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2018-02-21 03:31:10 UTC  

I hate to always sound like a cop, but these people are ruthless.

2018-02-21 03:35:48 UTC  

"Kool Kekistani Kids" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Protest at the embassy.

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Based. Can you and post that? @Valaska

2018-02-21 23:44:16 UTC  

Damn. That poster looks just as good as the army one.

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Let's leave some positive comments on the Youtube video

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@everyone ^^^

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Comment and dislike.

2018-02-22 02:56:37 UTC  

No don’t dislike

2018-02-22 02:56:44 UTC  

Wow, that article was actually fair.

2018-02-22 02:56:45 UTC  

That was a really fair shake they gave us

2018-02-22 02:56:55 UTC  

Read a long statement from reinhard

2018-02-22 02:57:27 UTC  

Don't dislike, it isn't too bad

2018-02-22 03:04:16 UTC  

That's one of the better regular media stories I think I've ever seen.

2018-02-22 03:04:17 UTC  

It's actually a pretty decent take,its fair and makes us look like decent folks. I personally think the cops likely agree but can't say anything 1 way or another, and they have better things to do that are actually threatening

2018-02-22 03:04:40 UTC  

Other than the jab about being classified as a "neo-nazi" org, the rest of it was really fair.

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are they hiding comments? I can only see mine

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@Why Tea (((whomst))) classified IE that way? πŸ€”

2018-02-22 03:08:14 UTC  

Ya looked like they may have disabled it

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I can only see my comment

2018-02-22 03:11:18 UTC  

@Deleted User it was interesting the in-studio journalist interjected "is classified as a neo-nazi hate group" but that's not in the written version/transcription of the story. The author, Andrea Olsen, *didn't* say or write that. The "helpful" other journalist in the studio did.

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Muh neo-nazis.

2018-02-22 03:28:39 UTC  

bahahaha this chat

2018-02-22 03:59:37 UTC  

@Grenadier, they killed me.

2018-02-22 04:19:16 UTC  

@Why Tea Soon she'll be "Andrea Olsen - WA"

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This article has some good quotes from Patrick

2018-02-22 13:30:21 UTC  

*"We are not supremacists because we do not believe that White people should rule over non-White people. We are ethno-pluralists: We believe that all ethnic and racial groups should have somewhere in the world to call home," CEO Patrick Casey said in an email."*

2018-02-22 13:30:36 UTC  

☝🏻 This Patrick guy...this guy gets it.

2018-02-22 14:11:17 UTC  

Not too shabbyπŸ˜‰πŸ€”πŸ‘Œ

2018-02-22 14:58:01 UTC  

Article won’t load for me 😩

2018-02-22 16:21:02 UTC  

It was still biased but overall I thought it was a lot more fair than how articles usually are.

2018-02-22 16:22:15 UTC  

The quotes from the IE website and from Patrick were great

2018-02-22 16:22:17 UTC  

They're all gonna be biased