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Remember that one night we went to Tacoma and there were cops everywhere? So many cops we hardly even got a sticker run in. Imagine that, but everywhere and everyday; that's what Florida is like.

I've been hitting several towns today, but I get 4 up and I bail. It's a combination of always being watched, and there being nothing to fuggin sticker.

I think you need to focus on your appearance

I skipped some cities because they are just so nigged out and shitty that they weren't even worth doing

Last night we did Capitol Hill no issue because we dressed like anarchists

Nice. Maybe I need a Hawaiian shirt or something

But still, this state sucks to do activism in alone.













Clarke really sucked at over spraying them

Idk how you mess that up

You can clearly see it

You can’t just walk around unaware of your surroundings and vibes from people anymore. People will actually fuck with you now, so you need to start being more aware. No more dressing weird with the weird vest and blue hat walking around claiming your arms carrying the whole stack of stickers in your hands slapping them up on anything and everything in from my of anyone at any time.

Spraying wide tip spray 1 inch away from the stencil

Pretty much. Man, it was so easy in Washington

I think it's time to retire the vest. Even though it's nice to wear

I've become a lot more aware since I came here because now I have to be, so that's kind of good.

You’ve gotten lucky most the time but that luck will run dry

Blue hat Is nice to hide hair, but maybe a regular shirt and shorts is the way

Just dress like everyone else in whatever area you’re going to.

Like how I dress in working class attire for Enumclaw

and all black punk clothing in Seattle

Nigga Lawrence coming right up

Preppy wear for like Bellevue

Basket ball shorts, big shirt with stains n shiet

Everyone has to dress like a wigger or fat person to blend in here

Point taken. I'll keep any eye on how others look and copy them

Just to want you though, it isn't going to be pretty




Go sticker mall parking lot

3 cop cars all pull in at the same time behind me

Fuck this state

:PF-Flag: Individual packing list. :pfred:

:pfflag: 🚚 Travel Clothing: All travel clothing items must be politically neutral, prioritize dull colors, absence of revealing marks or identifying features such as company logos, college icons, or city references. Multiple layers for weather changes and shedding of articles for en route activism. Medical masks are encouraged during stops. Dress code items are not to be worn in transit, nor are any organizational patches.

Average temperatures along the travel route will range from 40 degrees to 70 degrees. Bring appropriate layers for all situations.

- 🧢 Hat. (Cap, booney, etc.)
- 🕶 Sunglasses.
- 😷 Medical style mask. (Ear loops.)
- 👕 Compliant shirt and coat, pants/shorts, shoes. (No open toed shoes.)

:pfflag: :betsy: Activism Dress Code: Activism dress code is only to be worn on command. Its contents are to remain neatly stored, clean, and undamaged during travel. Place your User ID or Alias on the tags or otherwise within your shirt, coat, hat, and other dress code items of interest so they remain in your possession.

Temperatures at the location are expected to be low. Expect long periods of exposure to wind and cold. Hydration is key in the days leading up to the action, and the time of the action itself.

- :pfflag: Cap w/ Chevron Patch.
- 👷🏻‍♂️ Bump cap insert.
- 🕶 Sunglasses (Aviators Preference)
- ⬜ Blank white mask.
- Dress Code Jacket
- 👖 Khaki or tan colored pants.
- 🥾 Appropriate boots. (Expect lots of movement)
- "Tactical" or work gloves. Strongly encouraged for protection from the heat of flares, smoke devices, better grip on flags and shields. (No hard knuckle.) (Preference tan/coyote.)

:pfflag: 🎒 Additional Items: Optional or non-necessary items will be marked with an asterisk.

- ⛺ Camping supplies. Tent, sleeping bag. `(Confirm with your travel lead if/where you will be camping. Coordinate with tents to ensure efficient use.)

-Lantern (4 pack may be split over 4 men)
-Clip-on hat light
- 💸 [$25] Cash for event payment. Note: This total does not include your travel fees. Confirm with your travel lead to find your precise total.
- 🚰 Reusable canteen(s) of at least one liter.
- Personal sanitation kit. (toothbrush, deodorant, etc.)
- :betsy: :pfflag: ANY & ALL organizational flags in possession, or in possession of locals.
- Additional bottled water. (Kept on person.)
- Water Bottle Belt Holder.
- Money for purchases during travel, or purchase of workshop materials at the event. (Cash Only)(This amount is subject to personal preference and travel specifics, confirm with travel lead.) ^

- IMPORTANT: Cash contributions for...
- Legal Fund, which will go towards ensuring the safety and freedom of activists currently under threat, and repaying those who have already kept our members from dire harm on numerous occasions. Contributions could make the difference between the continued work and efforts of an activist, or dangerous injuries at the hands of state oppression.

- Purchase of promotional materials (stickers, flyers), patches (official/unofficial), stencils, posters, etc. This will be the last time, potentially, for some time to resupply in person. You may be more specific with the items you receive, and there are no shipping fees or wait times. Communicate with your locals, or NW and ensure you are getting what you need to sustain activity.

Additional Notes:
- Our travel distances will vary widely, but expect to engage in stops or activities in travel dress code regardless.
- Pack as light as you can in terms of gear and clothing to avoid space issues. Keep everything well organized.
- Do not skimp out on water or hydration. Your party may be unable or unlikely to make stops for resupply beyond a certain point.
- If you haven't gotten really comfortable with the outdoors thus far this season, get to it. Walks and runs are suggested.
- Event fees are subject to change. Confirm with your travel lead to ensure you have the correct information.
- If you need additional links or suggestions for any of the items listed above, please ask so.
- Long hair is to be tied into a knot at the base of the neck when activism dress code is worn.


Don't bother bringing a sleeping bag btw we can share

Lets roleplay, I'll be Jack and you can be Grant



No wonder grant screams like a little girl


who was the top and the bottom????

If you had met them you would know




Your brother stickers more than you and it’s all anime girl stickers


I'll check the video in the morning.

I drank the rest of an old bang in the fridge then worked out a bit then decided I needed some pre workout and now I feel like I have a huge fever and constipation and jitters. JFC dude.

I need like a slave to cook for me or something

Missing attachment: 2BA8C638-FD62-4435-A3AB-FDDF962AC35A.jpeg


A cooking slave? it's called a mother/ wife

Missing attachment: 009AEF6D-CEE1-4323-AD2A-DDB17BA61E0A.jpeg

Seattle graffiti

Uploaded 2 months ago. I'm not sure which part of Seattle this is, but it seems to be a more run down area now. I only know the areas around the venues kind of well, so these spots are foreign to me.












How would you respond to all this

With the PNW_general maybe you could make it more on the side of professional rather than talking about whatever. Afterall, this is a work server, specifically for planning and executing activism. Not to say that this is only to make David happy, it's to make the space as a whole more useful. Like David said, there doesn't seem to be anything important being posted in the chat, therefore he does not have as much of an incentive to be on top of it as much as he would be.

We have our meetings the same time every week.

7:30pm Sunday.

It is mostly professional

I'm not excusing that; he should still go. But regarding his lack of input at meetings, maybe it's time that you focus a lot more on the east. He always does the drive over to you guys, and when if he does that drive and isn't given a purpose, it makes that trip over not as meaningful.

I find it too professional. I wish guys just socialized more and came up with stuff.

I’ve planned on it but rn the weather is shit

I’ve done 3 banners over there so far

Sure, but with that being said, David is like a little satellite for NW8, he's just within the boundaries to count and I think he sees it that way too. When the weather clears up, then yes head east more often. Maybe he would like to go out and plan more actions in his area and hopefully there will be more growth as a result.

On his personal issues, I think he needs to develop his life to be more meaningful. If he hates his life and is in constant pain, then he needs to change it immediately. That isn't normal. These issues are quickly going to manifest into bigger problems in other areas of his life if he continues to neglect them

It seems like he has been bottling this up for a while too, or at least since the last outburst he had at Thomas's house at the Alamo demo. This sort of stuff has to change for him. He seems to trust you enough to even express these things so you would be the best person to offer help. If David wants to, I can talk to him too and offer advice.


You know what I would say to him? The first thing I would say is "Do you want to feel this way for the rest of your life?"

David: "no, I want it to be better"

John: "If you want things to be better, then you need to completely change your mindset. This goes for how you live your life, how you see yourself, and what you want for yourself. The things you have said are not what healthy people say or think. It doesn't mean you shouldn't have said it, it just means that we can see the problem and now it's time to move forward and fix it. This is something that you have to do, it's something inside you, I can't do it for you David. You need to know your worth no matter what society, your parents, or whoever says or thinks. You need to know that you deserve better, you need to change your mind to change your life."

"And even if you really do believe that your life is "nothing" or you don't believe in yourself, just know that I believe in you. But even with that said, you're still going to have to be the one who puts the work in. I can help you do activism and meet new people, but I can't change your spirit, only you can."

If we cannot save ourselves, then we are doomed to fail in our attempt to save our nation. We do have what it takes save ourselves. Therefore, we do have the ability to save the nation.

A > B
:. ~B

Check out that deductive argument I made and then converted into symbolic logic. :sunglasses:

He replied with “Yes”


On this key ~


1️⃣Week Debrief
-Tell everyone they did a great job and highlight a few things you particularly enjoyed. Then go over Action recap.
-Action recap, what was done? How did it go?
-What went well?
-What could’ve gone better?
-Suggestions and ideas

-Everyone needs to be in the green by December 4th.

3️⃣ Activity for next week.

4️⃣Remind everyone about the event. Everyone needs to get everything on the gear list.

5️⃣Remind everyone for late December for a Christmas dinner. Talk about that.

6️⃣ Plan airport parking second vehicle and Tyler can drop some off too. We have 11 guys going to the airport John can only do 5. Seatac park is a good option but unless a vehicle can fit 6 guys, someone additionally might need a ride still. Figure this out. This is the main concern of the meeting.

6️⃣Questions comments or concerns?

7️⃣End meeting. Feel free to hangout and talk.

I’ll DM them all an action plan with parking location and times for airport travel.





I think i'm going to host a mumble workshop teaching guys how to get pussy

Missing attachment: Thomas Omw.PNG

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