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2019-02-14 02:24:10 UTC  

Remind her she is a women..She will thank you later.

2019-02-14 02:24:10 UTC  

its not up to us to assuage racial tensions

2019-02-14 02:24:17 UTC  

I can think of a good way to end racial tensions, deport a certain tribe

2019-02-14 02:24:27 UTC  

They're just like us with crappier food.

2019-02-14 02:24:40 UTC  


2019-02-14 02:24:41 UTC  

we're all americans guys

2019-02-14 02:24:50 UTC  

racism ended, it's over

2019-02-14 02:24:53 UTC  

hey go be a liberal somewhere else

2019-02-14 02:24:56 UTC  

@AidanGillen the Albanians?

2019-02-14 02:25:01 UTC  

"We're a melting pot!"

2019-02-14 02:25:01 UTC  

Patrick owning the libs

2019-02-14 02:25:02 UTC  

We're all pink on the inside, guys.

2019-02-14 02:25:05 UTC  

@Freiheit - CA We want them here for the food.......Right?

2019-02-14 02:25:06 UTC  

@interview ...👏

2019-02-14 02:25:07 UTC  

@AidanGillen The Igbo?

2019-02-14 02:25:10 UTC  

Legions of Libtards pwned

2019-02-14 02:25:11 UTC  

Gotta own the libs my dude.

2019-02-14 02:25:13 UTC  

that was annoying!

2019-02-14 02:25:26 UTC  

It's been *very* entertaining.

2019-02-14 02:25:31 UTC  

journalism is a way to harass and push narratives masquerading as a profession to report truth

2019-02-14 02:25:31 UTC  

you should record her and use it as content. Reverse who's the interviewer

2019-02-14 02:25:33 UTC  

These Twitter warriors are so fragile once Patrick replies lol

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2019-02-14 02:26:08 UTC  

@Freiheit - CA I guess your right, I can make my own tacos.

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2019-02-14 02:26:28 UTC  

A lake of it

2019-02-14 02:26:32 UTC  

@NiceGuy They *might* flip it back on you and say "those were colonizers not immigrants", and they'd be right, but then just say "you called them immigrants not me". I've never heard a good response. They always just get uncomfortable and move on.

2019-02-14 02:26:51 UTC  

Careful with the salt, you'll get high blood pressure.

2019-02-14 02:26:51 UTC  

We’ll have a big event in Oklahoma sometime in the spring/summer. Y’all invited.

2019-02-14 02:26:52 UTC  

"Why so salty sweetie?"

2019-02-14 02:27:01 UTC  

lots of fluoride and vaccines

2019-02-14 02:27:12 UTC  

Trannies are the shock troops of the establishment

2019-02-14 02:27:20 UTC  

they've got nothing to lose

2019-02-14 02:27:31 UTC  

Lol shock troupes more like it.

2019-02-14 02:27:33 UTC  

@Jacob Gotcha. Yeah I don't see that weak counter point being an issue.

2019-02-14 02:27:45 UTC  

wow FemboyFashBasher69, how come your bio has FOUR pronouns

2019-02-14 02:27:48 UTC  

Credit to @Valaska for the Block U idea.

2019-02-14 02:28:38 UTC  

how many Vtah applications came in after the action?

2019-02-14 02:29:04 UTC  

I’m sure that demonstrations at colleges will always generate huge publicity. I know it would at mine.