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2018-11-17 03:34:46 UTC  

@metasophocles Scouts BSA(tm) shambles on. Full gender integration happens after New Years

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@NateDahl76 who's that again?

2018-11-17 03:35:28 UTC  

The Dragon Scovts will stand for 10,000 years

2018-11-17 03:35:36 UTC  

Whatbis really cynical and homo corporate is they are changing the name from "Boy Scouts of America" to "Scouts BSA"

2018-11-17 03:35:40 UTC  

He's new @Deleted User

2018-11-17 03:35:53 UTC  

But B stands for Boy and S stands for scouts?

2018-11-17 03:36:08 UTC  

Scouts Boy Scouts of America but not just for boys?

2018-11-17 03:36:16 UTC  

It is retarded

2018-11-17 03:36:21 UTC  

Does he do music stuff too, I mean?

2018-11-17 03:36:49 UTC  

@Freiheit - CA no thumbtacks?

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@Valaska mostly a one cares.

2018-11-17 03:52:38 UTC  

well, was he?

2018-11-17 03:53:52 UTC  

Shout out to our meds, we've got boomers singing *that's amore*

2018-11-17 03:54:28 UTC  

when the moon's in the sky like a big pizza pie, that's amore!

2018-11-17 03:56:45 UTC  

@Nemets reading that again, that's insane. crown heights been a hotbed for black-jewish conflict for decades, idk what that guy thinks he's doing giving black bot mitzvahs or whatever, he's a walking conflict waiting to happen.

2018-11-17 04:03:42 UTC  

Who would you guys side with?

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2018-11-17 04:04:46 UTC  

And then deport them both. Fortnite dance

2018-11-17 04:04:47 UTC  

Much like Israel and Palestine, neither...

2018-11-17 04:04:48 UTC  

I would stay out of the neighborhood

2018-11-17 04:04:51 UTC  

lets not put our selves in a proverbial riot πŸ™‚

2018-11-17 04:05:03 UTC  

The correct answer is neither

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2018-11-17 04:05:14 UTC  

^ what he said.

2018-11-17 04:05:18 UTC  

actually, I do stay out of the neighborhood

2018-11-17 04:05:20 UTC  

I'm in the "Neither" club as well.

2018-11-17 04:05:45 UTC  

actually, i accidentily didn't stay out of the neighborhood, instead I lived there for a week

2018-11-17 04:05:55 UTC  

in an airbnb

2018-11-17 04:06:20 UTC  

β€œJust say no.”

2018-11-17 04:06:27 UTC  

across from the airbnb was a schoolyard where almost nonstop pickup basketball tornaments were happening

2018-11-17 04:06:54 UTC  

if you walked in one direction on the street you got into the jewish neighborhood, which is where I bought groceries that week

2018-11-17 04:07:20 UTC  

my airbnb was on the black side of the main avenue splitting the area up

2018-11-17 04:07:35 UTC  

coming back from getting groceries a fight broke out in the street

2018-11-17 04:08:02 UTC  

(two black guys)

2018-11-17 04:08:15 UTC  

*shock and awe*

2018-11-17 04:09:12 UTC  

unfortunately the door to the back porch of the airbnb wouldn't lock luckily no one from the neighborhood came in in the middle of the night

2018-11-17 04:09:57 UTC  

overall I would say it was not an enjoyable week though, since at night I was constantly worried about someone breaking in, and during the day I was worried about someone stealing my stuff while I was out.