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2018-08-26 17:42:46 UTC  

There is an interesting bit about Jews in this AmRen article.

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#FreeAlbo 🇦🇱

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As for the term Alt-Right vs Identitarian ... I'm not sure we need to popularize a brand-name, right now. We have to forward our agenda and spread our ideas in both direct and especially indirect (cultura capillare) ways. Let history give us a name, years from now.

2018-08-26 17:55:55 UTC  

I dont think marching around with 15 different larp flags helps anything. It's better to be United under one banner along with the national flag. Having a singular name would help with that.

2018-08-26 17:58:21 UTC  

@Vertical Hey brother, what state are you in? I need to add your state tag to your nick.

2018-08-26 17:58:29 UTC  

You know, we’ve broken ourselves into so many identities and “parties”, I think it’s very ironic that a “unite the right” rally happened mere months before we all seemed to break off from eachother. I can’t tell if I’m completely against that though, because since we’ve split just a bit, we’ve been introduced to so many good leaders and voices instead of the same couple of people talking.

2018-08-26 18:01:25 UTC  

Keeping your own brand secure and free of guilt by association is crucial. Say for example we sold IE merch to nonmembers, what would we do when some hypothetical group called "Combat Battalion 1488" starts using our symbol and name? At that point we basically just give a full mag of ammo to the ADL and SPLC for their next article.

2018-08-26 18:03:00 UTC  

We live in a really different time, where even one person can ruin a group by association, especially a group that focuses on the type of things ours does. I’ve heard a lot of people shun IE for being pretentious, but at least we can be taken seriously.

2018-08-26 18:03:26 UTC  

Also speaking of that, where can I buy merch lmao

2018-08-26 18:03:48 UTC  

Its fun to see the left try and link us to dissimilar things too. They try so hard bless their hearts.

2018-08-26 18:04:12 UTC  

Talk to the dude who is typing rn

2018-08-26 18:04:30 UTC  

@Sam Anderson Merch is a huge money maker for organizations, Gen ID does not have these issues, neither does the NRA.

2018-08-26 18:05:10 UTC  

@NITRODUBS Yeah man talk to this guy. Identitarian Amazon warehouse of an apartment.

2018-08-26 18:05:47 UTC  

I was saying more that having random group of people isn't productive. If you are going to do matches there can't be multiple factions.

2018-08-26 18:05:57 UTC  

@NITRODUBS order form is in your members profile top right corner. Pay with zelle or cash/check/money order.

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Alright thank ya

2018-08-26 18:58:40 UTC  

Jesus Christ did you guys see what happened in Jacksonville?

2018-08-26 18:59:17 UTC  

So on the ordering process, my order has been confirmed, do I wait to send in the money by zelle?

2018-08-26 18:59:21 UTC  

Mass shooting during a Madden tournament

2018-08-26 18:59:58 UTC  

Oh damn what

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@Gerald Cunningham you can send the money by zelle right now, if you want. Once I see the payment processed I’ll pass the info along to Ian, who will get you your merch.

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Awesome! thanks @ophiuchus

2018-08-26 19:04:14 UTC  

@ophiuchus Yeah, I won't link it here for obvious reasons, but in a Twitch stream you can see the laser appearing on one of the guy's chest before the stream video gets cut but you can still hear the audio

2018-08-26 19:05:55 UTC  

That's absolutely terrifying.

2018-08-26 19:12:51 UTC  

Yeah that video was real eerie

2018-08-26 19:20:56 UTC  

FTN is up. Special Edition.

2018-08-26 19:21:08 UTC  

Y'all need to be safe everywhere you go. Always be aware of the situation around you and who is around you. This stuff is all too common and you can never be too safe.

2018-08-26 19:22:09 UTC  

@Suomi Stronk that can be taken way out of context, please remove that quote.

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I wonder why in the world someone would pick a madden tournament of all things

2018-08-26 19:44:56 UTC  

Just saw on twitter & turned on news...

2018-08-26 20:02:44 UTC  

Gamers are under attack.

2018-08-26 20:07:13 UTC  

Was it a case of gamer rage?

2018-08-26 20:08:58 UTC  

From the sounds of it, something like that. But obviously it's too early to know or speculate on anything really.

2018-08-26 20:09:32 UTC  

Jeez, this will empower the Dems going into midterms. No Bueno.

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