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2017-11-21 00:34:32 UTC

@everyone Welcome to general

2017-11-21 00:48:50 UTC


2017-11-21 00:49:11 UTC

We internet 1.0 now

2017-11-21 02:22:41 UTC

Bored @ work w/ nothing to do, watching a cam of Justice League in the corner of my screen. Not even 7 minutes in, there's a montage of the world without superman, some bald white guy kicks over a fruitstand while the shop owner, a muslim woman wearing a hijab looks on in freightened horror. I hate my industry so much.

2017-11-21 02:24:11 UTC

I would be kicking over fruitstands left and right if there weren't brave PoC to stop me in my tracks.

2017-11-21 02:24:24 UTC

If Superman were real, he'd genocide the Jews and Blacks

2017-11-21 02:25:08 UTC

Is it time to clear general chat again?

2017-11-21 02:25:25 UTC


2017-11-21 02:36:35 UTC

2017-11-21 02:38:51 UTC

@Thomas Ryan i like the crossed fasces with the eagle

2017-11-21 02:49:48 UTC

It's a nice seal, yeah.

2017-11-21 02:51:15 UTC


2017-11-21 02:54:36 UTC

Maybe I'll make a similar crest for us to use, but we've already got an eagle.

2017-11-21 03:19:54 UTC

we gettin noticed fam

2017-11-21 03:23:59 UTC

Goddamn mexicans doin the Day of Rock

2017-11-21 03:58:49 UTC

Aaaawwwww yea

2017-11-21 04:37:01 UTC

Someone reply with this

2017-11-21 04:37:02 UTC

2017-11-21 04:38:54 UTC

I work from 5am to 3pm earliest I can get to Chicago is after 4:45pm chill people see us...and hear us and so did the antifa that passed out when we got in their faces

2017-11-21 04:40:24 UTC

Or reply with the time we showed up right outside a punch a nazi convention and begged them to confront us, and they hid behind locked doors. We showed up to an occupied building in full daylight. Nothing. Post that in response to that idiot too.

2017-11-21 04:40:41 UTC

@NDO Eric - TX Delegating twitter bants

2017-11-21 04:41:31 UTC

Oh yeah I just saw that video btw Haha those lefties hid behind their doors Haha good shit

2017-11-21 04:44:02 UTC

But anyway unless these local guys wanna meet up when I have a day off (which im down) can't get into local area till like 5pm cause of my schedule

2017-11-21 04:44:34 UTC

I should ask them to plan stuff more during Sundays THAT would work better

2017-11-21 04:44:51 UTC

that fag said the same thing with my last postering

2017-11-21 04:46:08 UTC

just ask him for his address so I can reenact the Spanish civil war with him.

2017-11-21 04:46:32 UTC

Seriously, though, respond with that photo and a link to the Houston bookfair video.

2017-11-21 05:19:18 UTC

Love this account, tbh. It's a huge cross section of every race and location of men and women, all of whom have a healthy disdain for the influence of Jews just about anywhere.

2017-11-21 05:19:44 UTC

It's almost as if Jews are annoying to literally anyone that they interact with on a societal basis.

2017-11-21 05:24:53 UTC

2017-11-21 05:25:09 UTC


2017-11-21 13:46:24 UTC

I love that Canary Mission account. It has to be run by /ourguys/. Thereโ€™s no way the Jews can think it looks good for them.

2017-11-21 14:14:05 UTC

It's DOXXED a shit ton of ppl tho

2017-11-21 14:36:40 UTC

What have I created?

2017-11-21 14:36:53 UTC

2017-11-21 14:37:10 UTC

Gen Z is lit fam

2017-11-21 15:27:06 UTC

Hope everyone has fun getting decapitated with a bladed fidget spinner for being too moderate

2017-11-21 15:37:24 UTC

The absolute state of our housing in America. People can't afford mobile homes and the politicians, media analysts and wall Street all say the economy is booming.

2017-11-21 15:38:41 UTC

Yeah. I'm not feeling a good economy

2017-11-21 15:41:40 UTC

Same, I make decent money but I'd have go into debt for 40 years to buy a decent house.

2017-11-21 15:41:50 UTC

It's bs

2017-11-21 15:42:00 UTC

its even worse around seatle

2017-11-21 15:43:00 UTC

deport all non whites gas all the boomers.

2017-11-21 15:49:11 UTC

โœก "oh vey spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a building that will have a leaking roof in a few years!"

2017-11-21 16:22:55 UTC

More like go into hundreds of thousands in debt for the opportunity for the CHANCE to 'own' property. Miss one payment before the final bill and the property goes strait back to the (((bank))). Then they make the money worthless and large purchases so complicated that it's almost impossible to buy or trade property without it ending up in the (((banks))) hands.

2017-11-21 16:24:10 UTC

Tagging @Doctor Mayhem for our Boomer rant

2017-11-21 16:31:37 UTC

The political system has been set up by and for the older generation, the politicians write legislation and pay attention to the older boomers with NOTHING to help the younger generation. What trees have they planted for us? What wealth can we build while they have complete control of every asset of the financial system? They govern and 'regulate' their transactions but it's all prone to corruption with incentive for massive debt they NEVER plan to pay off before they die.

2017-11-21 19:04:22 UTC

The purple is my projections:

2017-11-21 20:10:34 UTC

@Charlemagne MD my bad youโ€™re right

2017-11-21 20:24:24 UTC

@everyone New video about the FANTASIC WORK of @joe TX

2017-11-21 20:25:03 UTC

Don't worry, we'll get them back when we take them down from the lampposts after a few days

2017-11-21 20:25:22 UTC

#dontcleargeneral #freedomtoropepost

2017-11-21 20:30:32 UTC

Thanks @Dustin

2017-11-21 20:35:06 UTC

@Thomas Ryan where at?

2017-11-21 20:43:31 UTC

Idk, look at the link or article or know where @joe TX has been doing all his stuff.

2017-11-21 20:45:25 UTC
2017-11-21 20:45:33 UTC

read the banner chink

2017-11-21 20:45:49 UTC

She gets paid for her looks, not her ability to read, apparently.

2017-11-21 20:46:11 UTC

I noticed that lol

2017-11-21 20:48:03 UTC

"My professors Jewish" oy vey

2017-11-21 21:32:30 UTC

"Students in a Texas Politics class say it was a hot button topic in class Monday morning as students weighed in on whether it was freedom of speech or hate speech.

"A majority of the class was voting for this is hate speech," Poo in the loo said."

2017-11-21 21:32:36 UTC

Sure they were.

2017-11-21 21:33:32 UTC

Accelerationism is certainly the answer for universities. The more anti-White they become, the lower their quality. We want the entire university system discredited and destroyed.

2017-11-21 21:34:21 UTC

Can we spam this pajeets Twitter with show bobs and vagene and bitch lasagna

2017-11-21 21:34:50 UTC

Bitch lasagna is hate speech

2017-11-21 21:35:23 UTC

So is hate speech still not protected?

2017-11-21 23:33:19 UTC

Hate speech has always been protected

2017-11-21 23:37:17 UTC


2017-11-21 23:37:21 UTC

On this day in 1970 some white green berets crash landed a helicopter in the middle of son tay POW camp in north Vietnam in an attempt to free some dudes from commies. 47 years later we struggle to find brothers who will risk social status for advocating in their own people's interests online.

2017-11-21 23:37:50 UTC

@502ssOtto posted this. Puts our predicament in perspective

2017-11-21 23:44:52 UTC

Whites are very conscious of social status. They knew then that they'd be praised and that there was glory in what they did. Not saying it makes it right. But realize social ostracism and conformity worked in our favor once upon a time

2017-11-22 00:15:48 UTC

2017-11-22 00:16:26 UTC

Clever ^^^

2017-11-22 00:16:41 UTC

2017-11-22 00:16:47 UTC

Faces blurred enough?

2017-11-22 00:20:45 UTC

2017-11-22 00:21:00 UTC


2017-11-22 00:21:17 UTC

Just got my cards. I'll start doing that.

2017-11-22 00:33:11 UTC

The press package is a box with a pop-out middle finger that comes out when you lift the top.

2017-11-22 00:33:23 UTC


2017-11-22 00:34:17 UTC

But what is shes hot?

2017-11-22 00:34:53 UTC

Then don't let her leave your basement.

2017-11-22 00:35:02 UTC

It's a guy

2017-11-22 00:35:10 UTC

You guys did sparring too? Nice! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

2017-11-22 00:35:49 UTC

Works for Study Break magazine. Never even heard of that publicaiton.

2017-11-22 00:36:34 UTC

2017-11-22 00:36:38 UTC

2017-11-22 00:36:44 UTC

Hikes in Houston, sparring in Austin

2017-11-22 00:36:53 UTC

Postering in DFW

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