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Afternoon, folks. I am a professional, ASE certified mechanic with most of my work experience in BMW and Hyundai dealer service centers, if anyone ever needs a hand.

That talk about the trades needing folks is absolutely true. Nearly all the unions are hurting

They're being essentially forced to take immigrants to stay viable

Work ethic has been diminishing since Gen X

But the boomers are only half right in their criticisms

The effort to pay ratio is often shit for most trades where you aren't your own boss.

As we say in the automotive field, you're getting paid to kiss but they're trying to fuck you.

Every union has slugs

90% of unions are corrupt politicized pieces of shit anyway

They all backed Obamacare so they could gut benefits and leave the boomers high and dry

The only useful thing about mine is that we get 40 hours guaranteed flat rate pay a week

Just keep an eye on the tread, most donuts have bright color striping that uncovers as the tread wears. Donuts are typically made out of soft rubber, and the nature of a spare tire means less surface area to spread the weight of the vehicle, so don't rely on them any longer than you need to.

13 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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