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2018-10-10 22:19:35 UTC  

Most people sympathize with not wanting to date outside ones race. Call it personal preference. Don’t you have a boyfriend anyway, @NITRODUBS?

2018-10-10 22:20:02 UTC  

Lol call him racist for not liking black girls lmaoo

2018-10-10 22:20:26 UTC  

@Koba “they” being the student body, it’s likely you can find one.

2018-10-10 22:20:50 UTC  

I did call him a racist for it and he never denied it lmao

2018-10-10 22:22:03 UTC  

Then say that since there is no problem with him not liking black girls, there should be no problem in your situation

2018-10-10 22:22:32 UTC  

That’s exactly what I told him

2018-10-10 22:22:39 UTC  

He just kept yelling racist lmao

2018-10-10 22:26:29 UTC  

Go with the line that you have a boyfriend and he kept harassing you

2018-10-10 22:30:04 UTC  

@NITRODUBS you're a girl right? It'd be a shame if you told management he's harassing you because you turned down his sexual advances

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@NITRODUBS #MeToo the dindu...

2018-10-10 22:35:32 UTC  

I saw an NPC post on t_d earlier this week

2018-10-10 22:35:43 UTC  

the pipeline from 4chan right to trump reddit is pretty short

2018-10-10 22:46:35 UTC  

@NITRODUBS it’s been my experience as an onlooker that black guys tend not to deal well with rejection.

2018-10-10 22:49:05 UTC  

What do grown adults do on Wednesday evening because they chose not to have children? They meet up at my kids playground to play Pokémon go.

2018-10-10 22:50:11 UTC  

That's a healthy looking group... <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-10-10 22:52:01 UTC  

"Why my Zionist ideology is more important than your white country"

2018-10-10 22:52:50 UTC  

@NITRODUBS man I'm sorry that sucks

2018-10-10 22:53:05 UTC  

thats total bullshit too

2018-10-10 22:53:28 UTC  

btw what you said wasn't even racist by definition

2018-10-10 22:54:14 UTC  

Go full blown liberal and say "how dare you fire a woman after turning down sexual advances! After Kavenaugh! This is just like The Handmaids Tale!!"

2018-10-10 22:54:35 UTC  

@Sam Anderson Figures his wife is non-white the way he talks...

2018-10-10 22:54:52 UTC  

if a black guy calls you racist at work its basically over

2018-10-10 22:55:00 UTC  

you've lost your job I'm sorry

2018-10-10 22:55:44 UTC  

just don't apologize

2018-10-10 22:55:54 UTC  

that will make it worse

2018-10-10 23:03:45 UTC  

I'm gonna have to disagree with that a bit

2018-10-10 23:03:45 UTC  

Disagree. Employers have hostile work place problems for firing women for turning men down.

2018-10-10 23:03:54 UTC  

It's impossible to say what is "racist by definition"

2018-10-10 23:04:02 UTC  

because there is literally no consistent definition

2018-10-10 23:04:15 UTC  

"racist" just means whatever liberals want it to mean at the moment

2018-10-10 23:07:12 UTC  

War is Peace Freedom is Slavery Everything is racist

2018-10-10 23:07:24 UTC  

thats my guiding light when in doubt

2018-10-10 23:18:00 UTC  

@NITRODUBS You have a strong #MeToo case. Were the women Cosby victimized "racist"? No! Stay strong.

2018-10-10 23:23:35 UTC  

Ugh I feel like it’s a real spike to my dignity to say he harassed me, because I feel like that’s a lie. He just called me racist he didn’t do anything sexual or whatever

2018-10-10 23:26:31 UTC  

Calling you slurs in an effort to damage your personal and professional reputation is harassment of a kind.

2018-10-10 23:26:36 UTC  
2018-10-10 23:27:25 UTC  

A good strategy would be to steer the definition of "racism" towards "racial hatred." We don't hate other races, so we're not racists.