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Hey @D'Marcus Liebowitz I was trying to use my phone last night in the chat and it just wasn't working, tired to download the app but it said my nigger tech was incompatible so i tried to bypass it by using mozilla which let me at least listen to the conversation but it wouldn't let me send messages or communicate even though i have my headset on so i'm going to try on my desktop

3 of my favorite marching songs, Unser rommel probably my favorite

shit idk if my mics working

says it's working using my laptop

no i changed it to voice activity

yeah i know i have some turtle beaches in storage

i have a desktop

join back in

yeah i probably will just got shoahed off twitter

yeah it keeps connecting and disconnecting now

wait i'm going to refresh

it's probaly something simply

have a good one broski

someone join the chat hopefully my mic is working now

The eternal anglo must be destoryed

he needs to do some push ups jfc

looks like he has aids

what he said^

she's bronze

very classy

white niggers get shoahed first

when the fuck is fash the nation going to come back



well hopefully they keep the same format

she jewish?

she's d'marcus's sister

oy Sheiiit

she da gud gurl with da bass

hand holds? what is this 1950

shrimp i feel sorry for you

she'll be right barbie done be right

someone should make a kikawave oven

@everyone jump in the chat you cunts

I'm eating shit tier chocolate coins atm

idk if it's even real chocolate

that's from steroids mate

or you have some abo in your family

if you're under 6'2 you should just be killed tbh

nah sobiesky was like 7'

alex jones started me down the line to WN

Real reason behind the Ukraine conflict

vodka is the only thing i drink

Vodka is the Polish wonder weapon

@YUGE Only a Neat drinks for the taste

i drink to get drunk

i don't drink alot

like 2 times a year if that

i'd rather drink a pop than sip on a brandy over ice

snifter? lol


i tried that game fucking lame

hoi3 way better

Good goy at eastern michigan university left some alt-right business cards in the library

media and black "students" triggered

jesus christ

there was a attack in italy a day or two ago i think as well

does anyone have any footage of the recent antifa brawl?

i wouldn't eat a potatoe even if a Pole in ireland gave me it


she's hot

if i'd fuck dana perino i'd certainly fuck tomi

i'd smash her tailbone

for real

idc what y'all say tomi is hot

as long as she puts her makeup on before i wake up

Bring the thot to me alive if possible Rex

and leave the tounge in

i'll remove it myself

@YUGE No i haven't yet have to dry her out before i cut the tounge

alright i'll get with dr.mayhern although every thot he has brung me has a eye push in

Dr.Mayhern has jurisdiction over that @Beauregard if i remember correctly i had to send half a tounge in and it came back ashkinazi +

i'm going to do both tests

maybe if they abolished the constitution

all women have mental problems

i'm going to buy myself a couple ukrainian hotties for a few zloty

my grandpa worked at nasa

dating sites are thots and pay for thots

i go on black people meet for my women

i just hover around the war history sections at bookstores

yeah you just walk up and talk to them

the worst thing that can happen is they walk away

😀 😀 🚗 <:wewuzkangs:283520748256231425> <:farage:283519632395206656>

much better flag than the swastika imo

👌🏻 🇵🇱

🇵🇱 <:zuckheil:283797212570451968>

koba kurwa

i just have to shave my sides and i'll be good

i'm just hesitant i'll look weird

yo sargon

yeah good to see ya

how's things been going man

D'marcus is trying to keep the polaks down

good been working put in 43 hours this week and i'll be putting in 56 next week so work and sleep

yeah work is the only thing physical right now had to fucking drain a 700 gallon tank with a 10 gallon shop vac yesterday

i haven't heard you leave and join back

i only sqaut when i'm taking a dump

asgard think you could put together a list for a week workout regiment ?

i'm trying to gain weight i'm only 190 at 6'2 can't seem to put on anymore weight

i want to be at least 230

dbol? lol

how tall are you convo?

shit yeah my brother is 6'4

i'm only 19 so hopefully i'll get another inch lol

it's mostly natural i use to work out alot but got soft

working now and plan to go to the gym

Rex you're unmuted now

hahaha asgard

For sure Brother in it for the long haul @FylnnGardian


lol no way

wrong polak bro

what ?


apparenty the doctor told him there's a large possiblity he'll have permanent eye damage

well if he's doxxed hopefully that stomer legal fund can come in handy i haven't seen the footage but i guarantee the jews will try and press charges against any and all they dox

some father

i was talking to a co-worker about it and we came up with it would've been better if we had burned down liquer stores and looted dollar general

this might be it

optics are subjective depends on the individual

at 3:20 there's 2 nogs waving rebar

lol "we were driven" /ourgirl/

the govt won't do anything because of the happening in fact they'll probally endorse the vandals

WW<:fuhrer:283519674006765570> D

i'm sure @weev will find a way to bring her back only problem is if google or other search engines block her

free markets goy, google and godaddy are private corporations they can remove whatever site they wish

paul actual signalled torward us in a good way

problem with gab is it's mostly just our guys we can't engage the normies

@Zorost "my father would spin in his grave like a dreidal

that's great although they'll probally replace him with a even mor vile negro

Nah dogg he waz a Kang

i can't find anything that's indeed fake news

activists are already using pictures of the 32 year old childless slut in europe

at least in europe they removed the activists and let the march happen here they direct us into antifa then the cops attack us

well i guess i should've put in eastern europe i can only imagine what goes on in the west

that's so fucking cringe

eurocentric like mozart?

wow you have to be kidding

so basically all classical music yeah that'll never fly

if they try pushing that even boomers might wake up

@The Goy Scout then what would they teach in english lit courses? 50 cent and Tupac lol

hold up

mozart was in truth black

At least Shakespeare was white

doesn't he know he's hurting the ozone?

Where's greenpiece when you need them

Rubles can be even dearer friends

Can't dodge a dodge

Washington approves

anyone have a link to dailystormer

juggalos are mostly white there's quite a few here great footage of charlottesville accident

this spain footage is sickening my god

we certainly live in a clownworld that's for sure eventually a european state will get fed up and snap only a matter of time


misquotes his charlottsville response? more instinct or cuckery

i sure hope so

yeah i heard something about it on a trs podcast they didn't go into detail

yeah a physical barrier isn't really needed

getting rid of h1b's and immgraition reform is the most important

you mean the "alt-left"

i fucking hate that term

i thought it was created by /ourguys/ who where more socialistic

free health care social subsidies and so forth like a swedestan government

when the alt-left arose on twitter a couple months ago before election that was their gig

basically, they were still race realist many of them realized that the alt-right consists of people with the same ideologies

so they faded, now all of a sudden (((they))) dug up an old meme to equate us with commies

not the ones i was interacting with on twitter at least steve

Here's the thing about 9/11 <:alexjones:283518812907765760>

This is true

@erz1871 Personally i don't think there's enough fuel for a Left leaning polish revolution it's only been 3 decades since the iron curtain came down Poland is enjoying upwards of 3% gdp growth unemployment has dropped significantly and as more people work less people have time to think about a revolution, the Eu is now the soviet union of old the muslims and nogs in europe are futhermore being used rather correctly to reinforce the governments hard line and as long as happenings and the obvious social degeneration of the western nations continues the Poles will only continue to stay center-right with a

with a gonvernment saying shit like this after barcenlona and holding their ground a polish revolution would seem like a false soros sceme to destroy the nation

i agree i think all poles in europe should return home

i might go out and lease one

yeah they have a pretty badass army

most their technology is indiginous

i think once we're in power we should have a 10 child policy if they don't hit ten by 35 we'll send the vandals after them

that shit pisses me off cause we have so many kids here in america that are in foster care

@Doodle Alt-right is kinda a catch all term if i was to narrow it down i'd consider myself a National socialist i'm generation zyklon dropped out of High school recieved a ged i work as a machine operator make anywhere from $450-600 a week. As far as the personalities go most of them are doing what they can in their areas of work each one of them has a role to play i'd place my trust evenly throughout the field.

removing catholic statues! now that's going to far general lee and jefferson davis is one thing but don't come after muh catholicism

we're witnessing the heat of what was a simmering communist revolution starting to be turned up and we all know what comes out of a communist revolution


@Arminius watching a bunch of chimps in uniforms is always entertaining, sad but entertaining

the south afrikan segments is why i'll have no mercy

apparently litecoin increased 1488% this year coencidence i think not

idk i have pretty stable returns in my savings account i got $0.02 in interest last month

yeah my bank is always offering me low 30% interest loans

if i knew more about bibicoin i might buy a couple hundred worth

i wonder what kind of bond they issued cantwell he either has to pay 10% or the full amount

hopefully one of our guys can pay it for him bondsman

you can have someone you know pay the bond for you instead of going through the bondman

if that's the case he would get that bond money back at the end of sentencing instead of the bondman pocketing it

bondsmen only care about money the high profile the case the better for the brand

he's literally a gassed spmeone

they might make him stand trial in israel for warcrimes

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