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@Distracted thank you. actually forgot about that

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It's a marathon, not a race. You have to slowly push someone's personal Overton window enough until they no longer have that knee jerk reaction

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Yeah, @Asatru Artist - MD that's part of it I think, my group of buddies from work that I play games with we talk about politics a lot, and they accept most of what I'm saying, pretty much all CivNats but realize the problems with blacks and hispanics, but anything past that they just won't change at all

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@Ben Rainsford - OH I like that summation

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Its most annoying when we get into and all start gettin uppity, I'm the one they disagree with so the ones not involved just think I'm the crazy one

2018-08-28 04:48:30 UTC  

I sit at home and listen to enough people argue on the internet that I can pretty much take my buddies to task on things, they mostly have normie ideals. Probably don’t even listen to 3+ hr bloodsport podcasts. Pfft

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Someone doesn't have to accept our ideas whole cloth for us to be successful in the conversation. Additionally, just because someone doesn't immediately shift to 'build the wall' doesn't mean you haven't had success. Plant the seed, give them things to look out for, have them look for anti-white bias. Even if they reject what you say they will immediately start noticing it more. We're very early in our movement. More than changing minds, we're changing misconceptions about our movements and how we've been represented in the last 20 or so years. By we, I mean pro white

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I've basically said to myself recently that of course if a topic comes up I'll slip something in but I've planted enough seeds and hopefully one day, even if its later rather than sooner they say "huh, I guess Matt was right" and hopefully I can find a few people to talk to at college but its not looking good so far on that front either

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@fgtveassassin To most normies, you *are* the "crazy" one. We are the dissident right, we ARE the counterculture. That won't be taken well by most people who just want to get along in society and not rock the boat.

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Making very clear the “I don’t hate anyone” bit is crucial when I’ve talked to people

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@JC Yeah, some of my more normie tier friends use the term "anti-white" now, so our ideas are getting out there, we just have to put them out there.

2018-08-28 04:50:46 UTC  

The Ethnostate could easily happen if we could make the whole world sympathize with our situation.

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There isn't a single person here who joined this group because of one person they talked to, so don't be discouraged.

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Try not to get too frustrated, and take a tip from the media, exposure and repetition is key to getting accustomed to ideas.

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Sympathy is the key.

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@EverlastingTuck "Love for your own does not mean a hatred for others."

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The general idea is that you’re either a centrist or a member of an alt right death squad and that doesn’t help us much

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That's why Jews push the Holocaust so much.

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Wait, did I join a right wing group? I thought this was a support group for fence sitters

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Radical Centrists Unite!

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Lowkey hoping someone comes up to me at school reading "Who Are We?" and asks about it

2018-08-28 04:52:56 UTC  

@EverlastingTuck Eh, prove them wrong with deeds. If they see *you* aren't part of the RWDS and go out helping other people, it will break that conditioning.

2018-08-28 04:53:10 UTC  

I've even gotten my own mum, who watches cnn daily mind you, to start admitting that all this is happening.

2018-08-28 04:53:19 UTC  

Read "White Identity" and see what they do...

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just need constant exposure

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When I get that one I will

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My mom is woke af boomer. She agrees with our ideas.

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Ordered it earlier today actually

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My parents are milktoast Fox News types

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Based Mrs. Asatru

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If you feel like killing yourself:

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My dad has turned his Facebook wall into a basic bloodsports arena for “his snowflake friends” though which is absolutely hilarious

2018-08-28 04:55:12 UTC  

My father is a boomer and has also turned facebook into a bloodsport. He's further right than I am

2018-08-28 04:55:36 UTC  

I don't know where my parets stand, my dad realizes there's less and less white people but hates Trump and Repubs, he's a "There's blacks and n***" type of guy, he's said that since I was a little kid

2018-08-28 04:56:25 UTC  

My mom worked at a retirement home for Jews so she kinda understands the idea of jews thinking their superior but thinks my dad is extra with the race stuff

2018-08-28 04:56:26 UTC  

@fgtveassassin I like to reply to that line of thought with 'There isn't a black guy on earth saying 'There are white people and then there are crackres'

2018-08-28 04:56:59 UTC  

my dads the type of guy to call black drivers on the road the n word, and nfl players who suck the n word, but then watches cnn all day

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To be fair, I can't really blame anyone for hating the Repubs

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complete duality

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@EverlastingTuck Sorry to hear about your friends not liking talking about politics. I do think it's worth to keep all sorts of friends, and you don't have to talk about politics to be friends. Politics and religion are those things you should be careful how you talk about it, mainly with people who mostly agree with you already. IE is a good place to talk about politics, religious communities are good places to talk about religion.