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you were 90lbs?

Jesus are you like 4'11?

No disrespect, I am straight manlet

I am 5'7" and I have NEVER since I was 12 been 90lbs

I am 185 now.

wew lad

At 18 I was 135 and then bulked and a year or so later I was 185

but I am only 5"7 so

>tfw stuck at 3pl8 max

D'Marcus added me

Nah DL :'(


yee son

my DL has been stuck for like 4 months

I am not making good gains

Too many gains goblins in my life

Like my SICK Warhammer table I just made

you right


I do a five day split

anyone wanna hear my weird split and call me a faggot

>back and bi's
>leg day
>chest and tri's
>heavy deadlift (3 types), yoga, core
>shoulders and traps

its a good split

hot yoga will change your life and make you flexible af senpai

lmao "nature is the true oppressor"

that king of the hill episode about yoga is one of the truest things ever

My fellow h'wites

I have a struggle that I need advising on

Yeah this struggle was not present then

Nah it's the vidya jew

I use a lot of my free time when not working or lifting playing video games. I am playing them for the social interaction with both my fiancee and my friends who I've had while I lived in other states but am now several hours away from them.

I feel like it's just such a waste of my time but at the same time I enjoy the art medium of games so much and enjoy the social part of the competition amongst friends or the cooperation aspect.

I am ezpz putting like 30hrs a week into games if not more.

@Convo Consider getting a job my ass, I work from home full-time as a SharePoint Administrator for a well established company, work part time at a tabletop and retro game store, and work two shifts every weekend at a restaurant. I also lift about an hour and a half a day and have social obligations to fulfill with my fiancee and friends who live near me on some days. I am a busy person and sleep maybe 5 hours a night running on pure willpower and liquid sleep. I just spend a shitload of my free time late at night (and inbetween deployments during the day) playing games. Not to mention I also play a gig at a local bar every other week with a friend of mine.

@northern_confederate eight plus. I moved to Virginia at 19. Used to live in Minnesota and Kentucky.

what happened

@Eli Mosley this is why I enjoy working for a family member who shares my political beliefs, albiet not as extreme.

Did your job already let you go?

dang dude I am sorry to hear that.

@Eli Mosley do you have any experience in IT?

@Eli Mosley I have lots of connections and networking in VA if that is something you're interested in. Let me know in a DM, friend.

No problem, brother.

aren't watermelons also berries

based on their classification

maybe avocados as well

Asked a couple of people this in the other discord. What is the pronunciation of "covfefe"?



@Convo I am aware


either way it sounds yiddish as fuck



absolutely N O T

now, is wearing my maga hat backwards degenerate if I wear a Trump shirt with the logo on the front?

now, is wearing my maga hat backwards degenerate if I wear a Trump shirt with the logo on the front?

now, is wearing my maga hat backwards degenerate if I wear a Trump shirt with the logo on the front?

I just think the hats look bad forward

wew lad, it's getting tiresome beating down all these cucks on why today's withdrawal from the climate accord is a good thing.

lack of sleep is such a fucking gains goblin :'(((

I told my fiancee we had to research the owners of rental companies before renting our apartment

And make sure they weren't kikes

We did that and this has been the most pleasant renting experience of my life

I've said it before I'll say it again

It's a honeypot run by Mike's (ex) wife

Y'all got any more of that ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM?!

I hate wagecucks

go to fucking Panera, ask for dressing, chicken, and wontons on the side of my salad

drive home, look in bag

All mixed together

Have to drive back and throw an autistic fit

son why is this so hard, it's a god damn salad with things on the side

I'm going to kill myself now, that's it.

what is the official show of the alt-right and why is it king of the hill?

convo I guarantee if the worker would've been white this wouldn't have been a problem

But it was some... thing I'm not even sure

yeah I'm a huge faggot for wanting to share my salad with my fiancee who doesn't eat chicken and for liking to eat a correct amount of calories rather than being a fat fuck, you caught me.

good thing I only sucked three dicks on the way there and back because I don't wanna be *too* gay


it was female

but yes, I also hope they reflect on their actions and hang themselves because that's one less mystery meat fuck in the genepool

nah she just doesn't like chicken

and she limits the amount of meat she eats, like it says to in the Bible. She feels strongly fly about that.

>having roommates

fuck man I am sorry

you aesthetic, convo?

lol fuck

what systems/languages do you use

nigga that's not what I meant lol


No idea

does he post it on the mongolese hand crafted antique board where they argue about content?

man, when I'm at the gym I can't listen to TDS because laughing is the greatest gains goblin of them all

niggers can't into anything that's productive so I'd say spreadsheets are a given

There's apparently a potential happening at a rock festival in Germany rn

Probably just a "peaceful religious accident" tbh

I usually lift to post hardcore, metal, or punk

shit. I'd record that one.

I have a bunch of recording equipment and software

I play a couple of instruments and sing

oh man the last three weeks I've been teaching the fiancee to lift and gawt dang it's nice to lift together.


Does anybody have a link to the video they were discussing in TDS today?

The one about the nigger trying to build a flying boatcar?

I was hoping for FTN before I hit the gym today but I suppose not.


I am at the gym currently and there is a guy standing on two elevated bars doing bo-staff training and watching Bruce Lee films in-between sets

I feel like I'm in a SIR new years comic

wow I am about to have to call Nintendo about a second defective joycon on my switch, wow just wow like I literally can't even. Fucking JAPS.

Poor child buys a Nintendo Switch, defective Joy-Cons happen twice. Next month, AUTISM! Many such cases. SAD!

absolutely fucking not

I'm not *that* autistic

damn son

There's an autism test all my friends and I took, and this one goy named Ryan legitimately scored 23%

now he's in my phone as "Ryan (23% Autistic)"

Because I have two Ryans in my phone and one of them is a super degenerate so he's "Ryan (90% Autistic)"

they both get real pissed about it

@Barcode and I came across the funniest article from 1998

Nah but I need to

I'm glad we both have autismo levels of cartoon knowledge

@☦ Slouch ☦ watch every Genddy Tartakovsky cartoon

you'll be autistic and angry in no time

The Used is great back in 2010 or whatever

Christ man I probably have the most cucky music taste in here.

I listen to a lot of early/mid/late 2000's emo and a lot of new post hardcore and early 2000's "hardcore" supplemented with some hipster shit.

and 2010's emo revival

Circa Survive is my favorite band.

Yes and it's incredible.

A Great Big Pile of Leaves really did it well with their album "Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex"

nah I'm no longer a sadboy I have a really fantastic life

I just like the music a lot.

Nah I know lol

Yeah I'm only 23.

But wait there's more!

I listen to a lot of shit like Tears For Fears, Joy Division, Oingo Boingo, etc.

I am just a big piece of shit musically.

However I will say that I have a musical presence in the town I live in and the music I write has really fashy undertones and hipsters don't notice it

@w_buidionaire is my twitter if you boys want to give me a follow and I can follow back

fucking wew lad

people who have the "w" speech impediment should not be allowed to work jobs where you are doing customer service over a phone line and verbal communication is the form of communication used.

L's and R's come out as W's

I'm not trying to be a dick it's just really ridiculous

@northern_confederate I was on a customer service line. See previous messages.


she respects my autism

I didn't even have to spend any good boy points

yes. So I'm saving up for after marriage.

And then I'm going to redeem as many boys as I can afford.

Can't stop laughing at Spencer's house nigger tweet

what the fuck?

I can't keep waiting for FTN like this


Everyone having a good Ramadan Bombathon? Heard there was just another "peaceful religious accident" in London.

considering @Convo is in California he might just have to stick to lifting for defense.

Good ole commiefornia gun laws


wait real talk, is the paywall up?

Listen guys

I know @everyone wants to be quick to blame Islam for the attacks

But don't forget this timeless **truth**

Tbh one of my most used mfw pics fam

I want to be the new FTN intern so bad

that shit would be TITE


@MsNatSocialist be real with yourself lol

The (((ZUCC))) rules all facespace

Watch "Trump Debating Trump" on YouTube

@everyone who was in the voice chat last night just wanted to say I appreciate y'all and had a really fantastic time talking with everyone. @D'Marcus Liebowitz you got it on that lifting, I believe in you, brother. @Convo one day you'll find yourself a rational, nationalist, fashy, sweet Polish girl and you'll make many white babies, I believe in you. And @Eli Mosley, if you ever need any help or a place to stay for a couple of nights when you're in Virginia don't hesitate to let me know. @☇Unlimited Power☇ , @RiskyMcdanger , and @SwiFT , EXCELLENT bantz and memes last night my dudes. Y'all are great to talk to.

@Eli Mosley told us his story about that shit last night and it was wild

I still think you should have shot them to death.

fuck man I could never let my sisters get KIKE'd

I would've bought six gorillion copies

Lol a female neet

that's hilarious

@Eli Mosley of you go to cville lemme know, I'm an hour away and want to get fashy IRL rulllllll bad


yo gym squad whatup

good talks about lifting last night

I am doing my heavy deadlift day today and it is helping me crush it at the gym

I already do stop trying to get me into your /ck/ discord lol

rate my homemade ramen. Made the broth and the noodles FAM

boost protein with hemp seeds, garbanzo beans, chicken breast, peanuts, and protein powder

hemp seeds are so protein dense like fuuuuuck

Also eat school lunches

@datsneefa hemp seeds are incredibly anti-estrogenic

eat those fuckers

they do not contain THC which is what drug tests go off of

I take a big monthly drug test

Yeah I was doing around there on my bulk

I just did milk eggs protein powder hemp seeds chicken and garbanzo beans

I hit it ezpz every day

Yeah I put that in my shake

Lol yeah the Aldi bulk hahaha

That's a good name




who tf do you think I am no zinc

this supplement combo will give you strong swimmers 100%

White children will flow from you

wtf does that stuff do

am I under a rock

It sounds like a scam

and it sounds like a nigga just fell for a placebo

I just did some read ups on it. Seems like



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