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2018-04-27 00:56:35 UTC  

I don't know anyone who is in a real relationship that started on line. The only people I know who uses it is to hook up. I hate it for you single guys. I started dating my wife at 17 and was married at 20 and had our first kid at 21.

2018-04-27 01:08:54 UTC  

@JesseJames a lot of negatives that were previously associated with internet dated have faded with a younger generation and more quality people have joined. a girl i took out last saturday asked me why i was using internet dating and i explained its a good way to meet people who can get a better feel for who you are prior to actually meeting you. i explained to her that I am not interested in dating any liberals or really anyone who doesnt like trump hence my picture with a trump hat. I also said if i was meeting some random girl at a bar or whatever then i really have no idea of who she is and vice versa. it'd be nice to meet people through family/friends but as you know we are a very disconnected people and many people find it difficult to meet people through friends.

2018-04-27 01:10:03 UTC  

The pros of Internet dating are its cons. You have access to lots of high quality people. The problem is they have access to lots of people who are probably higher quality than you.

2018-04-27 01:27:02 UTC  

hard to find guys higher quality than IE guys. if we do find them then we should recruit them

2018-04-27 01:27:57 UTC  

I am in a frat. It is hard AF to rip normies out of there happy life to join us.

2018-04-27 01:28:40 UTC  

Sometimes I tell guys that if you don't know what I'm talking about now, you will eventually. They are coming for us all

2018-04-27 01:28:55 UTC  

Patrick made a comment on the fireside last night about 80% of women are sleeping with the top 20% of men. I don't think anything in the near term is going to derail that trend so my only piece of advice to all the IE men out there is to get in the top 20% if you're not already there. self improvement needs to be a cornerstone of our movement

2018-04-27 01:32:17 UTC  

@Zyzz I'm kind of doubtful of that 80/20 stat

2018-04-27 01:32:41 UTC  

It's true in sales.

2018-04-27 01:33:03 UTC  

But regardless of the actual stat, I think it demonstrates a point.

2018-04-27 01:33:33 UTC  

@ThisIsChris I cant confirm or deny that stat but I know one thing and it's I'd rather be in a powerful position where I have choice rather than a weak position where I am being chosen

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2018-04-27 01:34:02 UTC  

@Zyzz Just marry me already man

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self-improvement is important, for sure. I just don't want our guys to be any more black-pilled than they have to be, and that stat if true would be very black-pilling

2018-04-27 01:39:24 UTC  

Men should always be in a constant state of improving themselves. That should continue even after marriage. If we're doing our jobs as men then that is par for the course no matter what that stat is.

2018-04-27 01:44:09 UTC  

It also keeps your woman attracted to you

2018-04-27 01:44:55 UTC  

^Yes, and motivates her to keep up, stay fit, and pull her weight in a relationship.

2018-04-27 13:22:11 UTC  

Go to public gatherings with your IE guys, they are your best wingmen. You all will be confident around each other and the body language that emanates from that is good for you.

2018-04-27 16:03:02 UTC  

What do you goys think about nightclubs/bars for the purpose of meeting grils? Are they inherently degenerate or just have some degenerate qualities?

2018-04-27 17:21:34 UTC  

Depends on the bar. In a small town the bar is where everyone hangs out so it's not as degenerate, but I'd steer clear of night clubs.

2018-04-27 19:55:34 UTC  

@Attrition in the desert Bars, great if you have game and a wingman. Women go here to socialize and find a mate. If you're looking for a girl who has never been with a man before or very religious, by all means, skip it. That said, it's a social environment and alcohol is a social lubricant, so people are open to talking or exchanging numbers.

Nightclubs: Garbage. Loud preventing dialogue, EXTREME competition (unless you're a 9/10 Chad you probably shouldn't even show), women are of either inferior moral/physical quality or usually superior physical but inferior moral quality.

2018-04-27 19:55:40 UTC  

@Attrition in the desert mostly degenerate

2018-04-27 20:15:29 UTC  

@Attrition in the desert how about a book club? Books are trad

2018-04-27 20:20:58 UTC  

@ThisIsChris I have never met any woman who goes to a book club (not talking about church groups) that is not already a housewife with time on her hands or a shitlib that smokes pot, owns a cat, and praises modern art. Cultural marxism has infected that too.

2018-04-28 15:05:13 UTC  

I met my wife in a foreign language course.

2018-04-28 15:05:26 UTC  

Just throwing that out there

2018-04-28 15:06:56 UTC  

I feel like anything having to do with education is a good place to meet women. (Maybe it's a good place for women to meet met as well?) Not that all the women/men are good, but that there are good women/men there.

2018-04-28 15:07:16 UTC  

I do think with almost any activity you're always going to have to dig for the diamond in the rough

2018-04-28 15:07:30 UTC  

@ThisIsChris I hadn't thought of language courses. When I heard book clubs, my mind flicked to bible or language.

But yes, absolutely agree that education is a great place to meet top tier women.

2018-04-28 15:07:50 UTC  

Bible or fiction*

2018-04-28 15:13:36 UTC  

@Washington ah yeah sure I see. I wasn't trying to argue against your book club statement either, just spitballing more ideas from my experience. A language course is kind of ideal because you can go get coffee to practice the language (This is how my wife and I started meeting outside the course).

My aesthetics... I don't see the point of a fiction book club, I'm really sick of consumer culture.

A bible reading group could be hit or miss I suppose, a lot of variables that could go into that. I do imagine a nonfiction book club would be good, depending on the book. A bible reading club could be good but you want to choose a good one since the bible is a lightening rod that attracts all type of people reading it. I think what makes a good bible reading group is the same thing that makes a good nonfiction reading group: hopefully the group is lead by an expert in the source material, which turns it into a sort of laid-back class.

2018-04-29 03:28:38 UTC  

i think you should not go any place to meet a woman in particular. you should go about your life, increase the social things you do for yourself

2018-04-29 03:28:41 UTC  

and keep your eyes open

2018-04-29 03:28:54 UTC  

if you would go to book club or bible study anyways thats good

2018-04-29 20:41:00 UTC  

The language course idea is really great when I think about it.

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2018-04-30 02:18:06 UTC  

I also met my boyfriend through language courses. He speaks German and offered to practice with me.

2018-04-30 02:19:06 UTC  

It’s great if you’re good at something and can offer to “help” a girl with it. She will think you’re just a nice guy and you can see if she’s worth hanging out with

2018-04-30 02:19:21 UTC  

He didn't answer the door in his boxers a la Spencer?

2018-04-30 02:19:22 UTC