The truck would probably fit everything fine in the bed, however. Either way I'm down with making any option work.

Good idea. So I say we bring stencils (I have some) while we're out in case we do.

Just to keep you aware and to make sure I'm following protocol, we may or may not be doing some stenciling this weekend. As of now, we are still searching for a good location, but we will definitely be doing stickering.

@James AL @Andrew AL @Carter AL I will bring some stencils for tomorrow night just in case there's an opportunity that comes up. Do any of you have any paint left over?

Let's plan for 930pm as far as meeting up. Can we all do that time frame?

That's correct @Carter AL

On cool. Yea, still working on location.

Paint is all we will need

Ok cool

Let's plan on downtown Birmingham. Standby for rally point.

2811 7th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

Jack Brown's Beer and Burger. There are plenty of parking spots behind the building as well. From there we will get into one car. Who is willing to drive from here to the destination (5 min drive)?

You got it.

We are going to hit up Sloss Furnace since we didn't get a chance to last time.

For sure. Will do.

We'll be stickering not far from where we're meeting at and looking for potential graffiti to cover up.

Gents, the wife and daughter came down with a stomach virus through the night and morning, so I've had my hands full. However, I feel fine and it looks like my wife is getting better by the hour. I'm still 99.9% confident I'll be there, so no worries. I just wanted to keep you all in the loop on the off chance things turn for the worse. Looking forward to tonight!

Yes sir.

Ok, no worries. I think James has some

@James AL you still have paint left just in case we find a spot?



Ok good deal

I have a handful, yes. Like maybe 4 or 5 pair. Beinf a couple pair just in case if you can.

Not that I'm aware of. Regular should be fine. We may not even use them. It all depends on if we can find a good location.

I did not know that the art piece would such be a hit haha. Much appreciated, guys.

Roger. The stenciling is backup if we find an ideal spot. Either way, we'll get some stickers plastered.

I'm about to depart.

Just stickers and masks

Masks/hats if you want

We won't be out all night

I'm parked behind Hattie B's

Across the street

Cool. I'm inside jacks

Cone on in while we wait on James


Gents, post your best pictures here when you can.

It was good seeing all of you.

@Andrew AL try taking a screenshot of your picture to lower the mb per image. Then upload the screenshot.

Roger, @ND - Christopher AL thanks for reminding me to purchase a headlamp.

I may just crash at your place late Thursday night to simplify things.

You have telegram? If so, what's your handle?

Also, how did those paint pictures come out?

Videos go to Mason TX

How many pictures did you get of the paintings?

Videos go to Mason TX. Make sure to tell him the location and date.

Post here any more of the stencil work so I can add it to the stickering for posting on activism

Ok and no worries. I know how your line of work can be.



Hope all is well man. Just wanted to send this over. Been trying to assist our new guy, Carter, on how to get videos and stuff sent over.

I like the groove. Where were you thinking this would be played? Marching or morso so while we are standing or doing some sort of action?

That's what I had in mind. I like it. I'll practice tonight

Sure man yea

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