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2017-02-20 03:52:32 UTC  

this song was written by a communist jew who adopted Julius and Ethel Rosenberg's kids

2017-02-20 03:53:10 UTC  

one of our guys' kids had to write about Billie Holiday for Black History month

2017-02-20 03:53:58 UTC  

he complained to the administration and they pulled her from the list of approved negroes for the black history month assignment

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2017-02-20 04:20:12 UTC  

additional fun facts: she was a prostitute at age 13 (along with her mother) and abused narcotics

2017-02-20 04:20:17 UTC  

happy black history month, goys!

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2017-02-25 06:42:48 UTC  

@JohnnyMonoxide get in here Johnny!!!

2017-02-25 06:43:52 UTC  

I'm researching stuff on YouTube. No voice for me tonight.

2017-02-25 06:44:07 UTC  

Okie dokie bro 👍🏻

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2017-02-26 15:27:22 UTC  

@☇Unlimited Power☇ great song the veggiemite sandwich line is a classic

2017-02-27 17:21:41 UTC  

More synthpop for you

2017-02-27 17:49:07 UTC  

3 of my favorite marching songs, Unser rommel probably my favorite

2017-02-27 21:28:20 UTC  

Hohenfriedberger is the best one

2017-02-28 02:31:26 UTC this march-ish song is a better helicopter pilot anthem than adios, mi general imho

2017-02-28 19:02:27 UTC  

@Wooderson @Roscoe
So is Highwayman the official outro song of Exodus-Americanus now?
If so great call. One of the best songs ever.

2017-02-28 19:56:47 UTC  


2017-02-28 21:15:14 UTC  

Speaking of Exodus Americanus, people have nee

2017-02-28 21:15:18 UTC  


2017-02-28 21:16:25 UTC  

bugging me to get ahold of Roscoe

2017-02-28 21:17:03 UTC  

Apparently he's suspected of being a Wrasslin fan and I wanted to invite him on Foriegn Heel

2017-03-05 02:31:04 UTC  

@everyone voice chat now

2017-03-05 03:05:39 UTC  

@Counter-Currents what ru doin

2017-03-05 03:16:50 UTC

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2017-03-05 04:32:34 UTC  

@everyone ^^^^^^^^^^ tactical right wing victory. The normie right has tasted blood and they like it

2017-03-05 04:33:45 UTC  

It's a beautiful thing

2017-03-05 04:34:29 UTC  

That is pretty awesome