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oi catch you cunts later

oh gawd

what the fuck did you do carl

bro, you have to play the part at your workplace

how did that even come up?!

is the greek guy a coworker?


need to suss out your coworkers before you do that

let them say fashy shit first

there it is

doesn;t matter lol

you might as well have

to them

The work place is no place to take an idealogical stand

hmmm, so the greek is the loose end

fuck off sven no one likles you

get cobbed lad

cool club for cobs

nah cool club for cobs only

I'll bite your face cunt

bloody shirtlifter

farkin vegimite miner

oi youre actually alright mate

oi just kidding I'll smash you mate

Thats a sick looking ute

good on you lad

Any cunts want to have a chinwag? Argentina is too high volume

yeah its a bit much tbh

rather talk to five cunts than fifteen


kill your mother

you'll feel better





too late bich

Oh fuck, welcome <@292012713498902528>. Love your work.

Whats snow though

brb need to split logs


You could put up totally soft posters of like love hearts and things until they go away, then crack out the hardcore stuff


60 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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