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2017-12-05 03:58:19 UTC  
2017-12-05 03:59:20 UTC  

Hell ya boys. Nice job

2017-12-05 03:59:32 UTC  


2017-12-05 04:06:22 UTC  

very nice picture

2017-12-05 04:06:59 UTC  

How do people still have those posters?

2017-12-05 04:07:29 UTC  

Were they in the last siege pack?

2017-12-05 04:07:38 UTC  

Leftovers. You'll see some more of these in the coming weeks and then a fresh start again in the Spring.

2017-12-05 04:08:06 UTC  


2017-12-05 04:39:36 UTC  

Great job @Kenneth - NV and friends!

2017-12-05 04:41:10 UTC  

It’s always great to see smaller regions putting in work.

2017-12-05 07:19:54 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff Thank you!

2017-12-05 08:09:14 UTC  

Is there a place where i can download images for print?

2017-12-05 14:08:29 UTC  

@Praetorian, I like your style. I'm on the East side of the state. If you're planning on flyering the West side, we should coordinate and hit the same day.

2017-12-05 14:09:20 UTC  

If we could tie them to similar locations or find a way to make it apparent there was coordination, that may raise some eyebrows and bring greater attention to it.

2017-12-05 14:21:59 UTC

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2017-12-05 14:23:29 UTC  

Stop teasing us.

2017-12-05 20:26:38 UTC  

@Temujen Hell yea. I have to find someone in Seattle who can hit with me, though.

2017-12-05 21:46:37 UTC  

@Temujen I'm definitely up for flyering in January

2017-12-05 21:47:09 UTC  

@Praetorian We'll probably be planning something in Seattle soon. Just stay tuned on the state server.

2017-12-05 21:48:24 UTC  

@Jacob How do I access the state server? Sorry, I'm a noob.

2017-12-05 21:50:17 UTC  

@Praetorian has Niko not added you yet?

2017-12-05 21:50:19 UTC  
2017-12-05 21:50:25 UTC  

There we go.

2017-12-05 21:50:26 UTC  


2017-12-05 21:52:46 UTC  

ok, on it.

2017-12-05 22:06:04 UTC  

Thank you.

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2017-12-07 22:23:03 UTC  

Never mind. I’ll upload it later

2017-12-07 22:26:47 UTC  

Pic of a flyer on a pole at the Christmas parade. For some reason it’s uploading very small. But some news photographer just came and took a bunch of pics of it.

2017-12-07 22:28:25 UTC

2017-12-07 22:29:13 UTC  

Well that one worked. There’s a better one with blurred background.

2017-12-07 22:29:28 UTC  


2017-12-07 22:30:48 UTC  

I put up 10-15 along the route.

2017-12-07 23:30:25 UTC  

so is there a standard way of obtaining physical IE propaganda or does everyone roll their own?

2017-12-07 23:30:35 UTC  

like do we have some printing site we can just order it from?

2017-12-07 23:32:59 UTC  

It is mailed out in batches when there are funds for it. Currently I think we switched tactics to large banner drops. Some local guys may have some left over for you.

2017-12-07 23:35:07 UTC  

its being worked on

2017-12-07 23:35:15 UTC  

and siege is ongoing, it hasnt been replaced

2017-12-07 23:55:54 UTC  

You Will Not Replace It