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Lugoff Elgin Camden area

I'm using a tampon in my kit

Not bad but not good

And I'm not gonna be of much use for a while either cause I don't have any gear, and I'm in Rock Hill during the school year.

I'm going for an AR from Armalite, not a PSA build

A retelling of a classic tale.

I'm about 20-30 minutes from Columbia

Any of y'all going to the May Day protest?

Pretty sure it's just at the capital

Ok, so y'all know how in The Walking Dead they played Easy street 24/7 while Daryl was being held prisoner?

There we go

"For me, it was porn." - 3_inches_is_average.

Username checks out.

I mean no disrespect, lol I just found that amusing

If we were to go to the protest on May 1st, would meeting up as a group be opposed?

Shirts and kit?

Jokes on you, I don't have one yet!

Being under 21 and poor sucks.

But definitely shirts

I've got a few knives but that won't be much help should the temperature fall below freezing

There has been every year for the past few years, but mostly from the left side and commies, who are all probably pissing themselves inside.

I just gotta get close enough ONE time, then I'll be alright

Nah, hide behind a car or something, let them come to you

Well, Here, if y'all are interested in showing up, I've got a basic plan

Red= Likely protest spot
Blue= Possible Parking

Orange could be a rally point

Sorry that's a little messy, I couldn't figure out how to make the other building names go away

Damn, that sucks

Well, I'm going. I'll probably be hanging out in that red area. Let me know if you get a confirmed yes or no

Building Cardio fucking sucks 😂

That's what I've been doing. I tried running 3/4 mile first and had to like die for half an hour afterwards 😂

So I dropped it to a kind of fast jog but not quite a run of a 1/2 mile, and now I'm making it while only having to die for 5 minutes 😂

Back in sophomore year High School I could make a 6 minute mile, with a 1/4 mile sprint and still have gas in the tank. But that was 3 years ago 😅

It'd be smarter to do both, having good cardio enables a lot more.

Think we should switch Urgent-Happenings with SOS.

Like, SOS should be the absolute like 100% emergencies, and Urgent should be the channel with a scale of 1-5 emergencies.

Are people able to post in there? It says I don't have permission?

So whats the purpose of having an SOS channel if no one can message in it?

Well, I'm no more than 2.5 hour drive away from anything.

There might be another rally at the Capitol this coming Friday. Link up?

There a rally tomorrow?

Alright. Potentially stupid question

Why has nobody made body armor out of steel targets? They're designed to deflect bullets, right? Put an anti spawl coating on it, put it in a plate carrier.

That's what I thought, lol

Alright, what's the verdict on Smith and Wesson again? Poor gun or?

Same, if what I've heard was correct, there's gonna be rallies at the Capitol every Friday until the lockdown is lifted. I'll have to fact check that but that would be a good way to meet.

Tell Florida Man Stories

Also South Carolina

Memorial Day at the State House

Damn. We should add texas to this. Get the gang back together.

May 23rd is a Saturday

Y'all 😅

This online learning shit ain't it. I failed like 3 classes because the notifications for assignments got drowned in a sea of other shit.

Anyone else interested in going?

I've got a trip with the boys a few days before so I may just take that whole week off

Itll still have a 98% survival rate 🤷‍♂️

Y'all I bought a hammock for this patriot camping trip

It was only 30 bucks but I gotta get a tarp to go over it too, then food and gas 🤦‍♂️

Well, I took off the 10th through the 13th.

Watch how I soar

Baby (ish) horse

So, Some context, This is an incomplete draft of a constitution for a fictional country I created based on the U.S. Constitution for a Government class. 17 year old me really had his shit together, mostly. Moreso than I do in some respects.

Hell yeah dude, I'll be there. Probably no kit, but definitely a shirt and a flag.

Yet is my favorite word in the English Language

Because it implies potential. And I'm an optimistic piece of shit.

No, but I'm expecting something pretty decent in size. The host group has been pushing it pretty hard.

Group called TurnLocal

This song makes me wanna go yeet redcoats.

@John Public Thanks for the feedback, so glad I could inspire something within you!

If you don't mind me taxing that 👀

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