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Hey all

Note how the shadow lettering is only on "merchant" and labels his forehead

Pathos - NY 2017-01-30 13:08:07 [Vibrant Diversity #music]

Good time signature

Any news on the Canada happening ?

Trudeau calling it anti Muslim terror attack. Seems to frame it nicely for it to be a white guy

Usually they don't say terror when it's Muslim

So he ends up looking worse than he already does if it is

God these people

The ACLU is a fucking joke. In my libertarian phase every time the Feds would go after some poor white guy in Kansas for collecting rainwater til he killed himself I would hope they would do something

> colored liberties union

They really don't give a fuck about civil liberties for whites

Pathos - NY 2017-01-31 05:00:20 [Vibrant Diversity #music]

7/8 4/4 alternating IIRC

Pathos - NY 2017-01-31 05:00:56 [Vibrant Diversity #music]

Oh. Was thinking The Ocean. No quarter is just badass as fuck. Solid lifting music

> Feds help Feds gas light


> vidya

What is this

what industry are you in ?

tech ish ?

dude that comic above hits close to home

even at a young age i'd push race realism on people, the evidence was all there

before I knew it was taboo

brought it up with my social studies teacher, etc. as a sophomore in high school

On my internal forum in my office ( in teh women's group ) someone posted this paper

speaking of children understanding things adults dont


full text linked

They're just making these tautological statements, basically.

Like, "Assuming everybody is equal, then the observations by 6 year olds that there are more "extremely inteligent" boys must be rooted in gender bias"

Despite that most research suggests young boys have higher IQ standard deviation, even frmo a young age

it's insanity

Obviously the girl who posted it was in HR or the like

I'm considering writing into the authors of the paper

Well it's just a fucking semantic trick, obviously. They're saying "we can find two Africans with a distance further apart than some African and some European"

It's a completely useless statement.

Super unscientific.

If you go by FST, which is what real biologists ought to use, then the genetic distance between Africans and Europeans is higher than that between subspecies of gorillas.

They usually say "there is more variation between Europeans than between Europeans and Africans

which like

on its face is completely illogical

because then the subsets wouldn't be distinct in the first place

> Prove how dissimilar group A is from B by showing how dissimilar members of A are


off to a meeting later

> trump to declare soros national security threat

does that mean american techies get raises ?

where ?

in CA ?

Pathos - NY 2017-01-31 20:43:10 [Vibrant Diversity #music]

> he doesn't listen to comfy white beep boops and meditate

Pathos - NY 2017-01-31 20:43:17 [Vibrant Diversity #music]

> i'm alt right guys i swear


dude jihadi jesus

from HWNDU

link for timestamp

he's been doing great work at HWNDU

Biology really isn't doing enough work understanding Neanderthal admixture

A lot of evidence to suggest that's what makes whites white

Not just physically


They are said to have been autistic

Said to have been smarter too

At least higher strict cognitive power

Makes sense that asians have highest admixture and IQ

Whites have second most and blacks have 0

Anyone else fuckin pissed about this Mnuchin guy ?


Fucking ridiculous Sargon

I'm really pissed about Mnuchin as a pick

For sure that means we'll never audit the Fed

auditing the fed is as important as building a wall honestly

it's at the core of the whole global elite desire for bringing in millions more debt-slaves

Not gonna happen now

really nice redpill tho

like when you see shit like this the only possible explanation for the insanity is pathological altruism or demand for debt slaves

the only explanation for the global elite ( who in my opinion know better ) is that they know a continuous demand for debt is the only thing keeping this house of cards standing

Well that's what the fed is yes

Take from savers and give to minorities

Thinly veiled distribution.

/r/altright shoahd





2 GOP not backing devos


people are fucking allergic to winning. Trump needs to come down on them with the force of 1000 suns.

Fortunately Pence the Electric Fence is gonna give them 6 million jiggawatts to set them straight

Dude it's unreal

MExican president gets up and basically says "we don't have any respect for your soveigrnty"

that's supposed to be ok

and Trump is the one with bad foreign policy

Aren't you in college ? Just bang one of the whores before you start gettin magic powers

Why only one sig

> when he's not Big Mac pilled

Why live fam

What the fuck is this

Black history month speech transcript

What's tfw u elect fullchan autist to control the free world @Pepe the Impaler - DC Area

Make it back alright ?

@RedRightHand brutal day at work fam

Left at like 3


das ugly

Nah they're good

Wtf is this Seattle judge shit p

Poor snekking tbh

Yeah pretty heinous

How is that possible tbh

Seems like a huge flaw in the system

Also where the fuck were republicans while Obama EOd everything

Also, odds the cuckservatives told this guy to do it ?

Pepe the Impaler - DC Area#2218

@RedRightHand if you're through a VPN idk how they would recognize the device

But maybe the vpn is compromised or uses the same range of IP addresses for everyone

Devices are associated by mac usuallly but vpn ought to hide that

Oh I see. Yeah if you use the twitter app they can get you even through vpn

Apple serves them info about the app download + user. If you're using their app you're on their terms. Possible app can send user data outside the packet headers that vpn hides

What the fuck is this house of air shit

Yeah that was all Persians not arabs

If you stare into the normie, the normie stares back at you

Me in a Brooklyn ironic football party rn

I find myself caring a lot about this game

All white offense trump supporter btfo blackest city in America

Comfy tbh

Haha twitter is amazing rn

Great win guys



Sorry for r e p o s t

what do u think

Dude Alex Jones with the satanic ritual shit

Wtf is that about

Sorry yeah deleted a post there

Dude all these fucking silent liberals under Obama who are all of a sudden constitutional lawyers and libertarians are so under my skin

When I was a libertarian and against the war and shit and not a peep from these fuckers while their president destablizes the Middle East then insists we take them in

damn most recent molymeme is really good

see timestamp

someone please grab the part at 52:05

for TDS

>>> The Frankfurt School grew up in Germany as a particular response to modern life. Marxism believes in crisis; everything is in crisis. The family’s in crisis; class relations are in crisis; race — which they don’t accept as a social concept because it’s an anthropological concept and isn’t reducible to economic materialism, but does exist because it exists in the mind of reactionaries and so on.

i think i've watched this bowden lecture 5 times

makin me hungry

God can you imagine the fucking Shoah if the right started a fight club ?

Yeah man. No more counter signal is sour

Rumors of bannon banging melania SNL with Rosie ?

Rumors, so don't quote me.

But yeah man if they pull that shit maybe trump has the ammo to make libel etc. strict again

Ever since that potato nog undid it

I really like Doolittle's realpolitik

That's one of the first steps he outlines

Make lying illegal

pretty excellent series

That's so beyond disgusting

Some normie shared this shit on fbook

So u be sayin she got jumbo gibZ?

Anyone see Twitter drop 10% last night ?

Horribly missed their earnings expectations

Fucking hilarious

who are uncle sam's misguided etc.

Now would be a hilarious time for all of the alt right to pull the plug

In protest

Like pull out of twitter

I wonder if it would have any substantive impact


Yeah you would lol


It would generate media hype, point being we can try to ( in normie minds ) grab credit for what's happening to twitter

If everyone right of PJW did it it would get press

Lying sack of shit

Obvious he hasn't read any

Yep. Though I'm hopeful from Bannons references to Evola and Dugin that he sees a bigger picture than civic nationalism.

I'm so steamed about this judicial wing bullshit.

When you have he courts chick full of humorless faggots it doesn't work. They're supposed to uphold the constitution not be activists.

I mean I know we're long past that point but this just seems unbelievably blatant.

Lol. The meme that we and nrx are in some way fundamentally incompatible needs to end.

More just in how blackpilled you are

> not mesomorphb

> I'm white guys I swear

@Caerulus_Rex this week was my first time listening to the show; thought you did a great job btw.

Well the one with Paul Nehlan

wasn't awared on it

God I hate this faggot

@TheDriver I did CS / quant finance AMA

Can confirm, pays well. Also yeah traders proper are just managing black boxes largely nowadays

At least in any reasonably liquid market

I would suggest focusing your CS studies on machine learning, and also doing statistics instead of finance if it's not too late

nobody actually cares if you know finance

unless you did something like quant finance, whichi s more just applied math / stochastic calc

if you're at a top 10 STEM school though, you can even get away with doing math as your primary major, which can open up doors for doing more interesting work in finance

and by that i mean by name recognition in the field, not the forbes list

Live trs ? Where was the stream

ah got it

checked eralier and it wasn't up yet i guess

wrong chat

Best meme tbh

Pathos - NY 2017-02-26 15:27:22 [Vibrant Diversity #music]

@☇Unlimited Power☇ great song the veggiemite sandwich line is a classic




I didn't hear the compromise stuff

What happened

Shoot 🙁

Better asians than Mexicans right ?

@88showers have you had athol brose

Astoria Queens

Yeah they're trash

But that's the only concentration of them in the states anymore; otherwise they've integrated into all the other white communities

Probably over represented in cities though, and in higher education

> study conducted in London

> poos don't shower

Nothing to see

why are british / irish women such whores when they go out to party

even more than americans tbh

3 lbs of makeup

5 inch heels

what game is that ?

is it about hunting animals ?


yeah RL hunting doens't look that good

can confirm

oh damn that's neat tho

do you hunt RL ?

aussie so you gotta larp ?

fair enough

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