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Hi everyone! I was interviewed by Marseille

Will do, thank you!

2018-04-16 20:01:10 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2018-04-16 20:50:21 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Thank you! @CarletonJ

Korean War Memorial Park - Philadelphia, PA

Apologize about the vertical photo just saw that now

Все нормально👍 @Bjorn - MD

@The Eternal Anglo I’ve been there. I’ve shown them interviews Patrick has done since he presents us very well I think, pointed out that anyone remotely concerned with white identity is branded as a white supremacist regardless, told them about the community service we do, the fraternal aspect of IE etc. It really takes patience, not always possible to change their minds overnight

Spanish is a European language

@Asatru Artist - MD with proper vetting, we'd still ensure the people being accepted are pro-white

very eloquent, Patrick!👏

Multigenerational living is very trad

@Reinhard Wolff any recent developments regarding our legal case?

@TMatthews or make the open border republicans closed border republicans.

wait wait that's a great idea @Reinhard Wolff

why I'm down

still upset that Heimbach is the face of Orthodox Christianity (even though he was excommunicated) in the dissident right. we cannot allow this

@ThisIsChris good to hear

@ThisIsChris yeah I gotcha

где мои россияне🇷🇺


when will ie start using the cyrillic alphabet

those weren't Russians

but it's ok man we can take a joke

we get it u like football

☦ the real true diet is Orthodox fasting ☦

don't forget your spiritual health

@Sam Southern - TN On the bright side, it is not uncommon for engineering students to have full-time positions secured early on in their senior year. In only a year's time you may be much closer to your desired position

@ᛉ ᛋcylfing ᛉ The members site is, but I believe dues can't be paid there

Methods of payment are under <#388558559752880139>

can i tell my mom

lmao nah

yeah a lot of Russian immigrants are Jewish

I think different generations living together is still pretty common in many parts of the world. Sad that it's not so in the US

america should be more russian



слава россии

slav immigration only

do you speak polish @Jacob


@Jacob that I can agree with. I barley know any of my cousins

spanish is european pls respect

we love our meds

the time will come when Orthodox churches will rise all across america

get ready

america will b dis

but how can u stand against this

weekly conspiracy theories w patrick

Build up your local communities - keep family close, have strong ties your local church, in addition to that IE chapters will keep growing. As all of this happens, at least we won't be atomized

this anti-Slav sentiment must end

do your parents know about your thoughts on immigrants? @Jacob

I've heard that even if we ended all immigration, whites are still projected to become a minority. Not to say that we shouldn't @NateDahl76

ideally, yes. Try even bringing up that up in the mainstream though. My dad was sort of ok with IE when he first learned about it till he heard that bit @Jacob

The church I go to was established in the late 19th century for the local Russian Orthodox population @Jacob we had some presence here

that sounds pretty bad

being doxxed is more than about losing your job. Say you manage to keep it. Unless you live in an area / are already apart of a community that is at least in some way sympathetic to our views, your long-term relationships with friends, neighbors, family & just people in the community in general can be seriously damaged. Maybe it'd be ideal if they agreed with us but I'd assume we want to be active members in society

or let the Orthodox take over


wealth is sin😤☦️

@Nota Bene - NY my finals haven't started yet. Last one on the 18th:/

Russia will accept us

☦ become Orthodox now ☦

@Jacob sounds like an argument in support of DACA

many Syrians are Orthodox

dont get em started

most hollywood drama is fake

an annual tradition for my family🎄 @Hakujin - CA


@Reinhard Wolff is peter sweden ok

Merry Orthodox Christmas😊🎄

Good morning IE, happy Friday🌸


@Jacob couldn’t be more true. At my school even though I’m studying physics my degree is still a BA and half the classes I’m taking basically have to be humanities

It’d just be way more productive to study only the subject you’re majoring in for four years. but higher education is a business and they’ve found a way to market liberal arts as somehow valuable

because naive high school kids and their families may sign up for tens of thousands of dollars of debt not realizing it might be a poor investment

@DixieBoy76 - KY we generally want people to do well and be able to afford homes and be able to start families earlier than their 30s. It seems like (it may depend on the area), but at least for where I come from, trade school is not nearly advertised enough

yeah, just viewing it as the default and necessary path to take after high school the way it is today is what is harmful

that's my brother @Nico The Great - CA

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