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Welcome, @björn , there's your full access

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Thanks @John O -

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You're all set, @Deleted User. Welcome to the ILC server! Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to join us Monday at 8p EST for our first discussion on the book "Rules For Radicals."

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2018-03-26 22:15:02 UTC  

I still haven't gotten my book in the mail yet,got 1 that i ordered same day that came today but not the Rules for Radicals book yet.

2018-03-26 22:16:02 UTC  

@celticflame When do you expect it? I could overnight you a copy tomorrow.

2018-03-26 22:17:23 UTC  

I hope it gets here tomorrow since i ordered it same day,should be here soon. Let me see if i can track it,get back to you

2018-03-26 22:17:31 UTC  

@celticflame sure thing!

2018-03-26 22:59:36 UTC  

It says its in Las Vegas, NV now,so maybe it will make SF or Sacramento tomorrow, i hope,will see

2018-03-26 23:02:19 UTC  

That was at 8am this morning and looks like a day or so btwn states,was coming from CT,used thriftbooks-they have been decent just takes a lil longer sometimes, not amazon & is cheaper

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You're all amazing people. Love ya.

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@Attrition in the desert You're verified and all set! Welcome to the ILC server. Let me know if you have any questions!

2018-03-28 02:53:39 UTC  

Thanks again.

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So rules for radicals eh? I'll be sure to pick it up.

2018-03-28 03:11:41 UTC  

Yep,missed discussion tonight,still waiting on mine. Hope you do!

2018-03-28 14:30:20 UTC  

What's a good book with red pills about the food industry? I was reading an article showing that white's (and only whites) testosterone levels have taken a huge nosedive in the last generation, and that has to be from the food and water we eat. They are literally making us infertile, on top of everything else. What's the CoC of the food industry?

2018-03-28 19:02:14 UTC  

? Good question, i know @SamanthaM has shared quite a bit on books. Anybody else know this?

2018-03-28 19:07:24 UTC  

@celticflame Thanks for the notice! @TV Let me look into that.

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2018-03-28 19:57:33 UTC  

@SamanthaMmy Rules for Radicals book just came today😉

2018-03-28 19:59:11 UTC  

@celticflame Great to hear!

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You're all set, @evan- florida. Welcome to the ILC server. DM me if you have any questions!

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@CarletonJ thanks man hopefully I can keep up I got plenty of reading on my plate already

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@evan- florida No worries man! If you fall behind, feel free to still join our weekly discussions and we'll catch you right back up!

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@Richard - GA You have been verified and now have full access. Welcome to the ILC server! Feel free to DM me with any questions!

2018-04-01 13:34:22 UTC  

@everyone Hope you all have a very happy and blessed Easter!!! ❤️🌼🌻❤️🐰💒

2018-04-02 01:55:38 UTC  

Just got through reading Rules For Radicals, it was a pretty thought provoking read and it broke down many of my pre conceived notions about activism. I'm looking forward to discissing with everybody on Tuesday.

2018-04-03 13:33:18 UTC  

Concise and blunt eh?

2018-04-03 13:34:02 UTC  

There is a lot of material on (((Saul))) on YouTube. Interviews, docs etc.

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