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Thomas wants us to get this for Dec 4th. Would you like to be the one to help out with this? I would like to get it for our drilling session on the 20th and we could account for its cost in total event fees help pay for it.

If you know of any stores you can get it at, try there before ordering online to get it sooner.

Floyd FL @PF-296661

Ill take a look into it.

Floyd FL @PF-296661

So specificly, we're looking at purchasing a setup to deepfry with. ill look around and see what i find.

Yeah, but we can make soup and other stuff in it too

This is what Thomas told me to get

AL GA meeting is at 9pm EST do you think you can make it?

Regarding that turkey fryer, is there a similar product you would personally find more use out of? If I buy it,I dont think I'm going to use it much outside of this specific event. The car grill however, I can see myself using often.

I think I'm going to order the car grill we talked about, but for you are you still interested in fulfilling the "bigger grill, big pot" need? If so, find a product you really like, or consider the one we talked about.

We can also cover it with event fees tomorrow because we will all be using and benefitting from it

Floyd FL @PF-296661

Ill get back with you tonight on that pot kit.

Ok cool.

Floyd FL @PF-296661

you guys doing ok?

ETA 7:21 we'll be there

Floyd FL @PF-296661

Alrigh, im park on some grass next to other cars

You down to meet with Arthur FL this Saturday and do drilling in the morning? We would meet him in Plant city

Then go to the show that evening.

Still waiting on a response

Be here by 7pm on Thursday 12/2
2333 Tindel camp road Lake Wales FL

Claire was impressed by my ability to campus climb (no feet) the round pieces today 😊

21 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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