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This is the end for you old man.

Ah just community service

yeah you're connected but muted

like that

nope you gotta unmute yourself

weird the test one I just made works

Mr. Bond is the shit

Maybe you just don't have a mic selected in the settings

Still says you're muted brah


good good

That feel

>Hitler evil
>Hitler dindunuffin
>Hitler did something good.

"Join my call confrence line" Nationalism

I had one non-advanced class I went to in high school and the nigger tier shenanigans were unreal.

My wordpress is garbage too tbh

Antifa may have slashed my tires for this one

I'm legit now XD

God tier troll challenge: get an article published on


Not that I know of but my crew is doing a hatehike on Saturday

I was there

Wew lads


My friend @youssef is already getting IP banned just by joining alt right fb groups

basically unless you're the eternal nomie you can't make new accounts and get away with it

Made an escape pod out of it. there's a subgroup for us tho

better safe than sorry

If you don't have a label let me know where you're from

then you can access those specific chats

well that didn't take long

you're already sorted brah

How autisticly organized is this server tho


fuck broken keyboard

Better for networking tbh*

would't be suprised, I'm already a known person so not the biggest deal for me.

can't promise I can drag everyone here lol

I like the idealism

you gotta send him an invite yo

Yeah I keep losing contact with my native ethnonat freind because they keep shuting his accounts down.

the charlottesville dischord

lol most people in this chat rn are va XD

"Normie event"

The beltway bigots is hereby the most esoteric group in the channel

The heart of darkness in more way than one

A new link for the Cville event discord

The ree heard roundthe world

How does he not get it?

Not to point out the obvious but Western chauvinism is by definition implicit white supremacy and the left knows it too.

I'm not even a white supremacist in the true sense and I can see that

Alright cross your fingers goys

I'm the leader of the Virginiaryans

Mainly Richmond

Well if they're going to post that conspiricy I posted that the Klan rally is an FBI sting op to get SURJ Charlottesville Disbanded. The leader of that Klan group happens to actually be FBI

The NSM had a rally we were at. But those guys were from Texas these guys are from VA

What if someone did a "let my people go" speech warning of a great plague if they don't. XD

@everyone I'm putting together a decentralized guild in an attempt to keep economic attack via job loss go be effective. If you want in on this network we're running a discord atm. This is intended to be secret and underground so keep it to yourselves.

@everyone If you're a buisiness owner or someone in a position of power to employ let me know and you can get a shiny yellow nametag

The only requirement for guild "membership" is a willingness to help other members who need it if you are in the position to do so.

I philisophically prefer guilds to unions cause class cooperation and whatnot

Also out of flag autism there is a flag now.

Modeled after the silver legion

Getting mobs called on him for existing

It's a guild, employers and workers in a group helping each other out

If anyone wants to archive the jewish trannycam it will help jason in court

For everyone not in the cville event discord

Literally a fed who leads this group.

Insert conspiracy theory here

The Klan in question (the largest in the US) is the klan that gives them the every one is FBI reputation, because everyone is...

I have connections in the actual klans, they hate them with a passion.

Flag of our injun allies

National Native Action Front

@Erika get this to IE

@Charlemagne MD estonia has blue on the top

Blue black then whitw

My antifa honeypot

That's what I thought

I'm apparently as prolific as Spencer and Taylor XD

Say it with me: Leftists can't meme.

What are you crazy kids on about this time

This spergfest has darkened my soul by -5 XP

I leave for a few days and there's a internet coup smh.

Internet coups are silly. But I won't tell you not to, there has to be some way to vent autism.

Ah I see what's been going down. Did ya'll ever think you might have right wing fags you could get to burn a pride flag and raise their own. You know like F.A.C.T. Just throwing that out htere

For all the kiddo's not in the know of every obscure group out there this is their flag. I may of may not have been the one that was commisioned to make it.

I think Gavin is just a closet gay who doesn't want to ruin his relationship with his wife.

He can't keep his real beliefs about Jews etc. under wraps 100% of the time it's pretty sad

You not a true straight man untill Greg Johnson bans you

Well it's not fair if I tell you in advance

It was because I told him being doxxed isn't a big deal if you actually care about the movement.

>tfw you don't have 5 IGD articles, a medium article where you're put next to spencer, and two nobody antifa blog articles.

Look guys be more stratetic gays go on front lines and contaminate the enemy with their bloody remains


I'm getting so much EXP off this chat tbh

No one has ever not wanted to look like (((elvis))) just saying

Elvis was a jew brah

Yeah the burning I think is actually illegal on city fire hazard ordinance but someone would have to look that up

Certainly you can set up a bonfire at a private party later

Alright kiddos looking to put together a sock group to split the three percenters. Anyone down?

Yall need this flag if you're going to subvert lolberts

Don't tread on US

and yes a fascses

Is anyone else uncomfortable with working with outlaw biker gangs? Asking for a friend.

Not a fan of crime in particular

Criminal history is not a good look. Very 1.0

Bikers are fine. 1%ers are crimimal gangs

These guys have sold bombs to the feds. 80 bombs.

I've been around bikers my whole life 1%ers are bad news. Drugs, weapon trafficking, firebombing bars. Bad hombres.

We have rought men you don't want drug dealers next to you. All bikers aren't made equal. Meth dealers aren't your greatest ally.

I'm going to try and get a few of the Virginiaryans in on a carpool so anyone whos in one of our areas is welcome

I'm just saying we could do the most frightening rebel yell in over 100 years if we wanted to.

I feel a great disturbance in the force.

*rolls eyes* yes Odin is dank son

Asatru is technically the middle path between left hand and right hand spirituality

Prepare for 4000 armed antifa, that is all


damn jews


that's what it's meant for

wat about the WANG

@dzi They're the antifa's livestream team

There's no real vetting process as there's no real orginization. We (TWP) will be formalizing the guild at some point but right now this is just a underground work trading server.

My imagination already has the idea

Alright kiddos this server looks like it's actually going to be important now seeing as even I was fired (Will be attempting to get my small buisiness big enough to live off but we'll see) so find as many people as you can and lead them this way seeing as it's not obviously "evul nazi discord" we'll be fine @everyone

He did a podcast so he's at least functional, the man got hit pretty bad so I expect there will always be a little damage left.

@B1488 Edgeworth's Emporium - Custom Flags, Patches, Embroidered shirts, 1" Buttons, and eventually shirts. We're about to launch a .onion site via a deal with TWP to work logistics of their (our) merch and stickers and such.

I shitton of the Cville flags you saw came from my store.

If you aren't in the guild yet get yo ass in here we workin job connections n shiet

The Silver Guild is a worker network project of mine I started awhile ago for when goys get fired. looks like it's more needed than ever now

@Hadrian feel free to spread the permanent link in all alt-right networks you're in

@RexLexus I started the guild before cville but I just put out the alert to spread it around seeing as it's needed

Damn I was fired but I never got in the actual paper XD

only antifa news sites per usual

Yeah hopefully I can make a go of it I have to make $2000 a month to match my income before

or get close

I've been on a million documentary hit jobs because I was heimbach's body guard

@☦Colton of Yore☦ post in the seeking section

@☦Colton of Yore☦ there are a few construction contractors in the discord.

Well I'll mark you as an employer for future use then

If anyone else is one I'll mark you as well

@everyone At some point we may formalize the guild with small dues and such but for the forseeable future this is a free service for the good goys who put themselves out there and get fucked

My insta was shoah'd as well

I mean mine was a bit edgyer but no warning

Just remember...


right now

A Jew is Afraid

Especially since the commies keep vandalizing with hammer a sickle

What is that?

You selling candles now?

Hmm maybe we stock her candles in the merch store when it fully opens

After Parrot finishes the site for me and we have an income stream so I can eat we can certainly look into that kind of stuff my waifu and her are friends


wait I have the link somewhere

Not finished yet

Parrot is trying to make it invincible

Most Construction goys are like that the problem is the women that work in the office.

I got fired even though the mechanic I was working under pat me on the back for fighting commies in cville

"Make people I work with uncomfortable" my ass

Not a bad idea

@☦Colton of Yore☦ get a piece of rigid pipe from lowes or something and make a hard battlepole

also email [email protected] and we can do the deal

Drill two holes in the side, attach metal screw in rings. use zipties

$25 per

this is my suggestion post cville of course, you can always get cheap shit from walmart

@☦Colton of Yore☦ $25 per flag is what I mean

you'll probably need a hex nut on the other side

4-5 foot rigid pipe
2 sets of holes
two screw eyes or shank hook

shank hook probably works better

also you can email me while we have this convo

the flags do have eyelets that's what the shank hook is for


I'll build one once I have money and we can use them as standard poles for going into sketchy situations

988 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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