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Looking good

They're flying the white flag at HWNDU? Haha what a bunch of fags.


@Caerulus_Rex I messaged him on YouTube a question in the comments and he answered me try him there.


@Pathos - NY πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸΌ




I wonder what weevs take will be on this lawsuit filed against Anglin.

Yeah Gersh

I'm at work but the first link Includes the full 62 page lawsuit. I haven't had time to look yet.

Can't wait to see all the triggered sheboons

This summer is gonna be lit

Can't wait for the triggering

Enjoy goys over 80 protest chants haha


You got a future kid

(((Coincidence))) surely

Pack it up goys.

She screamed obscenities and was dressed like trash ha

One the best recruitment tools would be to start compiling all the sheboons questions from these events and make a compilation.

I saw that what's funny was some timid white kid was like " well if we all mix won't that destroy diversity?"

The professor had no rebuttal

Mike had some good moments . He immediately called them out .

I forget the wording but Spencer was like I'm not saying we're better I'm saying we're unique .

Yeah Spencer is good to go for the emotional arguments. Facts are great but people really respond to emotional arguments.

We're unique and we have a right to have a space where we can be ourselves.

It's not complicated.

If we're not willing to say this space is ours and for us we'll be pushed aside.

I stole that from the Jared Taylor talk with Jorge Ramos.

People may disagree but I think for young guys coming up hiding power levels can be very prudent. Especially people looking to get into politics or law.

Totally agree on that

To be 16 now in this environment would be wild.


Fake bill Mitchell account on twitter has been pretty hilarious

Anyone see this "fuck every word" account on twitter?

That had to be pre planned

I think a new one just came out fuck jewishness


Definitely a great troll would be to build up some bullshit hobbyist account on twitter then once you get like 50,000 follows just take a dive

Check the fuck every word account now lol



Maybe a twitter account dedicated to hand spinners. Build it up big then one day go full 14/88.

Really doesn't matter but has Spencer even said whites are more oppressed than blacks? I mean he said I wouldn't deny blacks have been oppressed.

The whole thing is a joke. Watching sheboons "destroy" Spencer is quickly becoming a guilty pleasure of mine.



I wonder when that account was started.


Looks like July .

Would be funny if after fuck Jews it just posted a mic drop gif and just turned into a shitposting account.

Revolution is cool! Am I right young people?


Is the live stream or is it just me?

Live stream down*

Yeah looks like it's down

It's da Jews!

Me too

That's real?




Did somebody say tax cuts?

That was painful and Tucker went easy on her.


Great Design.

Cool behind the scenes shots.

Just donated to the bounty for daily stormer. It's already up to 20,600 but still a long ways away. We really need to stick it to these people.

Sorry off topic

Yeah it's a lot. I think a problem is in Montana even if you bring a lawyer you have to hire a local one that's licensed there.

1k? Damn man that's amazing.

We really need all hands on deck

According to weev Gersh is using the former attorney general Of Montana.


Not worth much πŸ™

Based abbo blood



Duterte has Abbo blood I heard

Only game I know how to play

Bubbles nigga

Ladies love Alphas

Heil HydeπŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Johnny monoxide sighting?

Watching defamation now

It's hilarious.

Anyone know if Sam Hyde is back on Twitter?

@wyatt thanks was looking for that IE documentary

A little twangy but hits me in the feels.

Got milk?

Well I hope that's milk


Weird my jorgeramos tag isn't showing up

Can we get our local shit overlord Michael Enoch on the case or Spencer


I worked with a bunch of muzzies awhile back and they were some of the least friendly and stoic people I've dealt with.

When it comes to large groups though blacks would be my pick.

This kid told me in their culture you don't give a smile for free it has to be earned.

Muslims that is.


This could be big for Le Pen

Anyone have any Le Pen memes?

How do I bet?

No corned beef on rye?


Anyone know if the TRS Forum is down?

Thx wanted to make sure it wasn't on my end.

Noggs body slam an old lady then throw her in the pool

*old white lady

@Caerulus_Rex good episode.

We're a unified collective when they want to take what we have. Then they have no trouble figuring out who is white.

*im jewish* drop


Every time it never fails

If you see " spiritual but not religious" on these dating sites 90% chance she's Jewish.

I expect top notch bantz if your filling in for Sven. @Eli Mosley



I wanna get to D.C. This summer.

We should have rebuilt the Twin Towers.

What spot makes this? It's in NY?

Crazy right

Great clip for red pilling.

It really is the type of stuff that drove me here.

I remember being a normie and thinking " if we all mix then that destroys diversity?" Lol

It's funny that's it's a contradiction at its core.


It's funny some kid I work with who I thought was a complete normie was completely woke on the Jews and the altright I was shocked.

He's like I hope you don't think this is racist but...


So you're right it's spreading.


For real??



What happens to all the cash they took in? Is that safe?

Plus knowing chuck he will fight it.

Oh just PayPal is shoahd they can still take credit cards?

Vox Day on periscope " there's no such thing as white or European culture" lol I think he does this just to be a dick.

Gawd this Gersh mini Doc with Elle Reeve ha If this goes to trial it will be Epic!


Forum down?



Nice gonna watch after work

Oy veyπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Pretty cool piece.

I'm so amped right now. That Southern Heritage protest was powerful.

Wtf am I watching ? They have bearded ladies protesting is haha


I'm seeing clips of the proud boys and oathcucks very low energy tbh the Alt Right really looks good out there.

Maybe we are going to reach critical mass sooner then expected.


Happy Mother's Day fellow white people.

Damn, I was hoping I could pick Anglin's brain about some interior decorating I'm doing.πŸ™


Ha I like that one song

" this is fucked up, this is fucked up"

The abbos fear Enoch.



His speech at the monument got me fired up. Critical mass may be reached sooner than we think.


I'm an eternal optimist. Strange right?



I bought myself some new ray bans for Mother's Day. Is that trad?

James Brown wig lady.

White guilt and White privilege theory can only work as long as we play along. We hold all the power.

I'm feeling whitepilled today.

And I'm going to be biting my tongue at this normie feast I'm headed to. It's so hard to listen to a bunch of normies talk politics.

They're not even totally cucked either.


I went off on Christmas Eve.

I said Israel was full of disgusting people haha

I wonder if it was mandatory to insert that isis comparison to the Alt Right.

In the new article they slid it in.

I heard the smallpox blankets was literally mentioned once or twice in a personal diary.

They brought up some top Isis American fighter who was also from Dallas like Spencer .

It's propaganda. Molyneaux made a video that touched on it. It's bullshit we didn't intentionally do that.

Of if someone did it wasn't an organized thing.


Was there any significance to the torch lighting? Does anyone know?

Just a cool thing to do.

I was wondering if there was any other symbology

Definitely was cool.


Michael Foucault

I get so triggered reading shitlib and cuck comments on twitter these days. SMH I'm just like the s j w 's now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sick right.

@gusphase Michael Foucault

I shouldn't say it but I fantasize about some of these anti white shitlibs and cucks who talk shit and claim to hate whites to wake up one day and be the only white person in a brown world. They're so full of shit.

They would shit their pants.


Ha I'm optimistic just reading comments on twitter can be rough.



What a fag





I made it goys


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