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2019-01-07 05:50:02 UTC  

good interview. learned some new things even though I've been listening to Jared for years. the interviewer, Tommy Sotomayor,
is interesting.

2019-01-07 05:50:27 UTC  

Jared Taylor is the man.

2019-01-07 05:51:21 UTC  

I’ve watched and read him more than any other alt right figure. He’s genuine, scholarly, and eloquent.

2019-01-07 06:26:33 UTC  

@Jacob I'm a big wall guy

2019-01-07 06:27:01 UTC  

@androaquila Jared Taylor is great

2019-01-07 06:27:02 UTC  

we all are

2019-01-07 06:27:08 UTC  

but your average dude isn't

2019-01-07 06:27:23 UTC  

Everyone I know is

2019-01-07 06:27:24 UTC  

Does anyone want a lightly used copy of the Bell Curve?

2019-01-07 06:28:27 UTC  

If you do then check out my offer on the literature server. If you're not in the server, I can invite you.

2019-01-07 07:08:36 UTC  

I wanna read that book eventually but I’m currently reading an economics book of over 1400 pages 😯

2019-01-07 07:08:46 UTC

2019-01-07 07:09:37 UTC  

Geez...I’m a lil over 300 pages now and 1100 to go 😕

2019-01-07 07:22:47 UTC  

@androaquila if you have something interesting that you don't need anymore I'll trade you the Bell Curve so you have it for later

2019-01-07 07:24:50 UTC  

i found the bell curve for 50 cent the other day

2019-01-07 07:24:57 UTC  

white pill of the week

2019-01-07 07:32:12 UTC  

how destroyed?

2019-01-07 07:32:34 UTC  

Like new condition

2019-01-07 07:33:04 UTC  

At this really odd restore

2019-01-07 07:55:30 UTC  

@Jacob thanks brother but most of my books are kindle

2019-01-07 10:45:31 UTC  

Think she is smart enough to have plugged a library for media attention? She’s a social media pro.

2019-01-07 10:46:15 UTC  

I think she will hold her seat for as long as she wants it

2019-01-07 11:38:30 UTC  

What's the big deal with this chick? Like why is she getting so much more attention than any other rep?

2019-01-07 11:47:08 UTC  

@sigruna14 I have a theory about that, corporations might actually want medicare for all and UBI so they can cut their labor costs, therefore the media is giving her a ton of attention.

2019-01-07 12:23:37 UTC  

Merry Orthodox Christmas😊🎄

2019-01-07 14:39:22 UTC  

AOC is young and appears to be having fun all the time. Pretty sure she only exists in the public sphere as a foil to the “angry old White male GOP” caricature

2019-01-07 14:40:05 UTC  

Colored socialist wing of the Dem Party definitely seems to love her, not sure why the corporate media would love her tho. Their masters probably don’t want AOC economics to happen.

2019-01-07 15:01:04 UTC  

@Virgil so it appears there are alot of anarchists and socialists which have joined the yellow vests- so I wonder is the overall movement still a vehicle for populism (and hopefully identitarians)??

2019-01-07 15:09:29 UTC  

Is it actual Socialists or welfare state enthusiasts

2019-01-07 15:09:39 UTC  

France has a huge welfare state iirc

2019-01-07 15:09:42 UTC  

@Jonaltright I think it is, as a whole, the yellow vests still enjoy overwhelming public support. However most people don't support the violent antics that for the most part, seem to be committed by the far left yellow jackets.

Nationalists and right wing Populists seem to be avoiding engaging in violence for the most part. Which is good because after the dust has settled they will look like a force for stability, which is what people want.

2019-01-07 15:14:28 UTC  

Yes that's kind of what I was hearing elsewhere. Though some identitarian oriented pundits have said that the thing is going to fizzle out- I see no signs of that as of yet

2019-01-07 15:17:25 UTC  

Good morning IE family.

2019-01-07 15:19:07 UTC  

@Jonaltright The number of Yellow Vest protestors doubled this past Saturday.

2019-01-07 15:19:43 UTC  

The movement is still strong.

2019-01-07 15:19:53 UTC  

I've heard that before and I think they're wrong. While it is extremely difficult to remove a French president from office, I can see the protests occurinf intermittently until the next French elections, which Macron won't win at this point. @Jonaltright

2019-01-07 15:23:37 UTC  

I guess all we can do is wait. I just hope they won't rig the election successfully

2019-01-07 15:23:51 UTC  

Who will replace Macron. That is the question.