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2018-08-23 01:59:43 UTC  

Yes also The Collections of Frog and Toad is a life changer 😃

2018-08-23 01:59:46 UTC  

"A man provides for his family, even if he isn't respected, or appreciated, or even loved."

2018-08-23 01:59:54 UTC  

Great read

2018-08-23 02:00:03 UTC  

Hook her up with me, @Reinhard Wolff I'll sort her out.

2018-08-23 02:00:27 UTC  

"Camera man"

2018-08-23 02:00:30 UTC  

Lauren Rose is still available

2018-08-23 02:00:31 UTC  

How hard is this concept to understand! Lol

2018-08-23 02:01:06 UTC  

"They will learn our peaceful ways, through force" joking of course

2018-08-23 02:01:12 UTC  

yeah those numbers are right

2018-08-23 02:01:23 UTC  

Red Elephants have all those stats in the most recent video.

2018-08-23 02:01:28 UTC  

The left is so lost in clown world that numbers and stats mean nothing to them.

2018-08-23 02:01:36 UTC  

How did mass immigration work out for the Native Americans?

2018-08-23 02:01:45 UTC  

Can I quote that now 70 of Hispanics anti. Trump, (Patrick) that's my source

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2018-08-23 02:02:27 UTC  

Alien Nation is the cornerstone book of immigration

2018-08-23 02:02:35 UTC  

JT books all day

2018-08-23 02:02:56 UTC  

I have a few good. Old books here at. My. Home

2018-08-23 02:03:07 UTC  

Strange Death of Europe was a good read, even if it was written by a homosexual.

2018-08-23 02:03:39 UTC  

Dr Seuss is my main source for my Bedtime story's

2018-08-23 02:04:19 UTC  

Has anyone read "The Gates of Fire"?

2018-08-23 02:04:25 UTC  

Do you all think we can convince Trump to accept Afrikaaner refugees?

2018-08-23 02:04:29 UTC  

fatherless homes is always an excellent talking point

2018-08-23 02:04:32 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff Monster Energy is owned by a Jew. Do not drink that poison goyim! Drink tea of coffee its the White man's right via colonization.

2018-08-23 02:04:41 UTC  

Are IE flags still available?

2018-08-23 02:05:00 UTC  

Tea of coffee is the best

2018-08-23 02:05:06 UTC  

Yeah, Seuss is pretty cucked.

2018-08-23 02:05:07 UTC  

Yes @Bjorn - MD I totally agree

2018-08-23 02:05:35 UTC  

Energy drink are so bad for you

2018-08-23 02:05:38 UTC  

A monster a day is good for the heart

2018-08-23 02:05:42 UTC  

Just for the sugar alone

2018-08-23 02:05:44 UTC  

Energy drinks are turning the men gay!

2018-08-23 02:05:58 UTC  

Don't drink monster, BE a monster (at the gym)

2018-08-23 02:06:10 UTC  

\*sips\* are ya winnin' your video game there?

2018-08-23 02:06:30 UTC  

The last day to have a sipp was 8/18/18

2018-08-23 02:06:32 UTC  

Did you guys have to pull me off? Someone called while I was in and my phone seized up for some reason. Voice not an option now

2018-08-23 02:06:37 UTC  

Sips is a gateway drug

2018-08-23 02:06:41 UTC