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11/24/21 Michigan Cluster Meeting Report:

In attendance:
1. @Alan MI
2. @Eric MI (cluster meeting note taker)
3. @Michael MI
4. @Benjamin MI
5. @Johnny MI
6. @Sam MI
7. @Francis MI
8. @Nathan MI

1. @Arthur MI (Was unable to attend because hes in the process of moving)
2. @Ulysses MI (work conflict)

Basic Report:

@Alan MI : Planning Thanksgiving event. Bringing Mashed potatoes and gravy. Stickered 5 cities.
Maintained 1700 calorie ceiling and workout program.

@Eric MI : Very sick, so he will not be attending the Thanksgiving event. Will be well by the demo.
Can meet the network fitness standards (when not sick).

@Michael MI : Will be receiving his new promat at the Thanksgiving event. Bringing a peanut butter red velvet cake.
Has maintained the workout regiment that @Johnny MI helped him design. Has been concentrating on his new job.
Failed the 9 minute mile standard, failed the plank standard, completed the pullup standard, and completed the push up standard.

@Benjamin MI : Serving as quartermaster for the Thanksgiving event. Preparing the turkey.
Attended the NJP event. Submitted a report to @Thomas
Failed the plank standard, but completed the other three standards.

@Johnny MI : Stickered 4 cities.
Attended the NJP event.
Has created an accountability agreement with @Michael MI where as long as @Michael MI follows his workout regiment @Johnny MI will make sure he stickers at least once a week. This arrangement is already showing improvement for both of them.
completed all network fitness standards.

@Sam MI : Bringing a ham to the Thanksgiving event.
Working on building muscle since he has gotten down to a healthy body fat %.
completed all network fitness standards.

@Francis MI : Bringing punch to the Thanksgiving event.
Looking for a new job.
Failed the plank standard but completed all others.

@Arthur MI : Is healing from his injuries. Will likely get a large sum of money from the accident which will allow him to get back on his feet. WIl likely be staying with his father temporarily. He may move to Alabama in the future to live with his brother who intends to join PF after he leaves the military.

@Ulysses MI : Working on a banner and cutting out copies of the banner stencils. Cannot attend the Thanksgiving event due to a family matter. Stickered 3 cities.
Mainly focused on his career and determining family plans (recently married).
Failed the plank standard but completed all others.


Longer Summary:

The meeting primarily consisted of discussing travel plans for both the Thanksgiving event and the upcoming demo. Nothing of particular note happened during this meeting to warrant more verbose articulation.