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I'm just listening to chat for now I'm studying for finals

G'day myne

I'm studying poz uni shit

Fuckin lecturer had a 2 hour fap to "changing face of the US"


You guys see the nigger in a fur coat with all the beads

"Ayo mang I'm gonna shout y'all out on snap chat"

2 days ago

When they got sharia out of jail

I should buy some new balances

Dude trump has worked so FUCKING fast

Like, a temp ban on 7 countries here

Wouldn't happen

Or it'd take months

This guy does it in an hour

Fuckin European effortposting

I can't stand it

Walls of text

Australians can deliver a more impactful message with 2 sentences

I'm jidf guys


Myne have you been on the fash boat

In November

Is that a woman

I dunno if I buy into women being real tbh. Assume trap everyone

Well Bella I'm gonna disagree with u tbh


I'm a neet

I follow the code I'll post 1 sec

If you think women are real and not brain chemistry that creates ghosts to lead u astray

Don't @ me

I'd love to know more about body lingo stuff

How'd u learn about it

Yeah I reckon it would be

I am still deciding what I'm gonna do at uni

Guys idk if you speak to him but baked alaska was flying out to this thing

Poor guy has had his life ruined over his red pill

No one will let him in a job

I'm a 6 foot 1 skeleton, can u read bones

Yeah liberals don't really know what they're talking about

It's all just crying

They're slaves for zog

Only #DingoTwitter can fix

Can u link me pls

On iPad can't find the site

I'm in Argentina

Do you want in marc

I'm low level idk if I'm allowed to invite

Dude once you fuckin look at Libs after what body lingo man said

They are total fucking fags

So sad

They aren't confident

Liberalism is weakness

People are saying baked shouted me out

Seppos think they can help an Australian, the perfect being


Oi you guys know the "friend ship ended with meme"

There's an internet generator of them, I need to make one to neg an Albanian woman but the website doesn't work on iPad

Can I Dm one of you pictures and you can just add them into the generator

Can we glass Chicago now trump is in

I'm 1/16 Spanish but don't worry I cut out 1/16 of my total mass and sacrificed it

To kek

I got drunk on Australia Day


I smashed the Asian uni gooks at ping pong

Apparently won a hearthstone tournament

And asked an Albanian girl on twitter if she could send my a train. Timetable bc I thought she was my mum

I wanna go to Melbourne because i bullycided a grill and now she wants my schlong I reckon


U seem a bit soft around the edges there mate

Oh I got a great golden dawn Aus vid

Whoops I copied the link from google not YouTube

It still works

Watch the link I posted it's fuckin great

Dude 2nd and 3rd gen Asian women cucked af


Trump needs to bully us

We have so much potential

I'm reduced to text again

Fams home


Property market and jobs for young people here are fucked

Jews keep immigration high to keep housing impossible for young ppl

I have a normie fb

Probably a bad idea tbh because it's easier to dox ppl with Facebook

Gray post his name

I'm 12 and what is this

I'm philosopher general of dingo twitter

This is a demanding job

I have to be sharp, and ready to tackle the higher echelons of esoteric NEET wisdom deep within my being

And eat as many mint chocolates as I can consume

D'Marcus change that shit to earl grey

You can put milk in earl grey

Make sure it's twinings

Cigs in Aus are like 20 a pack but I don't smoke

20-30 I think

Dollarydoos are like 75 US I think


I'm getting a uni degree right but I think it's pointless because Asians are important to do my job

I don't want to be a NEET

I want to earn shekels fucking shitty government

Any of u goyim own a ps4

I'm a peasant pls no bully

I'm poor anyway, but all my friends are on console

All my friends are on the internet

The best gril I've met is in Melbourne and I'm a student do I can't go kidnap her and stuff her in my luggage

She's also 8 years older than I am tho

26 is basically grandma tier

All uni thots are ugly trash

I'm not marrying a whale

Problem glass

Tavern wench

Well I'm 18


It'd be like

I grad uni

She 31

I should kidnap her and chain her up until a graduate



No we don't want more females 1 is too many

I only have 1 sister

I wish I had a brother so I had someone I could bantz and not have them cry like faggots

Another woman? AAAAAAAAA

Too diverse

Baked right

Hasn't been here long enough

He doesn't understand it well enough

Aus buzzfeed guy wanted to interview me

And I just said "yeah nah git fucked poo denter"

On twitter dms

Guy was a homo fgt

Spectreis the reason I'm red pilled

I saw someone post his tweets on Facebook
Butthurt liberals

And he said "fuck off out of my country then coon"

Thought "I gon git me some of that"

Yeah and then I saw ppl negging Jews so I joined in as a meme first off

Then all of a sudden it stopped being a meme

Well sort of

I knew they were weird ppl

And ran everything

But I wasn't a holotoaster denier and shit yet

That was the fattest red pill

Yeah when I was 13-14 we had to go to the one in sydney

Some Jew woman was there telling us a really long boring story

I asked her "is the lampshade stuff true because I've never seen a photo of Jews being skinned or any preserved Jew lamps"

As a total normie

I was fucking 13

I must've been secretly woke

I'm not watching it


See trump ppl go on and have fun

Libs cry

And behave like robots

You should all be drinking VB

Anything else is anti Australian and therefore anti white

Malt licker is prick whittler tier mang u gots to get on that Victoria bitter

Soon™ yuge

You on vb

You on anything else

Ya nigger u in whyt face don't u lie to me boi

Yo culture be rotten so picketch mine cotton


A fuckin cockatoo just nicked my apple

Went inside to grab a drink

If u don't feed wild birds r u even huwhite

I will impregnate Olivia nuzzi

And bring her over to our side

She will submit


I still need to learn to drive

Matt forneys body slopes at one side

Have you guys even him


Fuck me dead

The right side of his body

Is like a half inch shorter than the rest

Apparently there is a person that looks exactly like me at university

Am I being replaced by a synth

Friend said he had a bigger nose tho

We made a dingo Twitter woman chat

Can't wait for it to devolve into fighting

I'm going into IT most likely

That'll be diverse af

I'm smart enough to do something else but idk

See how it is when I start the degree

Easy question mate

Go for a shotgun with swastika shaped slugs

I got sick all the time as a kid

I had a weeb friend once

He sent me this song

Dmarcus is may appeal to ur blaq friends


Space jam is like the African bible or some shit innit

I fuckin hate anime so I don't talk to him anymore

Couldn't string a sentence together without making some reference or whatever

Are Albanians white

The non Muslim ones

Myne I reckon in run for one nation in 20-30 years tbh


Watch this

I'll prove it

Seppo scum

FucKiwits are a mean


No New Zealand

No I'm just saying New Zealand is a fictitious land mass

What shit wouldn't fly


I'm 1/16 spanish


If it gets to the point where I am poc I will know my work is done

And I will return to spic land

I'm part Irish

And frog

And german

And Brit and Scott

One guy in my fam stole cloth to not freeze to death

He got sent here

2nd fleet

You'll never freeze here

They probably said

Myne u know this thrillho chick

Abos taught the white man how to astrally project to see around mountains

And sense underground deposits of oil

Modern Saudis are abos

Is my point

I tell him his hair is gay every day

Myne do u know thrillho

Would cob out of 10

She's pretty hot tbh

She's Albanian tho
So here's my plan

Don't sperg just yet

So I'm gonna work from July - feb

Save shekels

Go to Melbourne

Get her preggo to dilute the Albanian

Then do a black dad

Fuck off

Go marry an Anglo in nsw

Leave her to tend to my spic children

And that's how I get rid of the Albanian genes

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