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2018-02-08 03:24:44 UTC

Keep it clean.

2018-02-08 03:24:47 UTC

No meme spamming.

2018-02-08 03:25:01 UTC


2018-02-08 03:25:20 UTC

W-where do we spam our memes now?

2018-02-08 03:25:24 UTC

Hey there

2018-02-08 03:25:42 UTC


2018-02-08 03:25:45 UTC

This is asking for too much!

2018-02-08 03:26:16 UTC

Memes are how I get 80% of my news.

2018-02-08 03:29:55 UTC

Shiet mane

2018-02-08 03:30:36 UTC


2018-02-08 03:30:40 UTC
2018-02-08 03:33:21 UTC

I guess the autistic LARP camo posting is over

2018-02-08 03:33:55 UTC

Don't think that quite qualified as spam

2018-02-08 03:34:43 UTC

Iunno. In all seriousness, we're probably better served by solid neutral colors with a smock and/or pack in a non-state actor pattern.

2018-02-08 03:35:22 UTC

LAPG has decent durable stuff that doesn't look like shit for pretty cheap.

2018-02-08 03:35:34 UTC

And First Spear makes the best hat ever.

2018-02-08 03:43:09 UTC

Gentlemen I present to you the official plate carrier of the alt right

2018-02-08 03:43:26 UTC

I like the navy with maybe black slacks or something like that

2018-02-08 03:43:49 UTC

404 not found

2018-02-08 03:44:03 UTC


2018-02-08 03:44:05 UTC

God damnit

2018-02-08 03:45:28 UTC


2018-02-08 03:45:35 UTC

There we go

2018-02-08 03:45:57 UTC

"Siege R"

2018-02-08 03:46:12 UTC


2018-02-08 03:46:18 UTC

Too damned expensive though.

2018-02-08 03:46:27 UTC

How much?

2018-02-08 03:46:29 UTC

But yeaz

2018-02-08 03:46:46 UTC


2018-02-08 03:47:05 UTC

Y'all need to go Alibaba fam

2018-02-08 03:47:06 UTC

For that much you could get a carrier a full set of Steel plates and a trauma plate

2018-02-08 03:47:08 UTC

Bulk pricing

2018-02-08 03:47:25 UTC

You guys are fags your wife is supposed to be your plate carrier.

2018-02-08 03:47:39 UTC

Women don't belong in the battlefield

2018-02-08 03:47:50 UTC

Go away cuck

2018-02-08 03:47:51 UTC

Alibaba sells shit airsoft knock off gear

2018-02-08 03:48:03 UTC

I trust eBay over Alibaba and I don't trust eBay at

2018-02-08 03:48:04 UTC

That falls apart under real use

2018-02-08 03:48:30 UTC

Mayflower/VelSys and a few others make good carriers for not too much.

2018-02-08 03:48:33 UTC

No you queer your playing dress up while I eat a Delious dinner

2018-02-08 03:48:39 UTC

Stay away from Condor, etc.

2018-02-08 03:48:42 UTC

Honestly that's the biggest problem with condor, the actual materials are fine but their stitching is

2018-02-08 03:48:46 UTC


2018-02-08 03:48:53 UTC

Yes. It's always the stitching

2018-02-08 03:49:43 UTC

Think I'm gonna grow my hair out and don the bowl

2018-02-08 03:49:49 UTC

So far what I have is a surplus Molle vest and an sadf chest rig that I wear with an ALICE belt

2018-02-08 03:49:50 UTC


2018-02-08 03:49:52 UTC

I saw an easy fix is stitching polyester strips under the seams.

2018-02-08 03:50:14 UTC

Supposedly it doesn't stretch and saves the stitching

2018-02-08 03:51:02 UTC

Not the best Chinese shit you can get are the old OD Green chicom chest rigs

2018-02-08 03:52:20 UTC

Grey Ghost and LBX are a good balance of cost and quality. Authorized econo-lines of Tactical Tailor and London Bridge, respectively.

2018-02-08 03:53:02 UTC

Platatac is good and has great sales now and again

2018-02-08 03:55:02 UTC

Same with SKD

2018-02-08 03:55:40 UTC

Platatac is good I have one of their Echo bags on the back of my Molle vest the problem with them is at the shipping takes for fucking ever

2018-02-08 03:56:03 UTC

God damn dingoes being on the other side of the planet and shit

2018-02-08 03:56:36 UTC

Really? I got the last thing I ordered from them in about a week. Guess it depends

2018-02-08 03:56:46 UTC

Mine took like a month and a half

2018-02-08 03:57:04 UTC

Damn ._. Noted

2018-02-08 03:57:25 UTC

But I love the thing, and I like it a lot better than Camelback

2018-02-08 03:58:25 UTC

Camelbak brand ain't what they used to be, I buy Source for hydro stuff now.

2018-02-08 03:59:08 UTC

Next acquisition when money allows is a Platatac Spur. I love the London Bridge pack I have but it's falling apart from service use.

2018-02-08 03:59:44 UTC

I need to get an actual good plate carrier

2018-02-08 03:59:56 UTC

I'm looking at Ferro Tactical because they have a nice slick carrier

2018-02-08 04:01:03 UTC

Ferro is good. Actually considering them for armor myself

2018-02-08 04:01:29 UTC

Try Raptor, had a mate grab one of those over the weekend and it looks great

2018-02-08 04:01:32 UTC

can't go wrong with a good old alice pack

2018-02-08 04:02:08 UTC

Well the reason why I picked Ferro is because I don't want to attach anything to the vest itself and they make one without Molle

2018-02-08 04:02:29 UTC

I use my Alice pack every time I go out with the boys

2018-02-08 04:02:38 UTC

Good man

2018-02-08 04:02:44 UTC

My chest rig is First Spear with TT, GG, and other pouches. London Bridge is excellent but expensive

2018-02-08 04:02:45 UTC

Youre a good man

2018-02-08 04:03:06 UTC


2018-02-08 04:03:14 UTC

ALICE packs are great for what they are, but over armor they are an absolutely miserable experience

2018-02-08 04:03:26 UTC

Unless you get aftermarket frames and such

2018-02-08 04:03:26 UTC

I'd imagine especially with the frame

2018-02-08 04:03:36 UTC

Whomst up for chat?

2018-02-08 04:03:47 UTC

For a bit, sure

2018-02-08 04:03:59 UTC


2018-02-08 04:04:32 UTC

I need to find my mic

2018-02-08 04:21:50 UTC

update on the military parade, it looks like it wont be until nov 2018

2018-02-08 04:38:52 UTC

100th anniversary of the armistice

2018-02-08 04:45:41 UTC


2018-02-08 04:45:54 UTC

Sums it up

2018-02-08 04:55:00 UTC

Keepin it in the family

2018-02-08 04:56:05 UTC

πŸ€“ πŸ’€ πŸ‘½

2018-02-08 04:56:50 UTC


2018-02-08 04:56:54 UTC

Found on Gab

2018-02-08 04:59:28 UTC

Just saw that myself

2018-02-08 05:04:35 UTC

lol enoch is all over my thread in that civil discourse fb group

2018-02-08 05:06:38 UTC

>"be niiiiiice"

2018-02-08 05:19:36 UTC


2018-02-08 05:19:55 UTC

All of atomwaffen together for a autism awareness pic

2018-02-08 05:26:03 UTC

I miss the old general. All those dank memes

2018-02-08 05:26:06 UTC


2018-02-08 05:26:17 UTC

Like, tears in the rain

2018-02-08 05:26:26 UTC


2018-02-08 05:26:29 UTC


2018-02-08 05:30:44 UTC

Hate it when I miss a whole days convo and memes, get home to find it all wiped

2018-02-08 05:33:53 UTC

I got sideswiped on the freeway

2018-02-08 05:33:57 UTC

Rahowa now.

2018-02-08 05:34:45 UTC

Traffic will be so much better in the ethnostate.

2018-02-08 05:35:11 UTC

I'ma go apopleptic on these boomers and desis here one day.

2018-02-08 05:45:20 UTC


2018-02-08 05:45:24 UTC


2018-02-08 05:45:40 UTC

At bar so can't enter chat but just know hdnw

2018-02-08 05:48:07 UTC

Also needs moar guns and swords. Or for hearts and minds approach, bags of food and blankets or something

2018-02-08 05:48:42 UTC


2018-02-08 05:49:20 UTC

But I barely have done shit yet so wtf do I know lol

2018-02-08 05:50:05 UTC


2018-02-08 05:58:47 UTC

DS down again? 😦

2018-02-08 06:10:45 UTC

Guys, never use Brave browser.

2018-02-08 06:11:48 UTC


2018-02-08 06:13:27 UTC

Lots of reasons. The reason I'm uninstalling it tonight is if you open Brave and your internet just happens to not be working, it erases ALL the URLs to every tab you had open your last session. So, now you just have 20 empty tabs with an "error" in place of the URL and no way to find out the URLs except going through your entire history.

2018-02-08 06:14:19 UTC

20 tabs of research and reading lost in a half second from some quirk I've never seen before in another browser. I've been happiest so far with Pale Moon.

2018-02-08 06:20:01 UTC


2018-02-08 06:20:07 UTC

Inb4 general purge

2018-02-08 06:20:27 UTC


2018-02-08 06:30:33 UTC

projection mapping of twp to the benny hill theme song

2018-02-08 07:07:30 UTC


2018-02-08 07:15:02 UTC


2018-02-08 07:17:23 UTC


2018-02-08 07:21:33 UTC

Found some Photoshop filters.

2018-02-08 07:21:37 UTC

Is peak optics.

2018-02-08 07:22:05 UTC

Oh that's a nice concept plan is halfdan going to finish it?

2018-02-08 07:23:27 UTC


2018-02-08 07:23:34 UTC

@Halfdan I'll send you some links.

2018-02-08 07:23:38 UTC

Super easy, actually.

2018-02-08 07:24:46 UTC


2018-02-08 07:25:17 UTC

I get very creative with my file names.

2018-02-08 07:26:23 UTC


2018-02-08 07:26:27 UTC


2018-02-08 07:31:48 UTC

@Jelly MI is your sweet ass car ruined?

2018-02-08 07:32:34 UTC

Yeah, man, are you okay? @Jelly MI

2018-02-08 07:32:47 UTC

I assume if you updated us then you're that much alright.

2018-02-08 07:36:33 UTC

so i gotta ask... is our symbol a cactus or what?

2018-02-08 07:36:47 UTC

You really don't know?

2018-02-08 07:37:00 UTC

its obviously a gun barrel

2018-02-08 07:37:02 UTC

Nobody tell him.

2018-02-08 07:37:20 UTC

It's an autistic ax

2018-02-08 07:37:29 UTC


2018-02-08 07:37:55 UTC

it looks like the MGTOW symbol

2018-02-08 07:40:00 UTC

Hey @Thomas Ryan Did you see my flag idea from a few days ago?

2018-02-08 07:40:17 UTC

Yes, we're not doing it. Our flags will simply be our logo on a blue field.

2018-02-08 07:40:26 UTC


2018-02-08 07:41:05 UTC

@ThatGoy See the resemblance?

2018-02-08 07:41:09 UTC


2018-02-08 07:42:03 UTC

@White Eagle-MA Logo is already pretty complex, no need to overcomplicate. Beyond that, mixing it in with the American flag would be a bit disrespectful to many.

2018-02-08 07:43:03 UTC


2018-02-08 07:43:05 UTC

Ah ok. I understand that point, would lead to alot of reeeeeeeing.

2018-02-08 07:43:31 UTC

I like the simplicity of it, the logo should probably be bigger than that one tho

2018-02-08 07:43:54 UTC


2018-02-08 07:44:08 UTC


2018-02-08 07:44:10 UTC

@Halfdan Ya see that would make folks mad.

2018-02-08 07:44:11 UTC
2018-02-08 07:44:13 UTC

I assume.

2018-02-08 07:44:26 UTC

@ThatGoy Were you already aware of what a fasces is?

2018-02-08 07:44:46 UTC

tbh I just really like the 13 stas flag

2018-02-08 07:44:53 UTC

It is very nice.

2018-02-08 07:45:34 UTC

I mean, is there anything like, larpy or odd about flying a BR flag at demos

2018-02-08 07:45:50 UTC

No, I actively encourage it.

2018-02-08 07:45:51 UTC

I can imagine some shitlord on twitter sperging about it but other than that nothing

2018-02-08 07:45:57 UTC

The MD and TX guys already do.

2018-02-08 07:46:06 UTC

BR / PF / BR / PF in a demo would look good af

2018-02-08 07:47:18 UTC

u ok

2018-02-08 07:47:35 UTC

So did that guy ever figure out it was a fascii or what

2018-02-08 07:47:45 UTC
2018-02-08 07:47:58 UTC

Trying to post the flag design we used.

2018-02-08 07:48:07 UTC


2018-02-08 07:48:10 UTC

which one

2018-02-08 07:48:18 UTC

and is that one too big

2018-02-08 07:48:18 UTC

The one I sent to the printers.

2018-02-08 07:48:35 UTC

That one?

2018-02-08 07:48:55 UTC

Thats the only one I have that you sent me

2018-02-08 07:49:14 UTC


2018-02-08 07:49:30 UTC

That's what they'll look like.

2018-02-08 07:49:31 UTC

ye ye

2018-02-08 07:49:38 UTC

did you order them from my guy

2018-02-08 07:49:42 UTC


2018-02-08 07:49:50 UTC

what it do

2018-02-08 07:50:00 UTC

Hey man

2018-02-08 07:51:58 UTC

@ThatGoy Fasces is a bundle of rods surrounding an axe. Ancient symbol going back to the early beginnings of Rome. It means strength in unity, and became a prominent symbol in the Roman Empire, where Consuls would be in power while "holding fasces", and their body guards also carried them, as a symbol of the primacy of the State.

You can also see them in a wide variety of architecture throughout our civilization, and very much so in early America. Nearly all of the neoclassical elements of D.C. and elsewhere include them in some capacity.

2018-02-08 07:52:09 UTC

Also, Mussolini used them a lot and he's pretty cool too.

2018-02-08 07:52:17 UTC

So did Mosley. Cool as well.

2018-02-08 07:52:58 UTC


2018-02-08 07:53:11 UTC

Lictors carried them they were the body guards for the tribume of the plebs

2018-02-08 07:53:36 UTC


2018-02-08 07:53:39 UTC

I forgot the term, yes them.

2018-02-08 07:53:54 UTC

Also they go as far back as the Etruscans

2018-02-08 07:54:31 UTC

Yeah, the Romans didn't invent them. They just build a civilization that popularized them.

2018-02-08 07:55:48 UTC

And America now sits as the cornerstone of the west, just as Rome did, in a similarly perilous state as Rome saw in its declining days. What better symbol to remind our people of than one which is as old as our civilization itself, and promotes the unity of a people and their united strength in an effort? @ThatGoy

2018-02-08 07:55:53 UTC

Hope that clears it up for ya.

2018-02-08 07:57:04 UTC

Pretty neat fam

2018-02-08 07:57:25 UTC

It must have been visually striking to see a man guarded by 12 facies carrying men

2018-02-08 07:59:05 UTC

All that weight behind an axhead would fucc things up bre

2018-02-08 07:59:53 UTC

Velocity has more bearing on impact force then mass

2018-02-08 07:59:53 UTC

Also roman battle masks are kickass

2018-02-08 08:00:33 UTC

I actually like the fasces Betsy Ross flag tbh fam

2018-02-08 08:00:42 UTC

I think they were more ceremonial, a deterrent. Normal weapons weren't technically allowed in the city iirc, but that rule was broken all the time.

2018-02-08 08:00:55 UTC

Fasces are not usable weapons

2018-02-08 08:03:20 UTC


2018-02-08 08:03:35 UTC

Look at this fucking shit at my fiancees little sister’s school

2018-02-08 08:04:04 UTC

Make it better

2018-02-08 08:04:19 UTC

We can't poster schools

2018-02-08 08:04:53 UTC

Its fucking disgusting

2018-02-08 08:04:56 UTC

not even just a teeeeeeeeeeeny sticker

2018-02-08 08:05:02 UTC

or 14

2018-02-08 08:05:44 UTC

I may open up HS's in the future, but colleges are prime enough targets.

2018-02-08 08:06:29 UTC

I have little non PF "This is anti white" stickers for stuff like that

2018-02-08 08:06:39 UTC

I could see a HS if we have a guy who is like 18 and still in school

2018-02-08 08:06:51 UTC

But you won't see my ass in one

2018-02-08 08:08:50 UTC

@The_Human_Shoah there are no rules against giving children stickers though

2018-02-08 08:08:55 UTC


2018-02-08 08:09:20 UTC

@Goodest_Boy Essentially.

2018-02-08 08:12:00 UTC

Remember back in high school when it was frowned upon for teachers to bring politics into school?? That was only 5 years ago for me, how the fuck did this happen? Is THIS what inclusiveness is about?? Having teachers ENDORSE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION?!?

2018-02-08 08:12:37 UTC

Oh you know (((How))) it happened

2018-02-08 08:13:23 UTC

Every time you look at your pay check Remember you pay this cunts pension

2018-02-08 08:15:02 UTC

HOLY FUCK GOYS. I BET MY FIANCÉS LITTLE SISTER WOULD BE DOWN TO POSTER. She lives right down the road from her high school. Imagine the media shock when its a bad shiksa doing all the evil nazi stuffz

2018-02-08 08:15:23 UTC

That is some really risky shit dude

2018-02-08 08:15:24 UTC

It would give HS spergs hope for a fashy waifu

2018-02-08 08:16:07 UTC

1) She's not an adult and could face some real shit

2018-02-08 08:16:11 UTC

Dude just poster near the school.

2018-02-08 08:16:17 UTC

2) She's a girl

2018-02-08 08:16:27 UTC

we're MGTOW

2018-02-08 08:17:19 UTC

My sister has a Rockwell sticker on her locker that I gave her. People prob just think it's a guy smoking a pipe though lol

2018-02-08 08:17:50 UTC

We have plans for our area we don't need someone in the school for them to realize they aren't alone

2018-02-08 08:23:10 UTC

Yea i feel it. Too bad i couldnt have postered my HS back when i was a student. There wouldve been media all over the fucking place

2018-02-08 08:24:30 UTC

Schools are something to watch carefully though. Its their programming that initially fucks generations over.

2018-02-08 08:27:18 UTC

I just.. i feel this need to poster.

2018-02-08 08:27:28 UTC

Everywhere i am, i must also poster.

2018-02-08 08:33:12 UTC

Sheet dawg you haven't even felt the rush of having an article written about your work yet.

2018-02-08 08:34:14 UTC

I know man. Its what im striving for. The most i can get is asshurt liberal cat ladies and pro2A boomers arguing on facebook.

2018-02-08 08:34:47 UTC

My next target is Dalton State college

2018-02-08 08:34:54 UTC


2018-02-08 08:35:36 UTC


2018-02-08 08:35:59 UTC

That last line......

2018-02-08 08:36:37 UTC

Take the fight to the enemy brother

2018-02-08 08:36:53 UTC


2018-02-08 08:37:08 UTC

College is still pretty white. There is hope

2018-02-08 08:37:52 UTC

Sounds like a good spot.

2018-02-08 08:39:10 UTC

There are all kinds of small towns like this in the Southeast. Sad!

2018-02-08 08:39:54 UTC

My city has black gangs but they stay in the ghetto

2018-02-08 08:40:35 UTC

Small towns are prime spots in my experience. Add in diversity and you have good places to get recruits

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