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Yay hopefully no one needs gas.

Fucking tweakers hurry tf up god damn

Alle zum es gut geburtstag!!

Hell yeah man will do. Lol fun day

Everyone sleep


Fuggin thod

I have day off so np

At bar so can't enter chat but just know hdnw

Also needs moar guns and swords. Or for hearts and minds approach, bags of food and blankets or something

But I barely have done shit yet so wtf do I know lol

So did that guy ever figure out it was a fascii or what

Hey man

Pretty neat fam

All that weight behind an axhead would fucc things up bre

Also roman battle masks are kickass

Schools are something to watch carefully though. Its their programming that initially fucks generations over.

Oy vey

Iunno most are asleep so I guessn not sure.

Here have a sad Slavic monk

Dude china sucks

Not sure

Here have some samurai bowmen

Niggs-hoeson particles

Yay I did it

That sure is lame. Coloreds be gone.

I will always at least dislike the halflings

We need to start funding russia to help remove banana


Until we start. Then they won't stop talkng about how white they are. That's why we need terabytes of documentation.

@White Eagle-MA this. Fuck that thing.


fuck that stupid pube hair monkey nog. Go to Ghana pussy

Says africa, but goes to the part that whites built

SA has penguins

Fug daca. My phone auto corrects daca as savages

Damn. Guess ill go count shekles

Do a hologram via synched drones

Guys lets get the new hitler elected. He's unopposed by other repubs and I think we might have a good chance getting an actual protest vote. We could make that part of the activism maybe

Np ill b thar

FUG. > tfw you get insomnia due to your massive dislike of browns n thots. No-a sreeperu.

My sleep schedule got flipped turned upside down. Sorry I missed it

Dude meine ehre heisst, like, treue maaaaan

I still prefer funkerlied tho

More liek shoahbaum zez

Reddit is le gay

Fuck that shit dude

All of my this



@Thomas Ryan Iunno who he is but there are none whiter. Super white.


Toppest of keks holy shit

Slot floppies, clayliens.


It's actually pretty old

Lol ya

Floppy slotter

Fuck England SO much forever dude

Man life's kinda shit right now what's our martyrdom policy for when I turn 70?

It's funny because the author tries not to sound triggered but they wrote a 5 page article about some posters. Jej. @Chris MA

I'll be at this one np

We need to start letting them know this shit ain't gonna go unpunished. Roll up into smoking spots with masks looking like al Qaeda and confiscate shit

70 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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