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Dag Sê kêrrels. I see we chat in Engaresh here. @Penkop please send me your siener ref: I read his book years ago need a refresher.

Awe. I read that ☝

Ja Nee fok. Die plan van die wereld leiers het glad verloop.

1959 Bantustan deklerasie het hulle afgepiss.

Ek het amper hulle hele plan ontleed. Dit is wyd verspreid en dieper as wat mense kan dink.

Heres a doosy!
Nuclear Radiation is Fake!

Haha why is the photo cut in half? With that logic I can make a cone from a square piece of paper.

You mean the horizon always is level with eye level.

Ironically the flat Earth that is a Plane with a Firmament is the biblical definition.

@Deejay from Earth look at dome perspective theory. Where each persons observes his own Line of Sight.

That proves he drew the line skew.


Discernment is the lesson. Why? Is the question.

Discernment is the lesson. Why? Is the question.

That illustration into perspective though insitefull is still modeled on a flat surface. @MR VLAK render on a sphere.


If space is a vacuum how do we stay on the surface?

The Z axxess

So gravity is stronger than vacuum?

Y'all dont understand vacuums then.

Wat seperates vacuum/non vacuum atmosphere?

I am neutral, I personally dont think the earth is flat.

Its quantum dynamics in observation. Thats a level that gets me rediculed.

@Deejay from Earth i question everything

Lol. The problem with the sun beeing 1.4m km away.


@Deejay from Earth flat earth was the biblical doctrine. Round earth was addopted by vatican to proove big bang and evolution.

@MR VLAKthanks man.


@MR VLAK sweet. I would like to see n rendition. There is too many fish eye lens shots that artificially add curvature. I personaly have seen the horizon at eye level up to 30000 feet.

@Deejay from Earth I Love that song, the south African band "the awakening" did a awesome version.

~The words of the prophet writen on the subway wall tell them all~

Weird how old music have become truth pills. 😸

@Deejay from Earth that video is sick. Phedophiles😡

@Deejay from Earth Buzz telling the truth. Saw that.

@MR VLAK that is a pretty good illustration. The horizon lvl with wing doesn't seem to be from a lvl perspective. But I note the elevation matching eye lvl. This would make a good video from a POV. 🤔

Lol we should colonise Madagascar. Muh Island 😸

Myne? Ek kan sien dat die Perspektief oordra op globe model. Ek is nie n platter nie ek filtreer nog my eie informasie maar daai is so ver n goeie eene verseker.

Hehe ek gee maar my 2c.

@Willem Petzer Well gedaan Man. Dit was baie goed gedoen.

@Sheamus it is the fact that people are questioning everything as we become more aware of deliberate miss information. History, technology, society and religions have all been controlled and altered. Now as we start to question we resonate with wat seems plausable and we thirst for truth.

Milton Friedman. @Bird_Goes_Beep best economist ever

@Gonzo they mention the ANC arranging the assassination of Chris Hani and the Deep State that orchastrated the cout de ta.

@Gonzo thats great. We should question everything. But who ordered Clive Derby Lewis? Move to general/history?

Tweet has 2nd image with his profile. Pinned tweet 24 May to buy MCMining stocks.

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