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Sup goys?

Oh you know, another day in paradise 😃

The Promised Land!

But we will do what we can, Indiana is a great place for activism; as is basically all of rural America

Sup crackers?


that phrase man

We had a local TWP get together and watched Gangs of New York, I think that should be the official movie of WNism

pedophile? man what'd i walk into

Hail the junta!

Shit happens, things seem to be on the right side now, very happy AV wants to work with TWP to make National Socialism in America a reality


Can I just say, fuck those guys?

identity eVropa

dont forget

Parrott finally reading Siege ?

Can we republish it somehow? It really needs to be out there

and hard copies are very valuable to pass around to friends and easier to read

I know that, that's how i read it the first time Parrott

Neither, I play Total War games. I know, I know

pfht, it's good shit

Medieval Total War II lets you retake the Holy Land

And you can conquer the America's as Spain

It's fash

I havent, which one is that?

I think you just ruined the next month of my life


cars speeding through police lines

reds destroying cop equipment

what a beautiful day

Of course

so what are you goys up to this weekend?

That's the Lord's Truth


So looks like we have been condemded by the Senate Minority leader of KY!

For our upcoming rally!

Literal lol

oh nothing official

just whining about the upcoming April rally

totally hilarious

nope i think we can take em 100%

Excellent, me too

oh really?

@Akhnaton haha thanks comrade

So how are you guys doing?

It makes zero sense that Assad would gas anyone


It is simple warmongering

Looking forward to seeing all you guys very soon!

I dont know, but anyone who can, should support it, but be careful

sup crackers

I'm in that process right now, my little one is finally going down

Stay safe comrade

Good golly

we need to draw the line somewhere and follow the Afrikaner model, building communities

Like Orania

appalachia aint a bad spot boys, just my thoughts

and the Whitest part of America

If you dont talk about the Jews, its like a doctor treating your cough while ignoring your lung cancer

Nothing to the right but the wall my brothers

simple as that

The Left sure is taking their values and ideas to their logical conclusion, we must do the same

Which I dont really get. I mean I don't spend all day on Hitler, but to ignore the fact that literally the battle for our survival is basically put us that overcoming the WW2 propaganda, we must and should never shy away from Hitler or the NSDAP


I ended up on like a 45 minute long conversation this weekend with a reporter over the Holocaust

For TWP, the reason for our own symbol is simply because we are an organic National Socialist movement. The Rexists, Falange, Iron Guard etc, all had their own symbols

but i wont ever have us shy away from the swastika,

and the interview isnt out yet, but it will be soon i think

Its the goal for our Pikeville event, specifically make it about May Day

Nordic Resistance and Golden Dawn do it too

as it always should be

The Left doesnt give two shits about theworkers.

Oh shit, yes!!

Waiting for my article on becoming a NS to get on Noose

Oh I know, theyve got so many submissions its a lot to work through

mine will get up eventually

We are pushing forward

Exactly. Even in America when we have patriotards wanting to smash antifa, its a good sign

they just need to realize that conservatism is and has long been, a dead end

Dr. Goebbels did as well

its true. Its why so many members of the Red Front in Germany eventually became SA men

This is why National Socialism is so fundamentally correct. A text from any NS movement that is done in the right spirit, can speak to us, and will speak to our children

It is based on Eternal Principles, not passing fancy

Amen to that

Iron March was a big net positive for me, drove me to read NS books, Siege, and evolve ideologically

Get off my porch lemming!

If anyone is backing Trump still, they need their head examined

I swear I thought that most people got that the God Emperor thing was a joke

but obviously folks drank the Kool-Aid, and asked for seconds

Its all about community building and organizing real infrastructure

the house is condemned, we need to build a new one


Very true. Gotta run gents, ill be back on tomorrow. Hail Victory

Glad to have you here comrade 😃

Hail Victory brother! A true warrior spirit


sup cracker jacks?

Well, its been a helluva day

between the guy stabbing the literal black guy who was in college and in college, to the thing in FL... helluva few days

the 10 signs one?

Everyone be on the lookout for attempts to disrupt our organizing

Well, we want to hold a protest against Purdue Pharma, who makes oxy, who has poisoned our people and caused thousands of deaths

ill be in florida for the FL league of the south conference in 2 weeks

Jews jews everywhere

Well and speaking of conference, this Fall we will have at least 3 members of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom represented at our national conference

Golden Dawn, NPD, and at least 1 other

Itll probably be in PA, but trying to decide that now.

But yes, drugs are a huge problem. Our goys in Alabama are preparing a campaign for an area thats been hard hit by meth

well we need to figure out a plan together

because we cant do anything to the drug dealers of course, this has to be constructive towards those affected

im open to suggestions


that is what we need

exactly what i like to hear

exactly, transform peoples lives

This is why the new regional system is so important

to direct resources and manpower to long term projects

btw, yall want a sneak peak at the rough draft of our 25 points? Id love some feedback

changes are guaranteed, this has been put out to comrades overseas and some of the best minds in America, but id like yalls feedback on the rough draft, excuse it for being unpolished

this week. The Yids got us shut down temporarily, its been a massive pain

but the fix should deny them that option for the future

so, permanent fix to a temporary problem

Good idea, i was just reading about that, just got off work from my normie job

as i work on that, let me know what yall think of the 25 points

corporate parliament>

That makes sense, considering all men will serve in the military, universal male suffrage in some capacity makes sense, but a corporate parliament could be a good idea

We will for sure we running this by one of our Party attorney's before it goes out

Now @Akhnaton the Central Committee is promised to have labor, religion, military, and social leaders as its makeup, so thats kind of what you are talking about

@B1488 which suggestions brother?

i might have missed it

yes, well being announced this week is our Regional Commanders

hold on, lemme post the new PArty hierarchy

but yes, within a region, will be state leaders, then local leaders

this is going to be the biggest TWP change of the year

to increase our effectiveness

Yes, militia duty will be guaranteed and a good addition

But firing squads, i wrote it, deleted it, and rewrote it

Duterte your local drug dealer

And honestly, winning victories in Appalachia, they are calling for this

@Japzzi yes i have

Esoteric Heimbachism

love you guys

that was pretty awesome, gotta love that 88 can take on an additional meaning 😃

haha you guys

@Octothorpe they would be cared for

our mission is to protect our citizens


even if they are crippled and disabled, we can find something for them to do

even a crippled mentally retarded person can count widgets in a warehouse for the sake of the nation

If everyone, regardless of abilty, is giving their all for the nation, i think we can subsidize those who fall short of the average

Well in the platform, the way for women to avoid the draft is be married by 18, i think that alone, given the men they would be marrying would be military veterans and of course looking for the highest value ones, we will easily begin a soft eugenics program

No space for thottery in our future nation

And getting rid of no fault divorce, and alienation of affection (which goes after adulterers), means there are social controls for behavior that will be good for us racially

men will not be allowed to be NEETS, women wont allowed to be thots, and if both men and women are healthy, the lesser qualified members of society will have a place, but likely have less kids, etc. Also notice in the education section, education is guaranteed, but only a percentage of youth will go to college or advanced degrees

Well the vision is to empower men and women to our natural station

and ensure women also have the proper respect of being mothers

its as valuable as men being soldiers

Exactly, and this plan makes men be men, and women be women

There is no need for gender conflict, misogny or feminism

if we all just work together in our specific fields

Well, i get the joke, also the Vandal's referring to appalachia as "White Afghanistan." But to me, I want to simply promote Traditionalism and National Socialism

I get the reaction to feminism, but we need constructive movements

like my wife is a nationalist, and was before she met me, we need a space for women to be part of the team

the idea of cutting 50% of the population out of our struggle, just doesnt make sense

Ive been to Greece with Golden Dawn, and Irene Pappas, the wife of Christos Pappas, is an amazing mother, wife, and nationalist activist

the idea of her being cut out of Golden Dawn would be laughable to the GD members

So, i think we need some constructive plans for gender issues, while also not White Knighting

So glad with Trump cucking out so hard that we are literally the only political voice for White Americans, it really is up to us to organize

Look at all the new faces 😃

Unity is key, and considering TWP is the only NS political Party, we dont step on the toes of other groups or orgs, because we're doing something unique

welcome comrade!

Excellent! @TexasVet

Glad to have you here. Getting our discord up and running+regional coordinators is gonna make us much more effective on a national level

@AltCelt(IL) You mention a good comment, so, what do we call ourselves?

If we want a new nation

We need our own name

Well exactly. I mean I am a Southerner, and that is my regional identity

but we do need something separate from the American Empire's identity


see thats the thing, we need an identity for all White Americans

while respecting regional differences

yeah, we need to be culture creators

thats big

to really bring about our identity

We are actually doing paperwork now for our official TWP charity

and a TWP business to sell shirts, flags, etc

This will keep everything above board on all fronts, but give us access to get resources for community aid

Aint that the Truth

Keep me posted on that comrade, if we can help one of our own, i want to do all we can

Good man


very true

I saw that





n sheeeit

sounds great

the little one is crying and the wife needs a hand, talk to yall soon!

sup crackers?

How is everyone this evening?

Basically we're all living a Merle Haggard song eh? lol

aint that the truth

they are good, nicholas is great and hitting all of his development milestones, and patrick is gonna be here very soon. @Kombat-Unit

thanks for asking

Well the Regional Commander role is big, updated 25 points, a new Party secretary to help us keep up on correspondence, some protests, big fall event with europeans attending

lots of stuff

NPD, Golden Dawn, NMR

Thank you @B1488

looks like @Kombat-Unit

We need to be looking towards our comrades in NMR and other European movements for inspiration

As we know, Golden Dawn received less than 1% of the national vote a decade ago, now they are the third largest Party in the Greek Parliament

lots for us to learn, and make work within our American context

It'll be excellent @dd✳555 , and of course we are doing other projects like our Alabama and WV folks going into areas hit hard by meth to work to find families in need of aid and raise awareness of the drug epidemic and (((who))) is behind it

so there will be many smaller long term projects going on over the next few months in the lead up to the Fall event

Of course @Kombat-Unit , and if you or any comrades ever want to come to America, you have plenty of places to stay

The solidarity goes both ways

Agreed. Of course our look is modeled off of the Europeans, our philosophy and talking points etc

lots for us to adapt and develop



Thanks brother! To me, it makes sense to help normal conservative folks understand what we are saying

I'm not a Nazi, I'm a National Socialist 😃

Well given that when I was in VA with our Virginia comrades, we along with IE chanted "Blood and Soil" and "Hail Victory" I am pretty pleased with how things are all pulling towards true National Socialist Revolution

Everything is pulling together. The League of the South has recently joined our umbrella group, the Nationalist Front

@Beastcoast Actually in the works, working on our official Party anthem as we speak

We're working on a series of European tunes with our own lyrics, and Americana ones; to really show our unique identity

there will be a Party songbook by the end of the summer, so for meetings and events we will all know the songs and can sing them together

Which of course, the NMR did their own version of the Horst Wessel Lied, no reason we cant 😃

Very true @Beastcoast

now, ill open it up for discussion because i love feedback, but one version of our anthem has been proposed that is very close to the BUF anthem, we have another in the works to the same tune, but id love feedback

Comrades, the voices of our fallen heroes
Of those who fell so our people might be great,
Join in our song, for they still march in spirit with us,
And urge us on to secure our people's fate
(Repeat Last Two Lines)
We're of their blood, and spirit of their spirit,
Sprung from that soil for whose dear sake they bled,
Against jewish power, the Left, and massed ranks of reaction,
We lead the fight for freedom and for bread
(Repeat Last Two Lines)
The streets are still, the final struggle's ended;
Flushed with the fight we proudly hail the dawn!
See, over all the streets our Party’s banners waving,
Triumphant standards of our race reborn!
(Repeat Last Two Lines)

agreed 100%, it has to be organic

hence the back and forth within the Central Committee on songs



But to everyone, ideas for Party songs, i want the input

singing at rallies, meetings, etc, is hugely important

paddy is one the anthem team, for lack of a better term

Yeah, yall will hear me sing at an event eventually, and i apologize in advance

musically inclined i am not

Oh fantastic! Well we need to connect you with Paddy then for sure

excellent, thatll be fun

Dont forget that For My Legionaries by Codreanu has a new edition that is pretty stunning, for those on thel ookout for good fascist material to read

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