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Everything is Jewry

Slavs aren't people

Only Italians are White

>Build civilization

>Have snowniggers call you a nigger




Venetians are the master race

>you didn't switch sides three times in one war

Hahaha cuck


the anglo man is keeping us down

Irish aren't people

Just like all Celts

Bill Mitchells Yahoo Answers

@Koba Weird cult of some Frisian nutjjob

Kyrgyzstan did nothing wrong

Anyone saying differently is an Uzbekistani shill

>Shit talking the Central Asian master race

Germanics aren't people

Venetian master race

Finns aren't white

The Welsh control the world

>Red sauce

Fuck off Southern Italian slime

Real Italians use cream sauces

Other way around


Fuck off rival merchant

Venetians are the only people who can Jew the jew

Nice is rightfully Italian

Normandy is absolutely barbaric

Occitania best part of France

T. Guillaume FitzGuillaume

London is rightful Italian land

Anglo Saxons aren't white

Only Celts are white in Britain

Germanics naturally cuck

Tfw Italy is 97% European

5% is Romanian

Venice is fine

It's a tourist trap though

So no wonder the gyppos go stealing

Trieste is superior

Capri is pretty

Pretty picture posting?

I've been personally there like 80 times if that counts

Nice glare loser

See that eyesore of a tower?

Guess who built that

>Greek god


You really shouldn't play in wheat fields

You'll trample it

Saxons were fags

Real model European man

Didn't Odin drink semen

Viva la Raza Latina


Italians literally have less subsaharan admixture than Germans

Turks never touched Italy lol

Didn't effect the gene pool

As genetic studies show

Poles aren't people

Only white areas in Europe

fuck off

Sicilians were civilized before you nordcucks could build a stone shack

Reminder that Finns are indeed turks

Exhibit A

Exhibit B Language

White Language does not sound like this

Truly the Hapa Race

Like I said, Only Venetians are white

Everyone else is just a servant



Nice joke fam

t. Heinz Kanyonscheiser

t. Siobhan Ua Neill

The only thing Irish are supreme at is getting fucked by Anglos

85 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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