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Bryan NV @PF-4352
Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 14, 2021 11:47 AM
Bryan NV @PF-4352

Research in mining and lithium mineral stocks. At the very least my bet is gonna be the company who gets the bid to dig that mine. Elon Musk and Co. finally greased the skids.
Btw, this deposit is allegedly the biggest outside of China, idk how true that is, but it rather large regardless

Matthew MN @PF-6495

I have seen some stuff about battery recycling tech that seems intriguing as well since that is a big problem with EVs

ND - Carter MO @PF-982856

I'd like to get into that.

ND - Carter MO @PF-982856

The only batteries I've ever broken down are typical lead. Lots of acid but tons of lead inside. Need to learn about this new generation of battery tech.

ND - Carter MO @PF-982856

Working on a few cars. Two of them are good to sell right now. Going to require a few things for someone to test drive, only taking cash, signing over the title, done.

ND - Carter MO @PF-982856

Anyone know of a good website when it comes to packaging large items for cheap? Custom size cardboard / ect?

I know pirate shipping allows for cheaper shipping

Peint your own label, sell at a different price I think

ND - Carter MO @PF-982856

Ok thanks I'll look into it.

Prog is going to the moon. Now I go back in the wagey cage for a few more hours

Tyler SD @PF-604908

I'm feeling it; sold 3 covered calls at the $5 strike for this Friday at $60 per. I'm not confident it will stay above $5, but I am comfortable with selling above if it plays out that way.

An idea I'm considering entering...

Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 16, 2021 7:13 PM


What is this?

biotech name. I have like a list of 500 names I'm going through looking for my setups. That's one of the names I found where the technicals look good

The list of 500 names I have are the reverse splits for 2021

Reverse split is when the shares available in the market are shrunk down. It's a form of refinancing the company.

ND - Carter MO @PF-982856

Generally I try and avoid anything rental based but I need a car hauled to my property that's an hour and half away so I started looking at options. The SUV is an AWD meaning you cannot use a "car dolly" or it will destroy the transmission. It must have all 4 wheels off ground.

Flat bed truck up to $400.
U Ship bids around $350 - $500.

I didn't like the prices as it burns right into my profits for a car with a bad transmission - Nissan Murano 2003 140k Miles - $1600 Paid. Figuring I'll have to pull the tranny and possibly replace it / rebuild it I'd like to sell the car for around $5000 but adding in repairs could jack it up to $3000 in fixes (still $2000 profit). If it takes 2 weeks to make the repair technically that's $1000 per week no taxes. Not the worst trade off for my time.

Tried then to borrow a trailer for hauling cars BUT for certain trailers you need to have a circuit box installed from your truck to the trailer. This is how a trailer knows to break with your truck as past a certain size / weight you must have breaks on the trailer itself.

Well I'm not paying for that right now either.

Finally decided I'd look towards trailer rentals. U Haul will rent me a car trailer (2200lbs) for 6 hours at only $52 with an added $8 for insurance. Simply $60 and around $50 in gas ($110) will fix my dilemma. Figured id share this for anyone who runs into something like this in the future. Very surprised with the rates. You could Haul multiple cars in a day at thay rate and get around purchasing a trailer for awhile before it becomes a liability. Factor in the cost for plates, stickers, ect on an owned trailer it's perfect for those who might only need it a few times per year.

Bryan NV @PF-4352

Any on how or where to find off market real estate deals

You would have to become a real estate agent/ broker or know people who are already talking about those deals before they go onto the market.

Benjamin WI @PF-8943

Guys i am not gonna make it tonight. I am beat, crazy day on little sleep. Talk to ya next week.

Benjamin WI @PF-8943

Actually next week is Thanksgiving so i can't make that one either. If the day changes let me know.

Same sentiments. I worked 13 hours almost again today and im just dead tired

Benjamin WI @PF-8943

The week after that i can't attend either as i will be in a car driving that night.

Benjamin WI @PF-8943

So Dec. 9th unless we change days.

I'll be there after the AL GA meeting

Are we meeting?

I see some of y'all can't make it. What about others?

Tyler SD @PF-604908

I will also be gone this week and the following; best of luck.

ND - Carter MO @PF-982856
Missing attachment: https___bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa3-437e-9518-adb32be77984.s3.amazonaws.com_public_images_84260b74-1553-4647-a4b6-a4de176df5ae_711x1500.jpeg
ND - Carter MO @PF-982856
Missing attachment: https___bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa3-437e-9518-adb32be77984.s3.amazonaws.com_public_images_00351b33-083c-47a1-9ffe-7994c1e14da2_610x460.jpeg
ND - Carter MO @PF-982856
Missing attachment: 4 Sectors of the Economy Pyramid.png
Missing attachment: SEPARATION OF ECONOMY AND STATE DIAGRAM completed.png
ND - Carter MO @PF-982856
Missing attachment: Untitled document (5).pdf
ND - Carter MO @PF-982856

Please review when you have time @all

ND - Carter MO @PF-982856

Inactive members will be removed.

If there was a meeting last night, I didn't attend because I was doing interviews.

Sam MN @PF-173220


I doubt anyone will be in here Thanksgiving day so and I'm driving to the bake sale late Thursday night.

John MN @PF-420825

If there was a meeting I didn't attend because I've been asleep for the last 2 and 1/2 days

I will be able to join next Thursday, all my thanksgiving gatherings are in the early afternoon

are these done every thursday or tuesday

Benjamin WI @PF-8943


With us moving into tax loss season for the year, if anyone finds any names where there are stocks traded for debt, those names might prove to be good buys

Meeting tonight?

Why don't they make mouse flavored cat food?

Cat's don't need "gravy turkey dinner" wtf. I'm sure they just buy the leftover parts from the poultry and fish hatcheries to make animal food, but still maybe people would prefer to feed their animals things they would actually like.

I ended up getting a double on that STORJ play

Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 26, 2021 8:17 AM

I got filled on MGWFF at .07

bought 3000 units

ND - Carter MO @PF-982856

@all Excuse me for not informing everyone about the meeting last night. A turkey coma consumed me and with the event coming next week will also be postponed. Look towards Dec 9th for our next talk. Until then feel free to ask whatever financial questions you have here in the chat, thank you.

ND - Carter MO @PF-982856


ND - Carter MO @PF-982856

I've finally made some friends on the east coast, very exciting.

Marcus NC @PF-983334

Thank you, heard we got some big :brain: s in here. Can't wait to learn :ok_hand: :thumbsup:

Tyler SD @PF-604908

Nice, welcome!


I've passed my 13 and now my record for longest work day is 15 hours

Benjamin WI @PF-8943

Rookie numbers. 29 hours here.

Benjamin WI @PF-8943
Adam NC @PF-609822

Sorry for the late introduction! Thanksgiving events haha. Happy to be here and always ready to learn!

Worked our a budget plan today. Lots simpler than I thought it would be. Bank tracks grocery expenses semi-well. I'll record my December expenses to see if it matches reality or not. If I stick to it, I'll be debt free (besides mortgage) by June.

Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 30, 2021 2:34 PM

GBMIF looks like it's at a decent buying locaiton.

Trget .426

stop loss is it goes to zero.

looks like sell off in the market is incoming

Missing attachment: Clipboard - December 1, 2021 2:29 PM
Matthew MN @PF-6495

Should I offload my stuff? I am already losing.

In order for that pattern to be confirmed we need to see a close below the neckline.

If that doesn't happen at the close, then whatever the low is for today, if tomorrow's price action dips further below, then that would also confirm the H&S

When i sell off I always try to sell into strength. If this is a top, this would be a good place to lighten a position anywhere from 50% to 80%.

If you have any specific name you would like me to do some TA on, by all means post it and I'll post my analysis.

Close below neckline happened, so this pattern is confirmed

Missing attachment: Clipboard - December 1, 2021 3:04 PM
Marcus NC @PF-983334

You do any shorts?

Marcus NC @PF-983334

Hey Jesse, good to see you again. :wave: . I might have to borrow that budgeting idea from ya

I doubt there'll be a meeting tmrw because of the event, so I just wanted to inform you guys on my goal which was to get a job after my recent move. Still don't have one yet, but I do have an interview tomorrow.

Sure man! I'll try to email it to myself and post here, or just explain what I did

Only as insurance

@NS - Jason TX Good luck on the interview

thanks Billy

Marcus NC @PF-983334

Sure man, whatever you are good for. Hopefully isn't nothing too crazy

Missing attachment: DJI Nightmare scenario Greed fear study graph 2021.png

^nightmare scenario for stonks

Today was awful

Confirming myself for Thursday's meeting

John MN @PF-420825

I will be there.

Tyler SD @PF-604908

I will be there in the beginning for sure

Marcus NC @PF-983334

I'll be there

ND - Carter MO @PF-982856

Yes we will be having a meeting this Thursday at 8 PM CST

ND - Carter MO @PF-982856

Brothers after consideration of our current predicament among the possibility of infiltrators I've decided to suspend this weeks meeting for our safety. Meetings will resume the following Thursday, sorry to disappoint.

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