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Confirmed with a +1

A lot of people are coming that we likely don't have contact with. It'd take some serious autism to make that happen, but it's POSSIBLE

She's white.

She did come out of nowhere, but to play devil's advocate, she was attacked in this chat beforehand.

She works for him. He supports her.

@Athena Marie, because he doesn't own her.

The hierarchy of Augustus's organization is his own.

It's not as if you're conducting yourself in a rather professional manner, either.

If anyone has an issue with her, take it up with her. If you have an issue with her being in server, take it up with those who run the server.

All of this is incredibly childish, and represents us badly. You can adamantly disagree with homosexuality in our ranks and act mature about it.

That's it, I've said my piece.

In high school she was paid to be a model. Y'all need to chill.

... and you call yourselves upstanding and traditional.

Whoa, what the fuck did she leak?

They're fucked either way and they know it. The only way they win is shutting it down (oy) and even then we show up anyway.

Whoever finds a good one should @ everyone

16 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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