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see if you can post in the general


heh, nah, if you have a twitter, e-mail, skype, or 504um profile/contact that you want to share so people can keep in touch with you, then this is the place to post it

no doubt son

he's in your head

@Reinhard Wolff ya son dis chat gon be bumpin soon

oh sheit... muh bad... forgive muh ass, i got dat low nigg iq

did someone in the group deport you or is their an auto-finder for "mean words"

brb muh nigguz

@everyone come on down to the best alt-right discord! read the rules and have fun!

me namin' da Turk


muh 23nMe


muh uncloo


proof dat da greekz waz blaq!


muh cousinz


muh waifu


muh brotha n his famolee


muh fitness instructa


muh momz n dadz


drake is a fake real jew


Trump/Ping 2020


anytime man

hit up the voice channel

nah not yet

i will soon

hey Ken, Johnny

hi poodle

you need to change ya display name son

I can actually change it myself

look at that side bar... yall all souljahs, I'm the only KANG

do it yourself, I'm too lazy to look up how to change your display name

hey, I put you ABOVE the rest

your commentary on the Krypto Report is top notch fam

sweet man

I loved the show

lol and exo too

haha my audio is off right now, my friend is crashing at my place cause he's fighting with his wife ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

i gotta sign off, glad you're in the channel ๐Ÿ˜„

Victor Stamp and Vendetta have joined

That's great news Asgardian!


@YUGE nah but they seem like every guy in my neighborhood

@everyone aight niggkike is in da house, yall wan' jump in da chat ?

hold up brb in 5

brb in 5

@everyone we all up in dis shiet


sargon get on the chat

click on the voice channel "black mouths blabber"

@everyone come on down yall

muh waifu


git in the voice chanooo son

look forward to hearing the krypto report muh brotha'

lol that shit is gittin trolled da fuq up son

this is so entertaining lol

they're playing WW2 german music


what site are you guys on now?


i gotz nuthin but luv fo' all muh white peepooz whether they be DS, TRS, Angry Frog, all dem nigguz iz muh peepooz

yall all muh cracka goy allies against da khazarz

@everyone ya son im up on dis chat, git up in here

wooderson u scaretd 2 git up n dis chat?

ya BIG4U change ur display name 2 salty seaman so peepooz know who u be

go to the top where it says NiggKike Bar Mitzah and hit the down arrow, at the bottom go to "change nickname"

no doubt muh cracka goy



deportation tears!


deportation tears!


3,388 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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