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2020-04-28 20:30:42 UTC


2020-04-28 20:32:04 UTC

I'm confused about this idea

2020-04-28 20:35:02 UTC

Youโ€™ll see later. Just working on some self-assignable roles to make navigation and conversation a little easier for all of us.

2020-04-28 20:40:34 UTC

My mic is fucked so it's text for me right now

2020-05-01 02:49:46 UTC


2020-05-01 03:21:08 UTC


2020-05-01 21:19:27 UTC

Lyman seems very promising

2020-05-01 21:26:37 UTC

Yes @Bambi

2020-05-01 22:18:58 UTC

Sup fools

2020-05-01 22:20:34 UTC


2020-05-01 22:21:07 UTC

Whereโ€™s everyone at?

2020-05-01 22:22:06 UTC


2020-05-01 22:22:35 UTC


2020-05-01 22:23:08 UTC

I meant like nobody is online. Lol. I can see where your from. Lol

2020-05-01 23:00:00 UTC


2020-05-03 02:33:21 UTC


2020-05-03 02:33:24 UTC


2020-05-03 02:33:26 UTC


2020-05-03 02:33:28 UTC


2020-05-03 02:33:29 UTC


2020-05-03 02:33:36 UTC

Maybe perhaps have a representative for each state? As "local" leadership. Sorry to interrupt

2020-05-03 02:34:42 UTC

Holy crap whats going on?

2020-05-03 02:40:29 UTC

As individuals who are prior service/serving we should be training those who are coming into the movement with skills and lessons that we've learned.

2020-05-03 02:40:50 UTC

Currently serving here as well

2020-05-03 02:42:39 UTC


2020-05-03 02:42:40 UTC

Many folks have something to contribute, medical, logistics, maintenance, etc.. tons of stuff

2020-05-03 02:42:44 UTC


2020-05-03 02:42:49 UTC


2020-05-03 02:42:54 UTC


2020-05-03 02:42:58 UTC


2020-05-03 02:43:02 UTC


2020-05-03 02:44:03 UTC

Even IP-based communications will be tracked (Discord, FB, etc) and potentially with more accuracy

2020-05-03 02:44:40 UTC

I, personally, would say since he still has the option of a safe and legal de-escalation he should try to take it.

2020-05-03 02:45:04 UTC

Sorry guys, had to bounce. Dad duties

2020-05-03 02:45:09 UTC

He needs a lawyer to be his middle man

2020-05-03 02:45:13 UTC

A landline or public phone may be an option

2020-05-03 02:46:06 UTC

Regardless of who fires the first shot, we know how it will be portrayed.

2020-05-03 02:47:16 UTC

I can say that WiFi and cellular can be locally disabled if he should become sieged.

2020-05-03 02:47:29 UTC

Regardless we need to have a level headed QRF in every state.

2020-05-03 02:47:54 UTC

I agree that the alphabet needs to clearly be the aggressors

2020-05-03 02:48:05 UTC

and we need to be level headed through it

2020-05-03 02:48:07 UTC

Solidarity is our best strength

2020-05-03 02:48:21 UTC

Your correct @Copbot1001

We have the communications truck here at the emergency management response center for my county. The eric freen situation brought that upon us

2020-05-03 02:48:34 UTC

But it's also our greatest weakness @Copbot1001

2020-05-03 02:48:51 UTC

They can shut off anything, phone, radio, internet, power... all from the truck..

2020-05-03 02:49:39 UTC

Feds will manipulate him and what he says too

2020-05-03 02:49:56 UTC

If we isolate we can easily be in a Duncan Lemp situation

2020-05-03 02:50:11 UTC

A situation we don't want

2020-05-03 02:50:29 UTC

If we isolate a location we will be responsible for security

2020-05-03 02:50:55 UTC

entry control and choke points

2020-05-03 02:51:02 UTC

Could we start reaching out to pro-2A lawyers in CO on his behalf?

2020-05-03 02:51:05 UTC

I have faith in the current group chat

2020-05-03 02:51:31 UTC

Having a lawyer check out the case may help us decide if he is on a good legal light.

2020-05-03 02:53:02 UTC

I mean look back to Bundy, solidarity can deter force.

2020-05-03 02:54:11 UTC

as far as the public news outlets we can create counter press on this to bat back the state propaganda

2020-05-03 02:54:26 UTC

and we are working on podcasts

2020-05-03 02:54:45 UTC

They will turn to the public and paint us as criminals and a threat to others, even though we are only a threat to the government

2020-05-03 02:55:03 UTC

Something for the PR team, clearly defining who we stand against

2020-05-03 02:55:34 UTC

thats where we can post our side if we house him we can keep a better record on the situation and prove that they started to get aggressive firs

2020-05-03 02:55:38 UTC


2020-05-03 02:55:47 UTC

Regardless currently this is obviously not enough to start a full war.

2020-05-03 02:55:55 UTC

At that point its martial law or a civil war

2020-05-03 02:55:56 UTC

i wouldnt think so

2020-05-03 02:56:13 UTC

but it can make momentum of our movement slow way the hell down

2020-05-03 02:57:07 UTC

This movement is already in a full roll in my AO

2020-05-03 02:57:21 UTC

they will use the COVID crisis to make us look nuts for doing all of this during COVID

2020-05-03 02:57:28 UTC

My town already has a plan if war breaks out

2020-05-03 02:57:53 UTC

Make sure regular citizens understand that we dont want lawless wastelands, we want a government that works for us.

2020-05-03 02:57:58 UTC

If a peaceful solution is possible, why hasn't it been solved yet

2020-05-03 02:58:11 UTC

Just listening to this I feel like I'll get my door kicked open. Lol.

2020-05-03 02:58:17 UTC

we want to back the government to the line that they started overreaching

2020-05-03 02:58:22 UTC

not a full scale war

2020-05-03 02:58:32 UTC

that should always be last resort

2020-05-03 02:58:39 UTC

I doubt many of you are high priorities for surveillance.

2020-05-03 02:59:09 UTC

It took almost a dozen people years to find a guy in a cave.

2020-05-03 02:59:36 UTC

@Ballsdini That's not a bad idea

2020-05-03 03:00:10 UTC

I was visited by US Marshalls in fall 2019. However, yeah I doubt I'm any threat in their eyes.

2020-05-03 03:00:32 UTC

They didn't find him he was working for the intelligence community the whole time spoiler alert

2020-05-03 03:01:14 UTC

Take note of that last point from @Hippiebandaid96, if you haven't, you need to do a social media audit.

2020-05-03 03:01:23 UTC

When do we start making "propaganda" Honda Civics

2020-05-03 03:02:34 UTC

Do we want him to die for a purpose? Do we also want to die for the same purpose?

2020-05-03 03:03:21 UTC

I mean for the most part, innocent men don't run. I can understand their concerns with him.

2020-05-03 03:03:46 UTC

Anyone know what his username is in case he joins?

2020-05-03 03:03:51 UTC

One thing is we need to be cautious to NOT be the aggressor in any way. We need this movement to be on the right side of history and shut down any opposing propaganda

2020-05-03 03:04:46 UTC

Idk that sounds kinda fun

2020-05-03 03:05:05 UTC

Bundy is a good example, and it was non-violent

2020-05-03 03:05:49 UTC

As a Michigander, a lot of people are condemning the actions as is.

2020-05-03 03:05:55 UTC

Violence has to be a last resort and it has to be a reaction

2020-05-03 03:06:06 UTC

We have a state rep call for the banning of firearms from the capitol.

2020-05-03 03:06:53 UTC

We should be careful of his friends. One of them popping off could snowball

2020-05-03 03:08:36 UTC

I'm sure there are lawyers willing to help out and maybe even pro bono

2020-05-03 03:09:06 UTC

Just got in whatโ€™s going on?

2020-05-03 03:09:19 UTC

Scroll up to posts from @Hippiebandaid96

2020-05-03 03:09:22 UTC

At this moment imagine is everything. And the actions and reactions we take will mater indefinitely

2020-05-03 03:10:13 UTC


2020-05-03 03:13:09 UTC

Open carryย is legal in Colorado for any person who is at least 18 years old and who can legally possess a firearm, except in Denver county and other posted areas. Local governments may enact regulations prohibiting open carrying of firearms in a building or specific area within the local governmentโ€™s jurisdiction, as long as signs are posted to that effect.

2020-05-03 03:13:17 UTC

Federal agents don't enforce local ordnances.

2020-05-03 03:13:38 UTC

Thats the jist of their open carry stuff

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