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We're on it.

Thomas @thomas

This is a scripted message. An important announcement has just been posted in the #announcements channel. Please review it in detail and follow the instructions given. If we have not conversed recently (or since the last scripted message), give me an update on your organizing and any questions or matters I can assist with. Thank you.

I was looking through fundamentals and I noticed that there isn't a page regarding arrow awards and their meaning quite yet. Is that something to look forward to in the newer editions? Also, some of the newer guys are wondering what each arrow stands for.

Also, maybe Walter ID would make a good Photo Coordinator seeing as he does most of the promat edits.

Thomas @thomas

Noted on both accounts. Will keep in mind.

I have met with the former Oscar FL (Interviewee-751801) and he is good to move forward with the membership process. Expect a message from him very soon.


Please remove Marcus GA and Wayne GA for inactivity.

To clarify what we spoke about earlier, the White Lives Matter guys who were there hanging out for doing drilling with us are all there as guests at a Patriot Front event. I explained to Taylor and Oscar that this is the expectation and that this is not a two way street with people in other groups. Any detraction from this understanding will be dealt with appropriately.

Thomas @thomas

Of course, I assumed as such.

I will message the interviewee.

Thomas @thomas

Turns out I have already messaged him, and he has not responded. Ball > in his court.

Ok got it

We have fans

We have an FBI billboard near Daytona Beach FL. It's close to the ground too apparently. We will scout it out on our way home from Dec 4th.

On second thought, we need to get our large banner stencils finished before we think about covering that

Thomas @thomas

Scouting yes, banner stencils purchase-able at the event.

Good to know. We have the necessary items to do the job, we just need the coroplast to carve them into

Missing attachment: Screenshot_20211015-231331_Maps.jpg
Thomas @thomas



Thomas @thomas

Are you familiar with Paul FL's misconduct at camp? I believe it may be wise to submit him for revetting as a precautionary measure. Just another meeting with you to really go over the security. I will update protocols for you to review.

I am familiar and I have addressed it. Him and I will go over opsec and proper conduct. If you think reverting is necessary then so be it. I will say this however, he has a passion for this and he knows deep down that this is the last good chance for the nation. I think he has a lot of unrealized potential still

Thomas @thomas

This is a scripted message. Please make sure to review the recent announcement. Thank you.

Regarding the security breach list:
Norman GA
Ulysses FL

Thomas @thomas

To remove from the list?


Thomas @thomas

Only them?

Yes. I honestly don't know the rest well enough to say.

Also, seeing as we have been having a lot of trouble recently from former members residing in Kentucky, seeing a "Vincent KY" in the channel might be worth looking into. Sure, a name itself is not good enough reason, but they've done it twice now so they might try again.

Thomas @thomas

Talk to Ryan OH about it.

Carl CA is wondering when he will.get access back to the server. I have him on Threema

Thomas @thomas

Roger that.


Can you verify Ryan FL for mumble please?

Thomas @thomas

Please delete Floyd FLs account.

Also, are the GA guys going to be directed by Christopher now?

Thomas @thomas

See the map?

Thomas @thomas


I see it now. Awesome.

Something about a fight happening with opposition where flag poles were used against them

Maybe at the vehicle exchange, I'm not sure.

Thomas @thomas

I need to know the full story.

Talk to Alexander OR or Frederick OR. Supposedly, that's where it originates

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