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Fuck off cunt

Am i muted

My professor said he needs to get laid

What the fuck

I fucking hate shit libs

Fuck i hate uni

400 dollar fine


Get paid today and its all going on the fine

Hahah don't know the dudes name

Fucking hell

Still not gonna get off discord

Fuck the police

Undercover car too

Looks cool

Fucking dingo lives matter

Fucking cop is taking forever to print my fine

Maybe i should do a runner and get in the news

Police chase exclusive to the discord

F my money

Fuck the police

I now identify with niggers


Fuck how long does it take to fucking fine me

@everyone come on cobbers i am bored at work

@everyone join voice cunts

Why talk in voice cunts

This class is gay

Fuck this is very jewish

Looking at some jew economist

"There is a core group of business and political elites whos intrest line up with other elites in rich countries so they create policy that benefit the elites of other countries over the people in their own"

So jews?

Omg that was so bad

We were debating two jewish theories on colonization

One liberal one marxist

Both are just blame whitey

@everyone alright gobbers i am outta class and bored as fuck and need an hour to kill get in voice

I am still at uni

Saying nigger in public

Around asians so i think they don't know what i am saying

Yay a fucking woman

There is a niggress with blond hair and a fucking nose ring in here

Lolol she is wearing no shoes


He will not divide us

Hate these cucks




@Nikephoros i found an article

Will be in soon


Read for a good laugh

@everyone into voice gobbers

@everyone voice nao

Wat cunt

Yeah eli is in the wrong discord if he hates notifications

Hes a seppo and from the north east being angry is a way of life for them

With in 5 seconds of joining Argentina sk joined


oy vey evil nazi with a pint of veebs


Sup d'marcus from evening news

we even got actual cunts to show up


Me and a fashy girl

No its not

As i said vigin girl is a fuckin ancap

I am up cunts

I got fucked up last night cunts

veterans of the Jewish Wars.

A jee0


I am in uni haha

3 jews here

Urge to gas rising


Will after class

I know that

Its good bro

Gday mate

Dude i am so fucked up

Drank some old as fuck wine

Oy vey

Fuckinoathmate get in voice


I am alone in chat

Wtf happened

K cunt


I am alone

So very alone

At my uni class

Lots of diversity


Hahha there is a frizzy hari mulatto up the back reaching levels of frizz that should not be possible

Fuck my brothers talking to a gross non white he knows from school


I have been trying to not say "thank you" to non whites but i keep saying it out of habit i guess i am too white

In a kebab shop

Multiple non whites

This was on my fb


Its a night club


Fuck i was triggered its a pretty trashy night club but


Started my richard Spencer account

@here voice time the dingo is awake

I am alone in voice :(

Oh my mic was not working

Playing anime games



I did not know this

Its locked for me

Oy vey

Ooyyyy vey

You mute me niggers

Fuckin seppo cuntz2

I have been sitting quietly

Am i muted?

Kunts just hate me


Good news me and qt virgin Catholic girl are back together

I am the first boy she has ever kissed

Wew lad

Yeah need to get me a ring

@here voice cunt

Get in cunt


At a bar the dingoes are about to root this Canadian thot @SLUG2_

Prepare for puppies soon



This is an item of hate



Tfw no vip :(

Weed users btfo

Daily reminder that if you smoke weed your lowering your potential


Fucking Trump is going to invade Syria

It was ok yesterday

@D'Marcus Liebowitz if some one goes to a meet up with a premeditated motive to cause drama thats grounds to kick them from the group


Bitch lives with in root distance from my house i doubt she would know

Why does my class look like America

So many non whites

I am tired in class

In a group with two whites and 2 gooks
All women guess who is doing all the work...

They are sitting there doing no work

I am gonna get the white girls number


My fucking toe ree

From my front yard


Omg my group with 2 female gooks and 2 white women just had a jewess added to it

God i hate university

Women are so dumb

It would be better for the group if they just gave me blowjobs while i do all the work


Is dis real?


(((Jimmy Barnes))) btw

So drunk



Waters deserves my cock

And nothing else









@here here voice

When you skip leg day

She wiuld want me to quit persona

@Convo come ask lisa about her parmi

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