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idk about that kang, i mean theres a manlet here

oi m8 get on the argentina voice chat


also wtf 8 notifications, calm your shit @everyone

he works for asio but otherwise nothin wrong with him

hey evening, i got told off at work for being a racist

some greek cunt was upset at me when i said "so" to aussies c. 1901 thinking abos arent human

dont worry i got off with a warning


some fella was stabbed near my house recently

the news said the guy was a french national, the picture they showed suggested otherwise

so i said this to some other guy and the greek guy was like what do you mean hes not french

something something he called me a nazi for sharing an ideology with edmund barton

then he said


"you know back then they didnt think aboriginies are human"

and i just said so what

i didnt even say they were right

i guess i also said niggers and chinks cant be australian

i didnt say niggers and chinks

he asked me if africans or asians can be australian and i said no

he hates jews though

second week working with him hes saying all this antisemetic stuff, mainly how jews always lie

though i could turn everything back on him cause the manager was like yeah this whole multiculti shit is a 2 way street and if anyone offends you bring it to me

and this greek cunt said that nice style attack at the berlin christmas market was a good thing

and that swedes, germans and french people being raped, killed and replaced by arabs is a good thing

thing is though hes not even a citizen yet

i wonder what the high court would think of a company that hires non-citizens who condone terrorism

i could probably crash the whole company with no survivors

sure id be without a job but fuck it ill leave the state

sven stop being a cunt would ya

fuckin poo jabber

sven m8 i got just the video for ya

you might say johnnys twitter life was... cut short

tfw past the point of no return

a blessing and a curse

and now youre a fascist

to celebrate year 12 graduation me and the lads went and played pool and had a drink or 10

johnny doxxed

dont you know the daily stormer is an FBI honeypot? ramz told me so

do jews drive VWs because of their nazi obession?

your etalking about a VW beetle yeah?

oi carols

do seppo soldiers pay tax?

can germans use their mp5 as a seat?

stop being a fag salty

Oswald and the Ruby Crew

havnt you heard? its because TRS is full of trannies, jews and faggots

argentina told me so

whats that

being shot in the head might result in a visit to the hospital

emus m8

big if true

@SLUG2_ if true let me recommend a video

there are no australian poodles because poodles break rule 1

canadians stole the australian power plug


thats the joke earl

canada is full of chinks


mikes last name isnt really enoch badtan

oh gawd oh jeezus

some jew in canacuckland goy

gotta have the latter to have the former

america should adopt the white australia policy

@everyone take the dingo pill

meme magic is dingo

cunucks btfo

worse than jews

kiwis btfo

lol btfo

i got a tweet on the telly once

natt btfo

natt doxxed

russell barth is really edgy guys trust me

poodles are gay

getting drunk is for low t anglos

johnny is low energy as fuck

m8 if goy threatens to bite my face off ill bite his kneecaps off

voice chat or type chat?

your hat sucks


my hats way better though

oi ken

what do you think of being part of New West Australia?

ye so?

i like it

it looks much better than the shitty state lines you have currently

m8 viets cant be australian

domesticated emu warrior

remove bush tucker

youre doing wrong

gettin real sick of this images not loading shit

salt is delicious

@JohnnyMonoxide manletman gimme an invite to the TRS discord

good god cory what are you doing

@HGWells oi cunt getr in here

its a pooftah drink

peak australian male

ZOGahu akbar

day late, shekel short


in a bit

watching murdoch murdoch

lindybiege is the new sam hyde

i can hear you

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