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2018-09-06 15:55:14 UTC  

Reddit is talking about the recent Westword article.

2018-09-07 21:06:52 UTC  

This but unironically

2018-09-10 18:55:56 UTC  

Are we able to edit the IE wikipedia to elimate references to NS?

2018-09-10 19:33:00 UTC  

That's an ongoing project that @Steve - NJ is leading but one that requires more assisstance.

2018-09-10 19:55:50 UTC  

@Kane it's a widespread problem on wikipedia with these kinds of things. There are very dedicated people who likely get paid to prevent right-wing groups from being represented fairly

2018-09-11 16:02:06 UTC  

Interesting thread

2018-09-12 03:10:00 UTC  

A really cucky "based legal immigrant" thread in r/the_donald. Get in there....

2018-09-12 11:02:19 UTC  

@Jacob very interesting. I think it already well out of hand. Now that half my subs were banned I think I will be spending more time in CMV.

2018-09-13 01:38:48 UTC  

Everyone should be sharing this with everyone.

2018-09-13 14:13:49 UTC  

I’m not used to seeing her that pumped up. It’s exciting.

2018-09-13 14:22:07 UTC  

Lana’s always pumped up

2018-09-14 02:28:06 UTC  

She's an archetype. We're fortunate to have her on our side.

2018-09-14 23:27:07 UTC  

We're going to need help promoting our Anti-Cuomo action

2018-09-14 23:27:23 UTC

2018-09-15 01:13:27 UTC  

@Campbell4732 please send extra pics to the team.

2018-09-15 18:44:53 UTC  

Pics will be sent after the end of this weekend

2018-09-16 16:14:52 UTC

2018-09-16 16:16:23 UTC  

I don't know if we already do this or not...but filling conservative comment sections with wokeness might help with pointing out why media is so degenerate

2018-09-16 16:17:03 UTC  
2018-09-16 16:18:06 UTC  

I read a lot of conservative websites and don't really see comments like this that are so well written...they mostly just say "muh Jews" which feeds into a bad narrative

2018-09-16 17:47:42 UTC  

@halfMc if you have a good article with an open comment section please post.

2018-09-16 17:48:44 UTC  

We are usually good for some comments and a good amount of up votes

2018-09-16 17:49:52 UTC  

Will do

2018-09-16 19:49:26 UTC  

Sounds like that soy boy needs a one-way ticket to Detroit/Brownsville/Malmo/Johannesburg.

2018-09-16 19:51:24 UTC  

Twitter is his virtue signal vehicle. Its a symptom of homosexuality.

2018-09-19 01:01:54 UTC  

please take 30 seconds to complain about this antifa extension that is defaming political dissidents

2018-09-19 02:30:07 UTC  

As some of you may know, many of our NY members participated in an anti-Cuomo flyer blitz over the weekend. The last time IE flyers went up Governor Cuomo attempted to launch a probe in to these flyers which failed miserably. Please help spread the word by "reporting" these hate flyers

2018-09-19 02:31:39 UTC  

The towns in particular that you found these hateful flyers in Westchester's towns include Croton, Tarrytown, and Port Chester. Writing up a report takes a mere 3 minutes of your time. Thank you!

2018-09-19 03:15:35 UTC  

@Campbell4732 deleted your link. We should be promoting our activism to news stations, not submitting them to “hate crime databases"

2018-09-20 04:44:42 UTC  
2018-09-20 04:45:40 UTC  

"Reddit Moderators Identify Google Employee As Member Of Plot To Infiltrate and Ban Pro-Trump Subreddits"

2018-09-20 20:58:26 UTC  

Follow IE on Telegram if you haven't already.

2018-09-21 00:10:35 UTC

Vertigo Politix did a good video on Jordan Peterson’s denouncement if White Identity. Let’s see if we can knock some Bucko’s off the fence into our camp.

2018-09-21 00:23:05 UTC