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Well hellooo there

In a bit, I have a thing I have to record first.

The hunger is real

it's only pink until you pop it

if it's yellow then you've overdone it

It's terminal

That's awesome man

Glad you like it

Thanks man, makes it all worthwhile to hear that

Warsaw is best JD

Just gonna shill my shit real quick.

Just incase anyone is even vaguely interested, new episode of my Wrestling podcast is here.

For your delectation

oatmeal with green tea

more like WHYmar

Great band

The other is prolly Tin Machine

>Be me
>Think "I'll see what the NigKike chat is up to"
>Get on
>Nigger Music everywhere

Speaking of Exodus Americanus, people have nee


bugging me to get ahold of Roscoe

Apparently he's suspected of being a Wrasslin fan and I wanted to invite him on Foriegn Heel

I don't listen but only because I don't have kids yet.

I respect what you guys do though

Oh okay, I was told it was a parenting advice show?

Ah k, I'll give you a go then

I'll listen to it after Smacdown

I'll er, see what I can do...


@D'Marcus Liebowitz can we invite my co-host Cathy please?

All bitches want the slig


told you

Always trust the brit when it comes to beer



Same, but 4packs

can't get 6packs in england

bloody EU

Brexit can't come fast enough

also trap

Y'all can't handle a real Lass

@badtanman don't question it

just let it happen


Lifts = austin 3:16

Open up a can of whoop asson the spide

riccochet man

^^^whio is this semen demon?

Never seen it, must watch

red wine from the bottle

nah kiddin

drinking scrumpy

I'm totally wering this

jk this one

.Marty (((Feldmen)))

@gusphase now defunct thankfully, but the commentator Simon Pitts is based

Rate my shit

>Not fearing the emu

implict Isle of Man

@D'Marcus Liebowitz Damn dude you got me hooked on Baseball atm

Watching some Jap league game on stream

not in US man

Me and @SLUG2_ are going to stream NXT takeover Orlando if anyone wants in? If you're interested @ messade me and I'll send you a link to the wrasslin group

listen to us talk wrestlemania here

126 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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