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I asked but they aren’t local

and I’m confirmed for December


I am too

Apologies for not mentioning it earlier, but I work from 16:30-00:00 tonight

Thank you

Yessir I’ll ask him

Phillip to get to our action, how about you Uber to my place the night before, and then we can go early in the morning?

Asked him about him taking an Uber rather than me getting him and then going

I do not

Uber to my place

That’s what I’m planning on doing


Tomorrow night I’ll have you go to my apartment. My roommate will be there and I’ll be there later that night



All good

Philip called off tomorrow

He said his schedule is full tomorrow

I would try to get a little sleep if possible as I got kff

work at 2 am

On my way

Had to stop and eat and wake up

about 15 minutes away

I’m at the gate

Y’all are in a parking lot I assume?


Thank you to all y’all for taking the time to come to Sebring and special thanks to @Arthur FL and @Ulysses FL for showing us all proper marching. Truly grateful and we’ve all left today as better men.

What’s done is done. Just be careful and keep making progress because you don’t want to risk losing membership

Good. I’m talking about your license and a car though

Authorities aren’t impressed with your progress

As per usual, I’ll have to forego the meeting tonight as I work.

Trained legs earlier. Got a pretty decent pump and I feel like they are finally growing.



I am very physically capable. I do not have any equipment though

I have the foam leg guards for wrestling and that’s about it😂

Eat like your big

and lift heavy weight with good form😂


climbing is still great. I wish I was able to do more

Understood. I’ll purchase them ASAP

I assume we are linking up with them on the 4th? Or do you mean the third?

I have the chin strap en route, but I can’t figure out how to purchase the leg guards. It sends me back here

It says room not found

Missing attachment: 3D25CE0E-F032-4CED-909B-61B681CA7F0D.jpeg
Missing attachment: A07938E0-04E2-4D84-9227-18FAFE47E452.jpeg
Missing attachment: 65D092E5-07C2-4CDB-B599-C44758F7E527.jpeg
Missing attachment: A6B41791-6F9E-47F1-869A-79CA71CD2103.jpeg
Missing attachment: 05414CD2-817A-4AB5-8A65-0ED1E18CED38.jpeg

Did an early morning sticker run today. It felt very nice being out before dawn

Thank you brother

Will these work?


Missing attachment: 0D741E26-6585-467B-9F5F-177C9C2554DC.jpeg

I’ve tried multiple times

Nevermind. Fixed it hopefully

If it is going to be cold then isn’t there a jacket I can get?

if so I need the link

And I dunno if any of this is gonna get here in time

BTW something interesting happened today

I had a sticker on the pier at FMB and some kid peeled it off and started wearing it

They are ordered. I can’t guarantee they’ll get here in time though

Understandable. And in any case I’ll still be fully prepared for the next event

Yeah I was surprised. But yeah based

FMB is definitely over saturated with stickers though

For sure. I didn’t realize just how much Phillip stuckernd when

stickered when he went there

Jacket and gloves will be here before the action, but I am unsure about the chin strap and knee guards.

I notified James TX about ti

And can I get a rundown on all I’ll be missing this meeting? Any critical need to know info if you can please.

They are ordered. Haven’t received notice of them being shipped yet😐

They messed up the address🤣

It’s not easy to mess up either

Be there around 11

You didn’t see my sticker run?

11 pm

Yeah I just posted in activism. Must be why

Missing attachment: ABD4AF2F-F641-41D1-BA5B-A425D099B03E.jpeg
Missing attachment: 57EEC914-526B-4525-8659-8295A7630C1D.jpeg
Missing attachment: A2B5004B-D809-44E2-B0B1-DB90B11F91AF.jpeg
Missing attachment: 23DC6E43-8BDC-4027-AC10-3E3C37DA7466.jpeg

Fort Myers, FL

and thank you

I have work all nighy

i will basically have to get off work and drive to the location

Either should work fine

if you need call me via telegram and I can direct you

My brother will be at the apartment. I will be there layer

Yeah we only have dickies and they had nothing for hockey when I went in

I’ll try to be out around midnight


Donatello will be around for you when you get to the house. Just knock. There will be food if you need as well.


Missing attachment: 54D536B8-5D9C-4D9B-9A0C-3DEADB802D6F.jpeg

I’ll definitely be there before 4pm

thats not a problem

Haven’t responded

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