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Hey yall I'm from tippecanoe area. I'm about a hour west of the WV panhandle. Me and a few locals have dug deep in the hill and are close to being fully off the grid out by Clendening lake. I personally joined for networking to keep the community strong.

@American_AF are your referring tipp city as on the west side of Ohio or on the east side by west Virginia/Pennsylvania?

Most people where I'm from don't even listen to it. We only got?like 4 cases in the county and there all people from out of area.... maybe dewine needs black flagged. To stop this "pandemic"

Is that waygu steak?

Hell yeah brotha. That's the best lip smaking steak

If any yall need to lay low low. I got several places in the sticks. Most of my cashes are miles off the road on hevy wooded areas on public land no one goes on

With the event in Colorado today we should keep in touch if we make any plans so we can bail you out.

Tippecanoe, about a hour south of akron/Canton. Where the application foothills begin

We should vent individuals who can make up a refined core of specialist. Being able to show worth from experience and knowledge. So if things ever get hairy we have a chain of command. But always remember self reliance is key for the movement to live on.

Who is eligible to take on a QRF role? If you aren't prepared don't volunteer.

We should also start venting for a QRF role.

Maybe perhaps have a representative for each state? As "local" leadership. Sorry to interrupt

Regardless we need to have a level headed QRF in every state.

But it's also our greatest weakness @Copbot1001

If we isolate we can easily be in a Duncan Lemp situation

A situation we don't want

I have faith in the current group chat

Regardless currently this is obviously not enough to start a full war.

This movement is already in a full roll in my AO

My town already has a plan if war breaks out

One thing is we need to be cautious to NOT be the aggressor in any way. We need this movement to be on the right side of history and shut down any opposing propaganda

Violence has to be a last resort and it has to be a reaction

At this moment imagine is everything. And the actions and reactions we take will mater indefinitely

That's my biggest concern

If we have a public figure they need to be completely clean from the law

Put some wd40 on that door tho

I gotta peace out. Stay safe. Stay vigilant

@American_AF. Really if you got the firepower and protection. And are able to travel you would qualify. There is a situation in Illinois currently and you could volunteer if you're able and willing.

@Young Spaghetti if you scroll to the bottom lists of the group there are links for info and guides on how to be prepared. Personally I'm writing up 25 tips on readiness that's good for any survival/fight/flight scenarios. I'm hoping to have a refined draft by tomorrow morning.

@[CO] Turtle if you think discord is a safe place then you're wrong. The only safe link to have "real" talks are face to face. Having a vpn on a burner phone will help you secure your real identity. But never have your real info on here lol

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they where listening to last nights chat.

With the qrf we gotta make sure it's the government overstepping, not one of our individual

Have it, dont talk about it. It's that simple. Until the keg goes off anyway

@Vanpoon(OK) its a encrypted messenger

I remember eating a mre that was 27 years old. That ended my hunting trip lol

Yeah if you don't have signal get it. It's free and its top notch without building your own system

Keybase is another good one

@dreadnokboi how did you find a picture of me and my friend when we where kids?

Well just watch what you say, everyone should be doing that anyway. Face to face is the only 100% way of knowing your not getting flagged.

Red Green show is a great inspiration for large off grid projects

@fsfxg0re I'm a hour within your AO

Well hopefully its south east towards New Philadelphia. Regardless we should keep in contact.

I see alot of people in this group looking to refine themselves. I took some time to think of 10 helpful tips to being a good [Redacted] Boi.I'm going through all these tips with a small/no budget in mind.

1. Data security

In today's Digital age it's easy for anyone, especially alphabet dudes, to get your info. I personally recommend signal, keybase and riot for encrypted data sharing. Also getting a VPN (e.x. Nord VPN) will protect your location. If you're skilled or have the finances I recommend getting with a device with the ME disabled. Using socks(fake media accounts) is a must.

"A note about digital surveillance

All input and output of modern computers and cell phones is being recorded and monitored by federal governments, international intelligence communities, and other actors. Nothing that you do on or near these platforms can be considered safe from their eyes or ears, because even if you are using secure software, the hardware itself is often working against you.

For example, the Intel Management Engine is a separate computer that runs within modern (post-2008) Intel machines. It runs even when the system is powered off, and has access to everything on the system. Keystrokes, network traffic and hardware, everything. Because the Intel ME is part of the hardware, and removing this hardware actually disables the computer, there is no way around it. AMD has something similar called PSP.

Needless to say, cell phones are bugged in a similar fashion. And there can be no truly secure communication on an unsecure platform. So what is there to do?

Get a secure platform. There are places you can get a computer or router that has been modified for the purposes of privacy and counter-surveillance. It's worth noting that all of these computers are from about 2008-2012. Here are some places to buy:

I also modify some computers to this standard and sell them myself under the name Fourth Amendment Computing. I've been doing it for a couple of years now and haven't had any complaints. If anyone is interested or has any questions feel free to PM me. " @Reno

2. Supplies

Keep a well stocked home and have several stashs in your AO. You should keep at minimum of 1-3 months of food, water, ammo and medical. The more non perishables the better. Homesteading is the most effective way of building up. A generator would be a good investment.

3. Bugout Plan(ing)

Pack a bag per household member. All supplied with 3-5 days of food/water and a few multi/bushcraft tools. Try to keep it lightweight as possible but don't go without the essentials. A list from a fellow member.

"For 3 days I'd say invest in a quality assault pack and learn to live longer than 3days with what you can carry in there in your AO. Even if you can ruck a huge pack all day no sweat, there's no sense weighing yourself down more than necessary.

---On Person---
* weapon
* 7 magazines (210 rounds)
* fighting load carrier "plates"
* helmet or other head gear
* multi tool
* knife
* head lamp
* gloves
* mosquito net
* watch
* lensatic compass
* road map
* hydration bladder
* notebook and pen
* whistle
* batteries appropriate for imeadit use(head lamp, weapon optics,NVGs)

* poncho
* wet weather top and bottom
* wet weather bag
* bivy cover
* sleeping bag
* sleeping mat
* silkweight thermal top and bottom
* grid fleece top and bottom
* extra uniform top and bottom
* merino wool midweight socks ×3
* beanie/ watch cap
* winter jacket
* rifle cleaning kit
* hygiene kit
* 550 paracord
* knife
* flint and rod
* bic lighters ×4
* fire starters (tealight candles, petroleum jelly cotton balls, ect)
* water filter/pump
* cooking mess kit set and utensil
* MRE ×3
* batteries
* extra headlamp"

4. Stay healthy
Keeping a healthy body and mind is key. Exercising to keep fit. Meditate to keep a clear and calm mindset. Eating healthy/happy food helps.

5. AO Networking

Keep in touch with your neighbors and community. Volunteer to help the less fortunate and set a good rep for yourself. Find like minded individuals and work together to achieve our common goal. It's always better to have friends than foes.

6. Global networking

Keep in contact with your fellow country men. I don't recommend using your personal information on un secured sites and with people you haven't vented. Staying active within the community will only grant success in the long run.

7.Stay informed

Stay up to date on current events and urgent happenings. Research current topics and similar topics in history, as it often repeats itself. Make plans for any scenario and keep planning and thinking ahead as plans set in stone will always fail. One should also study modern tactics and strategies as its vital to success and survival.

8. Maintain Equipment

I'm not gonna get into great detail for this. Having a equipment failure in the field can turn everything south real quick. And the know how to fix your equipment will help you in the long run.

9. Train and execute exercises

Run drills every so often. Be prepared and have the experience to keep a clear and calm mindset If the crap hits the fan. Its better when you practice joint operations.

10. Off Grid

The best thing you can do is become off the grid. It's the best way to practice self reliance. Also a big F/U to Uncle Sam. Preparing for a modern siege will help if you're waiting for a QRF when the big show starts.

Any questions just ask. We are only as strong as our weakest link.

<@&704855056549150721> should check out the posts in Comms - FAQ channel

Even though dewine is a complete $h!t bag. I'm glad I'm not running into anyone trying to enforce his "orders"

Don't mind me I'm just some hillbilly that's makes wine and studies warfare and the history of politics/war

Please be careful of galaxy S10s. This happened to my friends phone yesterday as we where changing his tires

I graduated opata when I was 19 and I didn't continue to being a cop because they are there to enforce a law and not what's right

Consumer shops open tomorrow right?

Dewine is constantly back and forth on his policies

I like to wear my vr goggles for my phone and just see the world like this from time to time

Bro PA is already a long even drive to get from one end to the other

They never closed in my AO

@questionablestain where county is your AO?. Tuscarawas ranges are open and Harrison county is so isolated just about anywhere is a gun range.

And not thriving will force you into conflict. The longer you wait the suffering will get worse. Everyone has a breaking point. The longer we wait to end this oppression the worse it will get for the next generation. Our goal as humanity should be bettering the next generation.

We should all be ready for this Arizona incident to be blamed on us. I'm at work so I can't really talk rn but I hope someone else has thoughts on this

So dude shoot up a mall

But compared to other shooting this one is very off. Like it wasn't his idea

If anyone plays mtg I'm having a draft night at the homestead down in Harrison county. DM me if you're interested

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