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2018-08-17 20:12:29 UTC  

Not really a video, but its close enough.. For all who missed this absolute goldmine, Anarcho-Communism BTFO!

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2018-08-18 05:59:16 UTC  

The “New” SA.... this is what you can expect from it

2018-08-18 06:55:44 UTC  

Any economists out there?

2018-08-18 10:41:05 UTC  

Milton Friedman. @Bird_Goes_Beep best economist ever

2018-08-18 12:35:07 UTC  

Apparently, “This happened above Phalaborwa near Letaba Ranch in the Kruger Park buffer zone outside the fence”.

2018-08-18 13:35:39 UTC  

Astounding dishonesty. And they wonder why people don't trust the media

2018-08-18 13:38:30 UTC  

@Karooboer sulke dinge maak my die moer in. Ek kom hoekal nou sopas van die Kruger af. Het gister deur Phalaborwa gery

2018-08-18 16:58:58 UTC  

Ja @Karooboer sulke goed laat my gewoonlik rooi sien

2018-08-18 18:41:10 UTC  

Another fantastic up and coming Youtuber.

2018-08-18 18:48:57 UTC  

>inb4 the girl was his sister

2018-08-18 18:50:03 UTC  


2018-08-18 18:50:18 UTC  

That inbred guy

2018-08-18 18:50:59 UTC  

Oh, Bill. Yeah, that was creepy. By the sounds of it though, he made a video with that title, when the content was about his first kiss at 12 years old.

2018-08-18 18:51:06 UTC  

Still a very stupid thing to call your video.

2018-08-18 18:52:13 UTC  

Anyways, he has apologized and made a full retraction of everything he said so I consider the beef over. I will probably do a video about it later next week.

2018-08-18 18:52:21 UTC  

Got *such* a backlog right now of material.

2018-08-18 19:09:51 UTC  

Yeah i thought it might have been his sister lol

2018-08-18 19:46:07 UTC  

@Karooboer that video of that poor animal is simptomatic of the barbaric nature of the people. A free meal is more important than a humane treatment of the animal. This makes me so furious I mean this is no different to how a hyena would eat a animal. F*c*ing animals. A absolute disgrace to human beings

2018-08-18 20:24:21 UTC  

Conservative women 👌🏻👆🏻

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"It's kind of hard to disagree with premise that 2+2==4." Yeah, I don't think the smartest man in the world has been to South Africa.

2018-08-19 16:10:48 UTC  

Perhaps all South Africa need is just pizza

2018-08-19 20:38:11 UTC  

When was that elephant video taken?

2018-08-19 20:50:49 UTC  

@theeChristopher think this month

2018-08-19 20:55:50 UTC  

can I upload it to twitter? @Karooboer isn't responding to my messages

2018-08-19 22:13:21 UTC  

Sigh, I was planning to take a day off tomorrow. Then this happened.